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What Does Millennial Mean?

by Tony Warren

The term Millennium is from the two Latin words [mille], meaning thousand, and [annum], meaning years. It is not a biblical term, but is used by many scholars and authors to identify the thousand years when calculated from the traditional date of the birth of Christ.

It is most used to identify the thousand year reign of Christ that is spoken of in Revelation Chapter 20. In Christian theology, the millennial refers to that period of time when Scripture declares that Satan is bound and the Kingdom of Christ goes forth that the nations or gentiles aren't deceived or [planao], meaning they aren't led astray. It is the era when the gentiles are included in the Covenant and will be reconciled to God that they join in celebration of the reigning Christ. There are several different positions concerning exactly when and how this millennial reign will take place, usually depending upon the eschatology one holds. But basically, in theology the words millennium or millennial are synonymous with the "thousand year" reign of Christ (Revelation 20:2-4).

In secular vocabulary, millennial period or a millennium is referring to whenever a new thousand years of recorded history passes. For example, the years 1000 A.D., or 2000 A.D is spoken of as the beginning of a new millennium. The year 2001 instituting the beginning of the third millennium.

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