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Record: 352
Date: Fri Jan 7 16:19:03 2011
Subject: Do Animals go to heaven
Name: Christopher
City: Boston, Mass    

    I hope you will allow me my feedback. I cannot believe the nerve of the Christians on this website to declare so boldly that animals do not go to heaven. Does God not love animals? That is the most cruel and callous thing I have ever heard. God takes care of both men and animals (see Matthew 6:26 and Psalm 104:14 104:27, 104:30). It is sad that conservative Christians take so much upon themselves to forbid animals to have the same heaven they seek for. You are wrong!

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Record: 351
Date: Tue Dec 14 11:33:10 2010
Subject: Your Article
Name: Tony Pacheco
City: N/A    

    To Mr. T. Warren:

Upon browsing the internet for reading material, I came across an article written by you in 1995 titled Did Jesus Have Brothers and Sisters? Being a Roman Catholic I found it intriguing what you had to say. After reading it and researching the citations listed by you, I can honestly say that you sir are right! It is fascinating how much one can learn when stepping outside the walls that bind them.

Thank you for the knowledge.

Tony Pacheco

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Record: 350
Date: Sat Dec 4 02:46:51 2010
Subject: Errors of Dispensationalism?
Name: Lori Wesner
City: Palain City, Ohio    

    To The Mountain Retreat,
I reject all these teachings on your site about the non validity of Dispensationalism. Dispensationalism is a doctrine held by most Christians. You misunderstand Dispensations, which is only a period of time during which man is tested in respect of obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God. Surely you Predestinationalists don't reject that. If Dispensationalism is false, it must be determined on scriptural grounds, not by Reformed and Puritan authorship.

And furthermore, if Dispensationalism is without merit scripturally, then so is Premillennialism. Because Premillennialism and Dispensationalism are akin. Surely you are not saying the Premillennial Church is in error also?

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Record: 349
Date: Mon Sep 6 09:43:11 2010
Subject: Faith of Christ
Name: David Ford
City: Brisbane Australia    

    Hi Tony,

I just read your piece at and I am very pleased indeed.

I have over the last 5 years been listening to the KJV NT over and over on mp3 and been very aware that my beliefs and doctrines are vastly different to most of modern Christianity. I have only just recently put together a list of scriptures of note that really made an impression on me, and they (amongst other things) outlined a key difference in the “faith of Christ” over modern translations. I found my own conclusions being so radical I decided to go looking for others that thought the same thing...and low and behold I find your piece. Pretty much every argument and scripture you mention are in my thesis also. Others I know are also talking about this.

After sitting in churches for 35 years I must say I feel very ripped off by modern theology, their preachers, and their bibles. Many thanks for your piece.

I am now pondering if the faith is "of Christ", then the purpose of it is for the Righteousness of God –as per Phil 3:9. A similar matching of scripture on this so called "Righteousness which is of God by Faith" lifts the lid on this mystery of faith...He who seeks out the kingdom of God and his righteousness will be filled...

This is great stuff...God Bless

David Ford
Brisbane Australia

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Record: 348
Date: Thu Aug 19 08:31:37 2010
Subject: The Truth of Amillennial Eschatology
Name: James Omuhaka
City: Nairobi, Kenya    

    Dear Warren

God bless you.

I am Pastor and Mission overseer of Christ Mission Church based in Nairobi Kenya. I stumbled across Mountain Retreat website two days ago when studying on fasting (Now book marked as a favorite site). Firstly, your view on fasting completely altered my course and direction. And again, there was a strong pull in me to read through the subject on eschatology. I have been a pre-millennialist all along, but the Holy Spirit has convicted me to alter my stand. The scriptural evidence is overwhelming. The Lord Forgive me for being so blind and teaching error.

I have been praying over these matters that God show the real truth. And he has. Praise his name. I am in the initial stages of my MBA in theology through International College of Bible Theology (ICBT). I have a BA from the same institution. I do not know if you could recommend a true reformist theological seminary, where I can pursue my MBA, by online correspondence.

Kind Regards as you labour for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor James A. Omuhaka
Christ Mission Church
Nairobi, Kenya

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Record: 347
Date: Tue Aug 17 19:26:50 2010
Subject: A Word of Thanks.. Livingstone
Name: Philip Livingstone
City: Canada    

    Philip Livingstone
(formerly, Scotland)

Dear Sir,

It must be now past 6 years since I had contacted you to express my appreciation for your presence on the Internet. After 4 years, I had found the general vulgarity of the Internet difficult to accept, and so closed “” in late 2008. Requested to place a dissertation back "online", I have ventured onto the Internet once again, and am delighted to see that you are still there! What a joy to see your service unto the Lord Jesus Christ still available. I thank you for the encouragement that you give to me and remain,

Yours with kindest regards,

Philip Livingstone

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Record: 346
Date: Thu Jul 29 10:51:13 2010
Subject: Cremation and Christianity
Name: Cheryl
City: N/a    

    Thank you for your 2001 article on the cremation debate. I have been trying to find one for years that would explain this topic clearly, simply, and biblically. Yours in Christ, Cheryl

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Record: 345
Date: Tue Jul 27 09:47:10 2010
Subject: Signs of Mark Chapter 16
Name: Theo Lawrence
City: Barbados W.i.    

    Dear Tony Warren,

Grace and peace be your potion always.
I write to thank you for your very informative exposition on Mark 16:15-18 I
have been presenting
those same views to a group here in Barbados but found that I was alone in this
until I came across your work which is excellent.

I just wanted to say thank you and may the good Lord help you to continue the
good work for Him.

God bless

Theo Lawrence (Pastor)
Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle
Barbados W.I.

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Record: 344
Date: Thu Jul 22 14:39:12 2010
Subject: Cremation
Name: Kevin And Michelle Reynolds
City: Usa    

    Hello Tony,

My husband and I would like to thank you for for writing your article regarding cremation. My husband, a Christian of 16 years, thought the cremation was ok. I, a Christian all my life, recalled learning as a young girl in church that cremation was wrong.
We wanted to get clarification and found it through your article and scripture. We want to thank you for writing it and showing us through God's word that burial is the Christian way to handle our bodies after death.

God Bless,
Kevin and Michelle Reynolds

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Record: 343
Date: Wed Jul 7 18:57:12 2010
Subject: The Mark of the Beast
Name: Travis Campbell
City: Kansas City    

    What a Joy!!!
First of all, let me say that it is so rare to find an old fashioned and biblical website anymore, that I was blessed to come across the Mountain Retreat. I found you by searching "the mark of the Beast" and have been reading articles ever since. this is the only end times prophesy that makes any sense to me, so may God bless your ministry.

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