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Record: 165
Date: Sat Jan 8 13:59:19 2005
Subject: Chiliasm/ apocalypticism/millennarianism
Name: Vernon Waiters
City: Jersey City     State: New Jersey 07305
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Link

    This is a hallmark web site for seminary students. I attend new york theological seminary located on the campus of union theological seminary across the street from columbia university.

Record: 157
Date: Sat Dec 18 02:00:34 2004
Subject: Link
Name: Jason Breakey
  Home Page
City: Dallas     State: Texas
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Your site is great. I loved the christian related sites,like dating,graphics. Here is my website: We provide dating services for Indian Professionals with photos and videos of singles in India, USA and around the globe. Do visit my site! Jason Breakey".

Record: 156
Date: Thu Dec 16 10:39:09 2004
Name: Akolgo Anthony
City: Accra     Country: Ghana
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Goodday CBTE people, Am an Advent Reformer myself
and was happy and grateful to God foa surfing in
on a site like yours, keep up the good work and light of our creator, God Almighty.

Record: 155
Date: Wed Dec 15 19:57:21 2004
Name: David Fathers
Country: Canada
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Simple and beautifully explained.
If 'Christians' can not understand the way you have explained the doctrine of Grace and the reformed church, then this is ample proof(for me) that salvation is not for everyone. Praise God.
May the Grace of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to bless you and this site.

Record: 153
Date: Sun Dec 5 03:26:35 2004
Subject: Nice
Name: James
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Amen! Amen a hundred times over on your essay on creation and a young earth. Your hermeneutics are refreshing and outstanding in simply taking God at his word. Keep the faith baby!

Record: 148
Date: Fri Nov 19 18:49:19 2004
Name: Glenn Welch
City: Austin     State: Texas
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Search Engine

    I love the music and the devotionals, in this trying time God is my refuge.

Record: 147
Date: Sun Nov 14 16:59:00 2004
Subject: New Book
Name: Don Cameron
Homepage: Captives of a Concept
  Home Page
City: Niagara Falls     State: New York
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Just to let you know about the new book, "Captives of a Concept."

It helps the reader understand the illusionary concept that holds millions of Jehovah's Witnesses captive by dominating and controlling how they think and act without them realizing it.

There is a lot of information about the book at the above address.


Record: 146
Date: Thu Nov 11 10:57:46 2004
Name: Marty Smithhart
Country: United States Of America
Found Site by: Search Engine

I enjoyed your site. I'm a Christian, and I am always looking for something to read. Your site is very good. Nice content!

Keep up the good work and spread "The Word"!

Record: 145
Date: Thu Nov 11 05:42:20 2004
Subject: Old Fashioned Preaching
Name: Jason Brewer
City: Maplewood     State: New Jersey
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Banner

    I cannnot articulate a "favorite page" because I found your entire site to be awesome! It's been a virtual library that is sound theologically, and quite pleasing visually. The wisdom you display in your eschatology writings is both impressive, and a witness to the spirit. There is much that other pastors and theologians can learn about teaching from within this website. I am thankful to God that he led me to this website.

Jason Brewer
Maplewood, NJ

Record: 142
Date: Fri Nov 5 18:32:55 2004
Subject: Thank You
Name: Michelle Hampshire
City: Olympia     State: Wa
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Search Engine

I just want to thank you for all the great information and help here. Once again Thank You!
Michelle Hampshire

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