Center For Biblical Theology and Eschatology

Date Sermons Speaker Scripture
09-03-2000 Flee From Idolatry Rev C Bouwman 1st Corinthians 10:14
0?-0?-1540 Exhortation to Walk as Christians Martin Luther Mark 14:1
1557-1558 On Perverting the Gospel of Christ John Calvin Galatians 1:6-8
10-06-2002 Downward Mobility Rev. Drew Smith Philippians 2:1-13
03-0?-2007 And The Veil Of The Temple Was Rent Rev. H.A. Bergsma Mark 15: 38
10-14-2001 The Rest For The People Of God Rev. A. Stehouwer Hebrews 4: 9
Aprox. 1650-60 Come Let Us Reason Together Rev. William Guthrie Isaaiah 1:18
07-15-2007 The Defeat of Israel Rev. Geoff Thomas Joshua 7:1
Aprox. 1998 Using Law Lawfully Pastor Doyle D. Dewberry 1st Timothy 1:8
06-09-2002 Gossip: An Unruly Evil Full Of Deadly Poison Rev. Dr SH Tow James 3:8
03-04-2001 The Biggest Lie of All Rev Mark Porizky Luke 4:1-13
03-01-1863 Invitations of the Gospel Elder Gilbert Beebe Matthew 11:28-30
04-6-2003 Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree Rev C Bouwman Mark 11:14
01-23-2005 Rachel Weeping for Her Children Rev. Adrian Dieleman Matthew 2:13-18
09-14-2003 The Wilderness: Part I Pastor H. Leon Ben-Ezra Revelation 12:13-14
09-21-2003 The Wilderness: Part II Pastor H. Leon Ben-Ezra Revelation 12:13-14
12-??-2005 Jehovah's Help in the Day of Trouble Rev. C. Pronk Psalm 20
0?-0?-2002 If By Faith Then Not By Works Dr. Kim Riddlebarger Gal. 2:15-21; Psalms 143
12-21-2006 O Wretched Man That I Am! Rev. Maurice Roberts Romans 7:24
0?-0?-000? Who is the Image of the Invisible God Thomas Manton Colossians 1:15
03-26-2006 Saying, "I'm Sorry!" Rev Marc Nelesen Matthew 27:1-10
0?-0?-000? The Public Invitation or Post-Sermonic Altar Call John A. Kohler, III Matt 11:28-30; Rev 22:17
0?-0?-000? No Easy Answers: A Mother's Day Gift Rev Mike Molenaar John 15:1-27
10-24-2004 Running to Finish Reverend Matthew B. Reeves 2 Timothy 4:6-18
04-07-2002 The Place Called Armageddon Rev Kim Riddlebarger Rev 16:1-21; Zech 14:1-9
02-23-1987 Why Do The Wicked Prosper and I Do Without Rev Randy Sessions Ec. 7:15; 8:14; Jer 12:1-2
03-28-2010 The Cost of Discipleship Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III Luke 9:57-62
02-02-1847 The Thief's Prayer and its Answer Rev J. C. Philpot Luke 23:42-43
00-00-0000 Not Just Another Saviour Dr. Rev. Steven Schlei Matthew 1:21
08-03-1851 The Whole Armour of God Rev J. C. Philpot Ephesians 5:13
10-13-2002 Friendship with the World is Enmity with God Dr. Rev. Clarence Bouwman James 4:4
05-27-2007 Converteth the Sinner from the Error Rev. Adrian Dieleman James 5:19-20
05-26-2002 Psalm 1 Bill Baldwin Psalms 1
03-00-2006 Pilate is Faced with a Choice L. Roth Matthew 27:21
10-19-2008 Where Self-Righteousness Leads Rev. David Silversides John 5:40
10-07-2001 Song of Solomon 3:11 Rev. Hugh Ferrier Song of Solomon 3:11
N/A Look To Your Motives Alexander Whyte Matthew 6:22-23
02-07-1999 Warnings to those who Live for Money Rev. Geoff Thomas James 5:1-6
10-09-1859 Grieve Not the Holy Spirit Charles Haddon Spurgeon Ephesians 4:30
04-16-1995 ...and Peter Prof. Robert D. Decker Mark 16:7
N/A Living in the Light of the day Lee Irons Romans 13:11-14
12-03-2000 The Mind of Christ Rev. Maurice Robert Philippians 2:5
1830 When I was a Child I Thought as a Child Edward D. Griffin 1st Corinthians 13:11
02-30-2002 Christ, the Anointed One Rev. Doyle D. Dewberry John 1:41; 4:25
11-14-2010 A True Christian Does Not Sin Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn 1st John 3:4-10
08-26-2003 Getting What You Don't Deserve Rev. Brian D. Ellison Job 42:1-17; Mark 10:46-52
11-28-2004 Definitive Sanctification Rev. Maurice Roberts Romans 6:1-14
N/A Judge Not? Rev. Martin L. Dawson Matthew 7:1-12
N/A The Burning Bush Rev. Alistair G Ross Exodus 3:2
June 1, 1840 Drink No Longer Water, but Use A Little Wine... Rev. Gilberet Beebe 1st Timothy 5:23

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