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Record: 215
Date: Tue May 3 03:23:26 2005
Name: Pepito
Homepage: Pepito Family
  Home Page
Country: Philippines
Found Site by: Link

    Pretty neat! Keep up the good work.

Pepito Family

Record: 212
Date: Wed Apr 20 13:18:00 2005
Name: Bishop Robert A. Crutchfield   Emailbishop@kingdomrelationships.cj
Homepage: Kingdom Relationship Ministries
  Home Page
City: Katy     State: Texas
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I'm just spending some time today encouraging other ministries, and their online outreaches. Thank You for all you do in Christ's name.

Yours in Christ,

Record: 210
Date: Wed Apr 20 08:23:11 2005
Name: Nicole Collis
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I am writing regarding your views about Animals going to heaven. I am a Christian and believe that God made all creatures from love. I think a lot of people question about animals in Heaven, they are not thinking that the animals are more important than God, but they want to know that they will be able to be with God and their other loved ones. God tells us in the ten commandments, They shall not kill. It does not say, They sall not kill only man. Because of the sin that Adam and Eve made, we all live in sin. Jesus came to save us, as humans, because it is humans that have sinned. God loves all His creatures, and I believe will take care of all of us in His Heaven. God has given us great minds, however, he has not given us the knowledge of His mysteries, that is why we have to have Faith.

Record: 206
Date: Sat Apr 16 21:45:01 2005
Subject: Signing Your Guestbook
Name: Joel Higgler
City: Macon     State: Georgia
Country: United States Of America
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Thank you so much for the information on your web site! The bible studies are brilliant, the eschatology section amazing, and your reformed search engine second to none. I can find articles on any topic in a second or two. God bless you all in his service. I will be around for a long time, but I just wanted to sign in for a change and say Thanks!

Joel Higgler
Macon, Ga.

Record: 191
Date: Thu Mar 10 13:52:30 2005
Subject: Cremation
Name: Debbie Adcox
City: Birmingham,     State: Al
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I just want to say I am so happy I found this website. I was wanting to find out if being cremated was biblical. I was brought up that it wasn't & a friend disagreed but your response on this issue is excellent. Thank you.

Record: 190
Date: Tue Mar 8 21:04:57 2005
Name: Bsp Gallery Bookshop Old And R
Homepage: BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books
  Home Page
Country: Australia
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I liked your site, really informative website, some good links too. BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books. BOOKS AND MEMORABILIA including literature, performing arts, first editions, Pacificana, sport, cricket, music, antiques, military, shipping, aviation history, art, craft, Australian, old postcards.

Search for books at

Record: 187
Date: Sun Mar 6 05:22:20 2005
Name: Andree Christie
Country: N. Ireland
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Interested in the meaning of the word eunuch while listening to Pastor McConnell from Metropolitan Tabrnacle Church in Belfast. Message from Acts ch 8. Will be logging on again. Thanks.

Record: 175
Date: Wed Feb 9 10:49:19 2005
Name: Heather
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I just read Tony Warren's article, "Was John the Baptist Elijah?" I needed to research this subject for a school assignment. Thank you. It was informative and helpful.

Blessings, Heather

Record: 174
Date: Wed Feb 9 02:18:53 2005
Subject: This resource
Name: Thomas
City: Lynchburg     State: Virginia
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Word of Mouth

    What a wonderful repository of plain sense articles and papers on eschatology. A virtual library of books and articles that feed the soul. God bless this center, and please do not change. The eschatology section is so unique and well spoken.

Peace and Love,

Record: 171
Date: Mon Jan 31 16:58:53 2005
Name: Graham Hunt
City: Port Coquitlam     State: Bc
Country: Canada
Found Site by: Friend

    I love the eschatology, great stuff, how refreshing as opposed to your normal Christian Book store, material.

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