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The Mountain Retreat

History - How significant is it that historians are now admitting that the study of history is not neutral? What does it mean that historians now say that it is necesary to include the perspective of the historian in historical investigation or to tie in with supposedly overarching historical forces.
by Robert D. Knudsen

Evangelism and the Reformed Faith - Strange to say, some suppose that the relationship between the Reformed Faith and evangelism is uneasy and uncomfortable. Stranger still, some charge that the Reformed Faith and evangelism are incompatible.
by Rev. David Engelsma

Joel Osteen: Whatever Happened to Sin? - GodԲuth vs. Our Spin - Godଯve is far greater than being nice. He tells us the truth. First, he tells us about our condition as dead in trespasses and sins. We are not good people who could do better, but those who are in ourselves incapable of meeting God಩ghteous standard.
by Michael S. Horton

Particular Redemption - Particular redemption is one of the most documented subjects in the Bible, but the most contested. It is referred to also as "Limited Atonement"; not that it is limited in what it accomplishes, but only in the scope of it. Limited to those for whom it was intended.
by Doyle D. Dewberry

What Does Grow in Grace Mean - Grace is unmerited favor of God, and is related to and signifid by holiness, the fruit and effect of God's grace. Thus the exhortation to grow in grace is a beautiful, instructive way of saying, grow in holiness, advance in piety. True, there is a sense in which a believer may grow in the favor of God, as well as in its effects.
by John A. James

How To Interpret The Bible - How are we to interpret scripture? We aren੮terested in any man-made methods here. Does the Bible itself tell us how it is to be interpreted? Surely, since God gave us a book, he also provided principals in that book to tell us how to interpret it.
by James M. Frye

What is the Gospel? - The crucifixion of Christ appeared to be the greatest miscarriage of justice the world has ever witnessed, but the purpose of it was that the sins of God's people were being punished in Him, to the end that His people might be saved. This is the good news of the Gospel.
by Doyle D. Dewberry

What Are the Gates of Hell that Shall Not Prevail? - A lot of Christians will subconsciously reverse this passage and understand it as, Hell will not prevail against the gates of the Church. What Are the Gates of Hell or Hades that shall not prevail, and what is it really representing?
by Tony Warren

What does the Bible have to say about Ethnicity - The unbelieving world can only try with exceedingly little success to educate, cajole, legislate and force into existence the international and so called inter-racial peace of which it dreams. However, those who come to God by this living Way of salvation experience the blessed reality!
by Keith Graham

Is Arminianism a Different Gospel - Is Arminianism the true gospel with brothers in error, or is it a different gospel from the true gospel, and thus not a part of the true Church? The seriousness and extent of Arminian thinking is not something insignificant.
by Rev. Eric Kampen

A Christian Lesson On Peer Pressure - Peer pressure is when we feel compelled to act a certain way because we want to fit or be accepted. Nobody wants to be the person who gets talked about or laughed at. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose focus of who we really are because it becomes more important to us to just fit in, especially when we're young.
by Rena Furbert

What A Difference A Humble Spirit Makes - One Scripture that really gets to me is Jesus words, 'Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he who humbles himself shall be exalted Luke 14:11'. Because I have spent the better part of my life exalting myself.
by Ron R. Ritchie

What A Difference The Holy Spirit Makes - I knew Christ was available for us day by day. I'd pray in the morning, go the day on my own strength, and then wonder why I was always in trouble. I'm learning dependence on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit moment by moment.
by Ron R. Ritchie

Sunmissive Wives - In seeking a biblical understanding of the wife's role within the home, the question of the wife's role of submission toward's her husband arises. To what extent should that submission be , and is it unqualified? Is the wife to submit to everything the husband desires, even if those desires involve sinful actions?
by David W. Roth

Is Birth Control Biblical - Is it biblical for Christians to practice birth control? The historical witness of all Churches and denominations has been a unanimous no. So why are so many theologians supporting birth control today? This study asks the questions, and gives the "not so popular" answers.
by Tony Warren

Changing Attitudes of Ireland versus the Unchanging Word of Christ - There are those who try to deceive the reader that it is the will of Jesus Christ that gays and lesbians be "fully affirmed" as members of His church. On the contrary, Christ Himself, speaking by His Spirit through the Apostle Paul (I Cor. 14:37), declares that such sinners are not members of His church (I Cor. 6:9-11; Eph. 5:5-6).
by Martyn McGeown

Can Believers Be Demon Possessed - The doctrine that teaches that believers, although owned by God , can be indwelled by a demon, is not Biblically validated. We are temples of the living God where the Holy Spint indwells us. In this temple, light has no agreement with darkness, and there is no concord between Christ and Belial.
by David Dunlap

Is the NIV the Word of God - I use to believe that the only differences between the NIV and the King James was that the NIV was supposed to be easier to read and to understand. I was wrong! By Grace of God, I looked into the matter further, and this represents some of the information that resulted from that study.
by James M. Frye

Leviticus and Homosexuality - It is true that much of the Law deals with religious activity rather than universal morality. However, ritual purity and moral purity are not always distinct. Moreover, this section was not addressed to the priests, but to all the "sons of Israel," and this isn't merely ritual purity.
by Gregory Koukl

A Brief Defense of Limited Atonement - For whom did Christ die? And what did his death accomplish? If we say that Christ died for everyone and that his death accomplished their salvation, then hell shall be empty and all the children of Adam brought to glory. This conclusion the Bible plainly denies.
by William F. Baldwin

Submissive Slaves - How are we to apply the pinciple of submission (Ephesians 6:5-9) to the relations between slaves and masters? Is the Apostle Paul really teaching that Christian slaves are to obey their masters? There are many well meaning Christians who side step this controversial issue.
by David W. Roth

In Praise of The Prayer of Jabez - After reading the book, hearing people talk about how they are now "using" the prayer, and even examining some complaints against the book, I am compelled to write a few words pastorally in the hope that this biblical prayer will not become a spiritual short-cut or be used in unbiblical ways.
by Rev. A. Joseph Wheat

This is Reformed Evangelism? - One of the signs of the last days is the apostasy within the churches. I have reminded you of this in past articles. To my mind, this remains one of the clearest signs that the return of our Lord is at hand.
by Rev. Gise J. VanBaren

Tell His Disciples ...And PETER? - The message of Jesus makes special reference to Peter, and was a tremendous comfort to him. Peter denied Christ three times before men. But now came the astounding news of assurance that Christ still loved him and counted him as one of His disciples.
by Rev. James D. Slopsema

Christian Rock: The Personal Testimony of a Musician - Is there Christian Rock Music, or are Christian's simply Rocking? Nowhere in the Scriptures do you find a true minister of Christ with such a faulty view of the Gospel, nor using entertainment as a tool of evangelism. This is the Personal Testimony of a Former Rock Musician.
by Robert G. Truelove

What Shall We Say - What shall we say? He who is determined to save us will allow nothing to separate us from himself. The very purpose and promise of salvation is that its participants shall be preserved from apostasy and deadly sins.
by Max A Forsythe

Excommunication As An Act of Love - Excommunication is really abandonment as an act of love. An unrepentant sinner doesn't see the need to repent and doesn't think his particular sin is a big a deal. That thought is confirmed when the church refuses to discipline him.
by Jon Dykstra

The Sign of the Tsunami - Many people are asking questions like, is the tsunami a sign that God angry with men? A Biblical worldview rests upon the three pillars of Biblical reality: Creation, the Fall, and Redemption. The tsunami must be interpreted in relation to these three foundational truths.
by Alan J. Dunn

The Challenge of Old Age - The most subtle and frightening pressure society exerts upon the elderly is its widespread worship of youth. We glorify the young, strong and beautiful, with a whole industry devoted to staving off the signs of aging. Where is the Godly honor of age?
by The RPC of Ireland

Becoming Fishers of Men - Jesus chooses His own instruments. Often those of little education and low self esteem in this world. If Christ is calling you to become fishers of men, follow Him. He will make you what you are not of yourself, and move you to learn and unlearn many things.
by Rev. J.W. Wullschlege

The Heavenly Sanctuary - Reformed Christian Bible Study on The Heavenly Sanctuary. In the Old Testament, tabernacle worship revolved around the Levitical priesthood. Now Christ is revealed as the priest through whom our tabernacle worship is mediated.
by Rev. Sherman Isbell

The Mountain - Hebrews 12:18-24 - Mount Sinai representing the old covenant, and Mount Zion representing the new. "For you have not come to the mountain that may be touched and that burned with fire, and to blackness and darkness and tempest, and the sound of a trumpet and the voice of words, so that those who heard it begged that the word should not be spoken to them anymore.
by Jim Nance

Why Doesn't God Do Something ...Now! - Why does God allow Suffering? Theodicy deals with the problem of evil to show that it is possible to affirm the omnipotence of god, the love of god, and the reality of evil without contradiction. The skeptic's argument generally is that given the reality of evil, we must sacrifice either the power (omnipotence) or the love (goodness) of god. A dilemma allegedly arises.
by Eric Frank

A History of the Church's Doctrine of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage - According to the institution of marriage Covenant in Genesis 2:18-25, Godࡣt of witnessing a marriage makes one flesh of the two and thus by definition binds the two together for life. The very nature of marriage, therefore, forbids all remarriage after divorce. Liberty to marry again comes only by the death of oneୡrriage companion.
by Prof. David J. Engelsma

Blessed Be The Lord - If we let the devil deceive us, placing a counterfeit where only Christ belongs, we will lose our joy. But by holding to Christ, we will remain anchored to the only true foundation, and rejoice in celebrating Christmas without being overwhelmed by its commercial obligations.
by Pastor William P. Terjesen

There Are Only Two Religions In The World - There are basically only two religions in the world. One says if you will do such and such, God will graciously bestow His blessing upon you. The second religion is the message of the Bible. It is the gospel of Free Grace. It does not look to God for the provision and then turn to man for the power.
by John G. Reisinger

Justification and the Faith of Christ - This is a closely reasoned argument on our faith in Christ versus the faith of Christ, and challenges what is generally accepted as the meaning of the faith of Christ. This argument strengthens the old Reformed position on 'the active obedience of Jesus Christ.'
by D. W. B. Robinson

What is Reformed Theology Anyway - Reformed theology often gets a bad rap. It is explained as a dusty, dead system of thinking that a bunch of really old people with doctrinal chips on their shoulders thought up to impose their religion upon us free-spirited thinkers.
by Dave Hatcher

Why Should I be Reformed - The Reformed Church doesn't claim to be perfect. We have our faults, just as all other churches do. Nor do we believe that we are the only church. The Lord has his people scattered all over the world in many visible manifestations of his kingdom. But we do believe that our teachings are more Biblical than the teachings of any other church.
by Rev. Frank Walker

How to Cope with the Attack on America - The events of September 11, 2001 have become etched in our minds and memories. The images are still vivid, the details stark. But have you stopped to think of the significance of what happened on that day?
by Rev. D. Lipsy

The Olive Tree and the Grape Vine - What does the Olive Tree Symbolize? Both the olive tree and the grape vine are used symbolically to speak of the Old Testament covenant people of God, Israel. In the New Testament, the olive tree and the grape vine continue to have symbolic significance, notably in John 15:1যr the vine, and Romans 11:16 or the olive tree.
by Pastor Jyh J. Lim

Reflecions on a Curious Book: The Decline of African American Theology, by Thabiti Anyabwile - As I read Thabitiࢯok there was something that I was feeling that I couldn੭mediately put words to, and then it hit me. Thabiti, a black man himself, writes of the black church and culture as if he was a visitor to a land he஥ver been to before. Granted his work is historical by nature, but it comes across as if itෲitten by an outsider.
by Pastor Bryan Crawford Loritts

Ezekiel's Temple - Is the temple in Ezekielඩsion in chapters 40-48 a physical building or a Spiritual reality, a visionary representation of something else. Some say the physical detail given to the Temple seems to indicate that it is intended to be a physical construction. But is that the case?
by Timothy J. Etherington

What About Those Enthusiasts - In a concluding look at Jonathan Edwards's monumental work, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, we shall deal with one of the most hotly contested issues of the modern church. Are bodily excitations a valid proof of one's spirituality? Are we seeing a true manifestation of God's holiness or just a sideshow of a most detestable display by Charlatan?
by Kevin D. Hartley




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