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Record: 122
Date: Mon Sep 13 08:35:39 2004
Subject: Covenantal Escahtology Revealed
Name: Aaron Randall   Emailac_44@msn.con
City: White Cloud     State: Michigan
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Link

    Hi Tony,
I too have spent a considerable amount of time in an independent study of Theology/Eschatology, but because of the complexities involved I believe that most discussions will be difficult. The notes from my entire study are presented on my site-THE AARON PAPERS. Even though my site is archaic compared to yours, I still welcome your visit and comments.

Godís riches blessings to you and yours

Record: 121
Date: Sun Sep 12 01:33:53 2004
Subject: Gospel Music
Name: Larry Bradley
City: North Highlands     State: California
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Search Engine

I am Larry Bradley, I am a gospel Song writer
residing in California near Sacramento.
Altho I have CD's available, I am looking to have them played (aired) on the radio or Television.
Please feel free to contact me

Record: 120
Date: Fri Sep 10 12:02:13 2004
Name: Cheryl Gardner
City: North Little Rock     State: Arkansas
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Link

    I LOVE this website!!!! I am such a committed Reformer, and I love to read reformed (Biblical)

Thank you,
Cheryl Gardner, MA

Record: 119
Date: Fri Sep 10 11:52:43 2004
Name: Emilie Fernandez
City: Haiku     State: Hawaii
Country: United States
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I was looking for some answers and I found this site. I am bookmarking it and will visit often.
Aloha, Emilie

Record: 118
Date: Wed Sep 8 23:50:18 2004
Name: Francien
  Home Page
Country: The Netherlands
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    You have a lovely site here. I have enjoyed exploring it and viewing all that you have created. Thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work. Peace & God Bless.

Record: 117
Date: Tue Sep 7 08:52:09 2004
Name: Allan Svensson
Homepage: Jesus comes! Make yourself ready!
  Home Page
Country: Sweden
Found Site by: Other

    You signed my guestbook, thank you. You have a beautiful Web Site here, and I wish you God's peace and blessing through Jesus Christ.

Record: 116
Date: Tue Sep 7 01:14:09 2004
Name: Jim
Homepage: Being Transformed
  Home Page
City: Riverside     State: Ca
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Other

    Thanks for coming by: I have been at your site many times, you have one of the top Theology and Eschatology on the internet. Thanks for being there. Jim

Record: 115
Date: Mon Sep 6 09:30:45 2004
Subject: Nice Site
Name: Hanna Ullman
Homepage: Christian Reformed Church of Sydney
  Home Page
City: Sydney     State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Found Site by: Friend

    We need more orthodoxy to cope with the modern virtues of flexibility. Thanks for being there to balance the diatribes of our modern leberal culture. A little objectivity, openness, fairness, and self-criticism of the Church is good. Thanks for being that voice. Do drop by our home page.

Record: 113
Date: Fri Aug 27 08:29:40 2004
Subject: Visitor
Name: Karen
City: Bangalore     State: Maine
Country: United States
Found Site by: Link

    Hello my friend!

I was eyescanning a list of links and "there you were" glad I noticed your site. It is obviously Very Special...and indeed I have enjoyed visiting! We trust this finds you and yours doing well!

Thanks so much for sharing your inspirations and biblical ministry. It's so rare thesedays.
God Bless!!

Record: 111
Date: Sun Aug 8 12:52:59 2004
Name: Lacy
Country: South America
Found Site by: Webring

    Part 1: This is the best looking (most professional, not gaudy, flowery or cheap looking) Guest book I've ever seen.

Part 2: Though I'm baptist, I appreciate your point of view. Presbyterian, isn't it? Don't agree with your stance on infant baptism, but I like a conservative view.

Part 3: Don't like that you don't share other eschatological views.

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