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Richard Sibbes

The Bruised Reed

Richard Sibbes
Richard Sibbes   (15771635)
Richard Sibbes is known as a Biblical exegete and representative (with William Perkins and John Preston), of what has been called "main-line" Puritanism. In 1632 he was sentenced to banishment to New England due to his strong Puritanical tendencies, but he died before the sentence could be carried out. He was one of the most influential Puritans in the early seventeenth century and was renowned for his powerful and eloquent preaching.

Publishers' Foreword
I. The Reed and the Bruising
II. Christ will not Break the Bruised Reed
III. The Smoking Flax
IV. Christ will not Quench the Smoking Flax
V. The Spirit of Mercy Should Move Us
VI. Marks of the Smoking Flax
VII. Help for the Weak
VIII. Duties and Discouragements
IX. Believe Christ, not Satan
X. Do Not Quench the Spirit
XI. Christ's Judgment and Victory
XII. Christ's Wise Government
XIII. Grace Shall Reign
XIV. Means to make Grace Victorious
XV. Christ's Public Triumph
XVI. Through Conflict to Victory  

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