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Record: 4
Date: Tuesday 09/12/2000 0:22:00am
Name: Adam Fierro
Homepage: Yet Another Reformed Resource
  Home Page
State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
Found Site by: From a Friend

    This is a great website. Do keep up the good work.

Record: 3
Date: Tuesday 08/29/2000 10:11:30pm
Name: Colette Pearce
Homepage: North Austin Community Church
  Home Page
City: Austin     State: Texas
Country: USA
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    I would like to express my thanks for including my church's brand new website in your database of Reformed Christian churches. I am the webmaster and am endeavoring to get our church listed in as many search engines as possible. We are a small congregation, dedicated to bringing the good news of God's plan of salvation through His son, Jesus Christ, to the lost.

Record: 2
Date: Sunday 08/27/2000 10:30:54am
Name: Renee
Homepage: Prayer Warriors of the World
  Home Page
City: Hesperia     State: California
Country: USA
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    I love to come across a site on fire for Christ! Praise God for your great job on your site. Please stop by and visit us sometime

Record: 1
Date: Tuesday 08/08/2000 11:23:14pm
Subject: Hi There
Name: Eliz Young
Homepage: Heneliz's Christian Corner
  Home Page
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Found Site by: Friend

    Hi Tony...
How are you doing? I hope and pray that you are well and blessed of God! Your website gets better each time that I visit it! You have such a wealth of information concerning God's truth.God has really showered blessings of truth, love, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of his word on you!
May all of God's children be so blessed! I come here whenever I am stumped for an answer to a biblical question, or I need to read one of your many, wonderful articles and/ or pages that are readily available for all to read...
May all who are privilaged to visit here, be as blessed as I am blessed, by coming here and reading God's word.
May God keep on abundantly blessing you!

Love & Peace...

Your Sis in Christ


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