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Record: 3765
Date: Thu Jun 16 06:49:11 2011
Subject: General
Name: Canon Trevor Sullivan
Country: Ireland
Found Site by: Link

    Thank you for article on selah.
Will certainly log on again for more studies.
Trevor Sullivan.

Record: 3764
Date: Sun Jun 12 07:39:25 2011
Name: Joseph Kufakunesu
Country: Zimbabwe
Found Site by: Search Engine

    It became very clear to me on how to interprate a verse/word in the bible.It is now clear in my mind what Jesus meant by the rock. I am convinced in my heart that the rock is not Peter but the Lord Himself. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Record: 3761
Date: Wed Jun 01 13:27:51 2011
Name: Walter Manning
City: Nashville     State: Tenn.
Country: USA
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Center Staff,
What an outstanding article on the Bema seat judgment. I wish I could just copy that and send it to all the Churches in this area, because they are so caught up in this doctrine that it would be a great service. You explained it so well with Bible references better than I ever could.
God bless.

Record: 3760
Date: Mon May 23 10:25:33 2011
Name: Aaron Thompson
Homepage: PressieChurchOrg
  Home Page
State: Qld Queensland
Country: Australia
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Oasis in a Desert! I just wanted to say what a tremendous Christian site this is. From the technical side to every area from start to finish, the Mountain Retreat is undoubtedly the best Christian site on all of the Web. I am astounded by how uniformly faithful you guys are to the bible. I don't have to tell you how rare that is these days. God bless all of you who have worked so hard to put all these articles, sermons and answers to our questions all in one place.

Aaron Thompson
Queensland, Au

Record: 3759
Date: Sun May 22 22:55:55 2011
Name: Alexander Jacob Laygo
Country: Philippines
Found Site by: Search Engine

    To know the real truth behind any inquiry is like finding a treasures that nothing compared to it..

Todays generation requires for any believer to really follow the strema of Gods sacred truthof His Holy Word, or else many will be a victim of false prophesy that will sweep them into fear and confusions..

I thank theLord our God for this ministry who has found His favor of knowing the real truth behind every issues which are hard to comprehend..

God bless you more and more, you are such a blessings to us who have discover this site..

Record: 3758
Date: Fri May 20 16:35:46 2011
Name: Nancy Russell   EmailNANCYHRUSSELL@GMAIL.COM
Homepage: 30CALVIN
City: New Hope     State: Pa
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Finding a reformed website is a boon. I will be using it as a research tool and anything else that will enrich bible studies. If you send newsletters count me in.

Record: 3757
Date: Fri May 20 01:02:02 2011
Name: Keijo
City: Södertälje     State: Sweden
Country: Sverige
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Thank you Lord for grace in harmony with joy in you!"Amazing favor of God for our wonderful and exciting the future in Christ and we will not know why all this goodness will enter in us ,but amazing is the way in Christ,thanks and bless and live in praying ,keijo sweden

Record: 3754
Date: Fri May 13 09:59:16 2011
Name: John Kasina
City: Nairobi     Country: Kenya
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Am a seventh day adventist converted from the Salvation Army. What moved me and still does is the search for truth. After these 10yrs in the sda it is increasingly occurring to me that even the sda is not free from infiltration by the agents of the darkness. That's why being moved by the spirit of the Berean i was led to this site. I do hope and pray that the truth depicted on the question of Jesus' siblings will manifest in all aspects of the gospel of Christ.

Record: 3752
Date: Mon May 2 12:27:33 2011
Subject: But
Name: Dale Hershberger
City: Orlando     State: Fl
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Nicely done. Do you have a "take" on "..covet earnestly the best gifts...?" The Charismatic movement uses the admonition as an endorsement of their seeking the 2nd experience.It does not seem to me that we should have a free for all coveting the best gifts when then context has been saying that the Holy spirit distributes the gifts severally as He will.

What say you?

Thanks Dale and blessings to you

Record: 3749
Date: Thu Apr 21 14:11:59 2011
Subject: GREAT Teachings
Name: Clint Haynes
City: Moncton     State: Nouveau Brunswick
Country: Canada
Found Site by: Word of Mouth

    What a blessed Oasis in a sea of presumption and private interpretations. A biblical resource that proves by scripture, rather than presumes by suppositions. I will be visiting often as I feel there is a wealth of information on this site.

God Bless
Clint Haynes

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