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Record: 2903
Date: Wed Mar 21 23:29:12 2007
Name: Dr. Bernard Cannon
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Very Good work on Eschatology just I was looking
for. Good to know it free.

Record: 2892
Date: Wed Mar 14 06:46:48 2007
Name: Richard Dalby
City: Arlington Texas     Country: Usa
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Really enjoyed it. Some titles were very enlightening. Be blessed.

Record: 2882
Date: Sun Mar 11 23:10:17 2007
Subject: Love your site
Name: Joe Stultz
Homepage: A Lively Stone
  Home Page
State: Virginia
Country: United States
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    In a world where truth is compromised in the name of unity, rampant subjective interpretation, and willfully ignorant Christians, this a refreshing retreat of doctrinally pure expositional teaching.

Record: 2881
Date: Sun Mar 11 22:20:03 2007
Name: Philip Traynor
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Thank you (Tony) very very much for your clear quotations of scripture against divorce and remarriage. 1Cor7 ALSO states, 'else were your children unholy'. This is 'icing on the cake' God's holy marriage.

I'd sooner call my 'children unholy' than rationalize that divorce / remarriage is ever permitted by God! I NEVER stop loving my children of my beloved-spouse (by God's grace).

Thus, divorce is senseless in not respecting children's regard of their godliness and love.

Record: 2878
Date: Sun Mar 11 18:12:02 2007
Name: Don Larson
Homepage: Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church
  Home Page
City: Lexington     State: Kentucky
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Word of Mouth

    Great Site! Thank you for your very informative place to be enlightened. The article about Dispensationalism was quite refreshing. This is a view that is today very prevalent in Christianity, and it's unusual to hear someone actually use scripture soundly to teach against it.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Record: 2843
Date: Thu Feb 22 14:45:42 2007
Subject: Amillenialism
Name: Janet
City: Nashua     State: Nh
Country: Usa
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Tony Warren,

Your article on Amillennialism has truly helped me to understand the TRUTH regarding Biblical eschatology. I am in a women's study by Beth Moore on Daniel, which has presented a dispensational viewpoint, which I am now able to accurately combat with the Word of God. My husband is a new youth/associate pastor and I am sharing the article with him- Thank you and God bless you!

Record: 2810
Date: Wed Jan 31 12:09:13 2007
Name: Eluned
Country: South Africa
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    I deeply pity your view on animal souls. You have closed your mind, and I pray that one day you will know the truth, and truly be worthy to minister to others. Wake up.

Record: 2800
Date: Sat Jan 13 18:46:31 2007
Name: Selina Hodge
City: Elizabethton     State: Tn
Country: United States
Found Site by: Link

    I am a Sunday school teacher and I was doing some research for my next lesson and came upon your web page. In particular the one on The Seven Deadly Sins. It was very informative and I thank you very much for answering quiet a few questions I had. I also look forward to reading more. I am excited about using the information I found in my next Ladie's Auxilary group where I will be teaching also.
Thank you again. God bless you and the work you are doing.
Selina Hodge

Record: 2796
Date: Tue Jan 9 01:05:41 2007
Name: Ramiro J. Long
City: Riverbank     State: Ca.
Country: U.s.a.
Found Site by: Link

    I am so blessed in finding this site. I have placed it in my favorites file for future references and research. I find this site an enormous help in research information for my Bible College finals. Thank you for such a well created center of spiritual information.

Record: 2794
Date: Tue Jan 2 09:16:12 2007
Name: Ellen
Country: United States
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Hello Tony,

I would just like to express my appreciation for the Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology website.

For most of my 8 years of being a Christian I have been a Dispensationalist. But thanks to your site I am no longer a dispensationalist, because it is now clear that Scripture has to be twisted too strangely to make it fit into that position. Plus I saw there was continuity between Israel and the Church. Unfortunately, that led me to New Covenant Theology. It seemed to be a middle ground between Dispensational Theology and Reformed Covenant Theology. But ultimately, as I studied the scriptures with help from your site, I had to admit that NCT was not the truth either. Thanks to many of the articles on your site, I now understand that Covenant Theology, Amillennialism and the Doctrines of Grace are all biblical theology. It's all one and the same.

So thanks to you and those at the Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology, I now have a solid foundation from which to work from. The Bible record.



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