An Exposition of Isaiah Chapter 53

by Tony Warren

    Isaiah 53 is a chapter that has been talked about, debated, and argued over for years, and perhaps will continue to be for years to come. But it really is not as complicated as some would have us believe. It's prophesy of how the coming Messiah would be received (or not received), rejected and despised of men is quite clear. The main point of the chapter (which so many seem to miss) is the real work and accomplishment of the Messiah being rejected, afflicted, and suffering this death. While many understand that this speaks of Christ's death on the cross, few actually understand what was really involved in the whole process and why. In this overview of the chapter, I hope to shed some light on not only the prophesy of Messiah's coming, but also the reasons, the work, and why no group of people are responsible for His death. Unless that group of people are all of us. This will be a verse by verse study, and we'll recap each verse with as close to the literal rendering of the Hebrew to english as possible. Some of it is somewhat redundant as God is driving home a serious message here, namely, exactly what God has done for us because of His great love! The gospel message is really very simple after all. The trick is to receive it! The Gospel is to "Repent, and be Saved by the power of Christ's cross, for the remission of your sins." The beauty is that God's Word is that when you are bearing faithful witness to it, God's word is 100 percent consistent from the first page to the last page. In reality, to all who have the Spirit of Christ, it testifies "of itself" that it is True.

    My prayer is that God may grant us all the knowledge of the truth of His Holy Word, and the wisdom to know the difference between false teachings and Bible teachings, and the understanding of what is "His" truth, which only He can give. AMEN!


Isaiah Chapter 53



This is the rhetorical question concerning the prophesy of the Messiah or the Anointed one coming to Israel, and how the people would not believe on Him. It is asked, "who hath believed our Report" or the News that is heard. The word "report" is the Hebrew word [shemuw`ah] which means "something heard," as an announcement of news. The question is to illustrate that when Messiah came, the people would not believe ['aman] or give credence to the announcement or news of His arrival. They simply would not believe this is the Christ! And exactly as this scripture prophesied, the people would not believe when the Messiah arrived. In fact, this verse of Isaiah was confirmed as fulfilled in,

    John 12:37-38

God's Word here in John tells us that that passage of Isaiah 53 was fulfilled when Christ (Messiah) came and they believed not that it was He. It was Jesus whom the prophesy spoke of, and though the Good News, or report was made that Messiah had come, with all miracles confirming, still they would not believe it. That is to say, except those to whom the "arm of the Lord" had been revealed. The Phrase "Arm of the Lord, illustrates by the Lord's own Power or Strength. For example, in verses such as,

    Isaiah 59:16

This verse illustrates that there was no one that has the Power to be an intercessor, and so God "By His Own arm" (His own Power and strength) brought Salvation. Again, we read in,

    Deuteronomy 5:15

    Isaiah 51:9

The Arm of the Lord did it. In other words, it was by the Lord's own strength and power that it was done. It was His hand that did it!

    Isaiah 62:8

    Jeremiah 32:17

We see throughout scripture that the "arm of the Lord" illustrates that something is done by His own power, or the getting things done by "His own strength", and not anyone else.

And so when Isaiah 53:1 says, "and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed," it is illustrating, "and to whom is the 'power' of the Lord revealed." The prophesy says, who hath believed the announcement or the hearing of the news that Messiah has come? And to whom is the power (arm) of the Lord revealed? And the Answer is, nobody believes the report "except" to whom it is revealed by the arm, or Power of the Lord. But let's compare scripture with scripture to confirm this.

    Romans 10:15-17

Again, the direct quote from Isaiah 53 that it was talking about the report of good news or glad tidings, and who would (and would not) believe it. That's why verse 16 of Romans 10 says, they have not "ALL" obeyed the gospel. It is only those whom the "Arm of the Lord" hath revealed it through the Word, who will obey it. All heard the same report (gospel), but not all obey. Because it's by the arm of the Lord that it is revealed. Or as God puts it in another verse, these things are Spiritually Discerned. The Arm of the Lord is revealed to those whom God has given ears to hear, through the Word of God by faith.

-who hath given credence to the hearing of our news? and to whom is the arm of Jehovah revealed?


The Bible often speaks in proverbs or parabolic terms. Here, Christ is the promised Root of Jesse who would come and bear the branches of Jacob that it be a tree that brings forth fruit. He grew up as this tender planting of the Lord out of dry ground. Israel was the dry ground. When Christ came to Israel, it was as a wilderness (barren land) or a desert. That is why the scripture call was to John the Baptist to, "prepare a way in the Desert for the Lord". It illustrates that Israel was without the waters that would cause them to spring forth and bear fruit. It was as a dry and thirsty ground. Christ is that root that would bring forth fruit in this desert.

    Hosea 14:5

    Isaiah 27:6

With the Coming of Messiah, Israel (Jesus) takes Root and spread to the ends of the earth with fruit. He is the Israel of God, and as Hosea says, is as the Olive tree. Without being in this Israel, the people of Israel have no root and cannot endure. But it is in Him, the root in dry ground, that they would have branches spreading to the whole world that there is deliverance. Christ is that root out of dry ground that was prophesied. Many of Israel, and many Churches today don't understand that Christ came as Israel to deliver Israel, and He did! He didn't come to set up a political or earthly Kingdom, nor is He going to set up a political kingdom on this earth. He came to be the Root of this tree, that the fruits of Salvation would go to the whole world (Romans 11), both jews and gentiles. This is the Tender planting, the Root out of dry ground. He came to Save the remnant from Israel, and a remnant from the rest of the world. Not to Save a whole political nation, but those who have "Root" in Christ! He is ultimately, Israel (Isaiah 49:3, Matthew 2:15-Hosea 11:1, Exodus 4:22), the Firstborn, the Son of God. It's in Him that we are free from captivity, and delivered from our enemies, not in a political, genealogical, or geographical nation, Israel. Israel is a people, the chosen of God!

    Isaiah 37:31

This is not talking about a political nation anymore than it's talking about literal fruit or a literal root in the dirt. It is a proverb or parable talking about Christ who would come to free the Captivity of Israel, and those who are set free would bring forth fruit because they will have ROOT downward! The reason they have root is because they have Christ! They are the remnant of Israel.

But we notice in Isaiah 53 that it says of the Messiah, "He hath no form or comeliness;" The Hebrew word form is [to'ar], meaning Visage or figure, and Comeliness is the word [hadar] meaning to be favoured or honoured. This prophesy declared that the coming Messiah was not going to be accepted, He was not going to be favored, or looked upon with honour. This may have been a surprising thing for Israel to read about their deliverer when they didn't really understand what was God's real deliverance, but with the New Testament knowledge of the real deliverance and nature of salvation, we see that it could be no other way. The next part of that verse continues with that same prophesy of His rejection, saying, "..and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him." The prophesy was that they would not look at Him as the beautiful Messiah and Deliverer they desire, but just the opposite. That Hebrew Word "beauty" there is [mar'eh], meaning His appearance or his Looks were not that we should desire Him. In other words, they won't look upon Him as the Messiah, and He would not be welcomed as the Saviour of Israel with the honour and glory that He deserved. He would be rejected and looked upon with no favor. And as it was written, this prophesy was fulfilled because that is "exactly" what Happened when the Messiah did come. He was not desired, not favored, but rejected, reviled, and crucified.

-Yea, He cometh up as a tender plant before Him, and as a root out of dry land. He hath no form or honour as we see Him, nor appearance that we should desire Him.


Again, in this next verse this prophesy continues in the same vein. The prophesy is that the Messiah was not going to be received as the fulfillment of the Promise to deliver Israel, but instead would be despised and rejected of men. The Messiah would be a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Jesus confirmed that He was this Messiah of prophesy when He asked the disciples, "whom say ye that I Am?"

    Luke 9:20

The Greek word Christ [Christos] in the New Testament means the "exact" same thing as Messiah [mashiyach] in the old testament Hebrew. The Anointed! Jesus was The Christ, or The Messiah of God. And note carefully what Jesus replied to the disciples when they discern this..

    Luke 9:21-22

Messiah must suffer [pascho], meaning to experience or feel pain, and be rejected by the leaders of Israel, and be killed. He suffered for us, He experienced or felt the great pain that we should have felt ourselves, because He took our infirmities, our faults, our sins. Yet He Himself had no sin.

    Hebrews 4:15-16

That's why Messiah had to experience our suffering in His flesh, and the pain we deserved, and be rejected of men and killed. He had to because He was the High Priest who made intercession to God for us. He was the promised anointed one. In other words, exactly what Isaiah 53 said that Messiah would do when He came. Peter had it right when he said Jesus was "The Messiah" of God. He was the Christ that was prophesied to come and be despised and rejected of men.

"..and we Hid as it were our faces from Him!" In other words, there was none who stood with Christ. Jesus had to go to the cross Alone! Smite the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered scripture states. Peter denied Jesus three times, "because" Jesus had to go to the cross alone, accomplish the work alone and none could either help Him, nor could go with Him. We Hid our faces from Him. Peter followed far off (Hiding -Mark 14:54) when Jesus was brought before the rulers, because Jesus had to be alone in going to the cross. These aren't incidental passages of scripture, they are God breathed. No man could be with Him in this task. For in our weakness, the scriptures are fulfilled.

    John 18:17

    Matthew 26:56

Yes, we all hid as it were our faces from Him. NONE stood with Him! This is because Jesus had to drink this cup alone. He had to go to the cross alone, and none could be with Him. Peter Loved the Lord, but this was the hour when all things must be fulfilled, as it was written. Peter with the strength of Christ would have faithfully given his life for the Lord, but this was not the time. No one could stand with the Lord in this hour of his sorrows, because it was for us all that He came to this hour. And although no one could go to the cross with Him, He was not alone! Because He was the God man. God was with Him, therefore He would prevail, and He would not leave His soul in Hell, nor suffer His body to see corruption. In other words, He had the "POWER" of God to see the Job (the work of the Cross) through to it's fulfillment and accomplishment.

    John 16:32

When the time came, no man could stand with Christ. Because what Christ had to do, He had to do alone, for no man could help in His task, nor pay the price He had to pay. Only God could endure what He was going to endure. And it surely wasn't simply being nailed to a Cross.

I often hear many misguided souls trying to place blame for Christ's crucifixion on certain groups of people. These people really don't understand the real work and accomplishment of the Cross. Christ went willingly to the Cross. And the Reason that He died was because of us! Ultimately, it was "OUR" sins that sent Him to the cross. So whenever we want to start wondering who put Jesus on the cross, let us simply look in the mirror for the answer!

-he was despised and abandoned of men. a man of pains and having known grief. and we are as one hiding the faces from him. he is despised and we esteemed him not.


Remember verse 3 told us He was acquainted with (had known) grief or affliction, and was a man of sorrows? If we think that it was because of anything but "ourselves" we need to think again. He had known grief because of "us". He bore our afflictions (Griefs), and He carried "our" sorrows, or pain. It was for us that He was truly bruised, not for anything that He did. He was without fault in Himself. For ultimately, it was God who bruised Him. And it was for us that God did it!

This is the bottom line of the mystery the "real" work and accomplishment of the Cross. He went to the Cross for us, yet we did esteem (or regard) him stricken (struck), smitten OF GOD, and afflicted. This is the point where some become confused. They don't understand how God could be on the cross, and at the same time be the one who was smitten of God. This lack of understanding is compounded by verses where Jesus says things like, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" People reason, "how could God be on the cross, and be forsaking Jesus on the cross, if Jesus was God?" They come to these conclusions because they really don't understand the real Work and Accomplishment of the Cross, nor the power of God to "by His own arm" bring that accomplishment to fruition. God had forsaken Christ (God) because He was laden with our sins, and the penalty was hell, which is the essence of forsaking by God! As to the question of, "How God could forsake God," look at the scripture which shows God in the form of man (an Anthropopathy) as He wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32:29-30). Was that God there, or was God not in heaven? The answer is God was both there, and was in heaven. Or again, when the Lord appeared unto Abraham (Genesis 18:1-2) in the form of three men. Was the Lord one of those men and not the other? No, not at all. This is the mystery of God that is hard to understand. When the Lord said to Abraham,

    Genesis 18:21

Did that mean the Lord didn't know? Did that mean the Lord had to go down to Sodom and Gomorrah in the form of these three men in order for Him to see or "FIND OUT" what was going on? ..Of course not, He knew! But these things are for our benefit. The Lord "KNEW" what was going on there. But these three men are sent for our learning. There is a gospel lesson to be learned there (which is not the scope of this study). Likewise, God took on real flesh, God the Holy Spirit conceived in Mary, in order that He could fulfill the scriptures "LAWFULLY" that all flesh that sinned shall die. It had to be flesh! But no flesh on earth could have suffered the penalty and brought Salvation. And so God by His own arm or power brought it. He Himself became flesh that he could become laden with our sins, and suffer being forsaken of God for those sins, to pay the penalty for our transgressions, and was raised "in the flesh" free from those sins. ..free from Our sins, they having been atoned for.

The atonement wasn't just a mere man, or even a super man dying on a cross. His sufferings were infinitely greater than just what meets the eye of most people. There were a great number of men who died on the cross. That in itself is nothing as far as Salvation goes. That was merely a "picture" of the real WORK and accomplishment of the cross, which was God by His own arm bringing Salvation to man. Christ was smitten of God because He had within His flesh the sins of "ALL" who would ever be Saved, and He suffered at the hands of God the punishment for those sins. The wages of sin is death, and the Judge is God, and the death in view is the second death, the God forsaken place called Hell. The pain and suffering Christ suffered was far greater than any few hours on a Cross by a mere Holy man. No, the suffering He would have to endure would be a price more than any man could possibly pay. It would take God to pay it and yet have His soul come up out of Hell, and His flesh raised up again not having seen corruption and free from all the sins that He took to the cross with Him. This of course is what is spoken of in verses like,

    Acts 2:27

    Acts 2:31

Those looking at the Cross as the mere killing of a man are missing the whole point, which is the "payment" of the required wages for sins! The payment for sin is not just physically dying, it's hell! And what a terrible payment it was. So terrible, we may never even be able to comprehend the full extent of it's horror. A payment that only God could endure and come out the other side without sin. And so God, seeing no one else could, by His own arm brought Salvation to us. In other words, by His own Power and strength He brought us Deliverance. He, creator of heaven and Earth, became Flesh (John 1) in order to take in His flesh our sins, in order to pay the price that only God could pay, and be the Saviour which Only God could be.

    2nd Corinthians 5:21

    1st Peter 4:1

We Have ceased from sin (we have no sin) because Christ suffered in the Flesh with our sins in His flesh. That's what really happened at the cross, not the mere suffering of a man. If we are raised up with Him (Born of God) in His resurrection, then we cannot sin. Because all of our sins were already paid for, making us free from fault in the eyes of God. God saw His travail and was satisfied with the payment, so we are blameless, without sin. Pure and righteous because of Christ.

    1st John 3:9

That is the miracle of the Cross. That is why Isaiah 53 says Christ was stricken [naga] (laid hand upon), smitten [to strike] of God! He had to be punished with the stripes we deserved (Luke 12:47), because it was our sins that He had in the flesh, and those sins had to be Paid for. And when we are born of God, we are Born again without sin, for Christ is the seed that remains within us. We are made righteous, without sin by Christ within us!

-surely our afflictions he hath borne, and our pains he hath carried. and we have esteemed him, hand laid upon, struck of god, and afflicted.


Again, this is telling us the same thing. It was for our transgressions of the law that He was wounded. It was because of our iniquities that He was bruised. The Chastisement laid upon Him was for our Peace. We would have no peace with God had it not be for His Chastisement by the Lord. It was the chastisement that brought about our Peace. We are justified, made righteous by the cross, and have peace with God.

    Romans 5:1

Justification i s by the Cross, it is the reason that we have this Peace with God. And with Christ's stripes or bruise, we are healed. This healing is Spiritual healing. Healing from the sickness of sin. This is what Christ came to earth to healed us from.

    1st Peter 2:24

This is the Healing of our sin that Christ paid for by His stripes. Christ is the Physician, and we are those in need of a healing. Not physical healing, but healed by being made Righteous! There are some people who think that Jesus went to the cross to make us whole in body. That is to say, heal us from physical sickness. They don't understand that Jesus spake in parables. The Healing in view is being made Righteous so we are no longer sinners. For a insight into this, study What Jesus told the Pharisees, and then said, "Go LEARN what that means..." Many today need to also LEARN what that means..

    Matthew 9:11-13

Many today need to "Go and learn" that same lesson. Jesus is not talking about Physical sicknesses and healings, He's talking about Sinners as those who He (The DOCTOR or PHYSICIAN) came to heal. He didn't come for the righteous but for sinners. He didn't come to heal those who are well or those already whole, but for those who are sick. I.e., sinners! And He Healed them by His stripes that the Lord God bruised Him with. Just as Malachi 4:2 says, "..unto you that fear My name shall the SUN of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings.." Not to heal you from cancer, but to heal you from your sin sickness. Note, it says by His stripes we are healed. By any stretch of the imagination do we believe that some Priests hitting Jesus physically could heal us physically? It makes no sense. These people smiting Jesus couldn't be the reason we are healed physically, or any other way. It had to be God smiting Jesus the reason we are Healed. ..From Sin sickness wherein we were burdened!

-and he was wounded for our transgressions. bruised for our iniquities. the chastisement of our peace is on him. and by his bruise there is healing to us.


This again gets right back to what we just read in 1st Peter. He went to the cross because of "US" who had gone astray. All of God's people were like sheep who had wandered off from the Shepherd to go his own way. There was none who was righteous, there was none who sought after God on God's terms. We all had strayed from the path of righteousness. We all had sinned and come short of the Glory of God, and in order for us to be reconciled back to God, that sin had to be paid for. And it had to be paid for "according to God's laws" regarding it. And so Christ was sent, and He laid on Him the iniquity of us all.And that Hebrew word "laid" [paga'] means literally impinged. Our sins were put "IN" His flesh, that when He died, the debt for them was paid in full. Again,

    1st Peter 2:24

Smite the shepherd (Jesus) and the sheep will be scattered, but the Lord will turn His hand to the little ones (Zechariah 13:6-7). Because of the work of the Cross, whereas we were all as Sheep that were Lost, we are now as found and returned to the good shepherd. We were healed because of His suffering because the Lord had laid upon Him our transgressions.

-all we like sheep have wandered each to his own way we have turned. and Jehovah hath impinged on him the iniquity of us all.


Why did He open not His mouth unto the charges, nor say He was innocent and should be set free? Because in reality, He was GUILTY! In the big picture, He was laden with our sins, and he was guilty of those sins. He had to suffer the wrath of God and be beaten with many stripes smitten (Luke 12:47) for those sins the same as we would have had to. The Charges that the Priests and Leaders brought against Him (though they were a fraud) in the "REAL PURPOSE" of the Cross, they were right on the mark. He was laden with sin guilty of death, but not as they presumed. As an example, look at John 11 the declaration that was made by the High Priest.

    John 11:49-52

What nation did Jesus die for? ...Israel! And not only for them, but for others who would be brought into Israel also. You see, the Priest and his evil cohorts had no Idea that they prophesied or that their saying fit perfectly into what must be according to the Real work of the cross. Christ had to go to the cross for the People. Both the Jews, and the Gentiles. And He was guilty with the curse of their sins which is why He had to die on the cross (cursed is anyone that hangeth on a tree, scripture says). That's why He opened not His mouth. The people didn't really understand this, but Christ being righteous could not protest His death sentence. When Pilate said he found no fault in this man, and wanted to release Him,

    John 19:7

Well, in the one sense, He did nothing wrong, in the REAL sense of the Cross, he was The Son of God and the law said He would come and He had to Die for our transgressions. For it was He who would take away the sins of the people. On the one hand He was guilty of No sin, but on the other hand, He was laden with our sins and had to be put to death by the law! He opened not His mouth because He WILLINGLY went to the Cross to stand GUILTY for our sins. That Hebrew word in this verse of Isaiah translated "oppressed" (in the KJV) is the word [nagas] meaning exacted, through the idea of being driven to pay, or required payment. We can see this for example in verses such as,

    Deuteronomy 15:2-3

That word "exact" there is the exact same word [nagas] in Isaiah 53. It means to require payment.

    2nd Kings 23:35

This word [nagas] in Isaiah 53 means that payment was REQUIRED of Christ, and Christ submitted to that payment without opening His mouth. Again, the Hebrew word that is translated "afflicted" in the KJV (only in verse 7) is [`anah] meaning, to submit or Humble oneself, through the idea of eyes down, or looking down. For example,

    Genesis 16:9

That word submit there is [`anah], the EXACT same word found in Isaiah 53. In the same way, Christ submitted Himself or humbled Himself to the required payment. That's what the word means. Again we can see in verses such as,

    Exodus 10:3

    Judges 19:24

    Deuteronomy 22:24

All are the word [`anah] meaning being in submission or being humble to submit. And this is exactly what it means in Isaiah 53. He was exacted, and he submitted to the required payment, and He opened not His mouth. Because it was for this reason (Him being the Lamb of God), that through the Holy Spirit God took on Flesh through Woman. He was faithful unto death by not opening His mouth, but submitting to the required payment. Speaking of Jesus, we read,

    Philippians 2:6-8

In the form of God, He HUMBLED Himself and took on the form of man, that He could stand a substitute for sin. He opened not His mouth because He was obedient to the death of the Cross. He went as a Lamb going to the slaughter, because He was the sacrifice Lamb of God that would take away the sins of man. Why would He speak against it? He was God come down in the form of a man, "TO BE" The Saviour of Man!

-it has been exacted, and he has submitted, yet he opened not his mouth. as a lamb to the slaughter he is brought, and as a sheep before it's shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.


This verse says, "he was taken from closure (prison) or restraint, and from judgment. The word translated Prison (KJV) is [`otser], meaning closure or to close someone within. Christ was taken from prison and from judgment because He was imprisoned and judged for us. Wherein, He freed us from that prison by His judgment! He had paid the price of judgment IN HELL that we could be a captivity set free. Therefore, we could declare to His generation the good news. Therefore, are we truly free indeed!

    1st Peter 3:18-19

The spirits in Prison that Christ preached to, are all believers' spirits from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. It was by the cross by which Christ set the Spirits Free! Christ brought the good news to our spirits in Prison BY the cross. That's why that verse says "By Which", meaning, by His being put to death in the flesh on the cross, He did this! ..By This! It reaches back to the old testament believers and forward to the new. All are Saved by the same Christ, the same way. Believers before the cross who sometimes were disobedient, had their sins atoned for exactly as we had our sins atoned for. Them looking forward to the coming of Christ, we today looking back at the coming of Christ. Both by faith! All our spirits that were in prison receiving the gospel (good news) the same way, via the cross. That's what 1st Peter 3:18 to 21 is explaining to us. The same Spirit of Christ, by the cross, brought the good news to the spirits in prison. Old Testament saints and New, they, as well as we.

    1st Peter 1:10-11

The Spirit of Christ was in them even then, testifying (Preaching the gospel) to their spirits in prison that His suffering afterward on the cross would bring Peace. We were all spirits in prison, and we were all set free by Christ going to the prison of Hell, which we ourselves were destined to go, and he paid the debt that hung over our heads like a dark cloud. And when He was taken from this prison, and from this judgment "without our sins," our spirits were set free from the Prison house of Satan. We are no longer the captivity, no longer destined for the prison of Hell, no longer fearing judgment, but going forth declaring to His generation.

So Isaiah 53 here is pointing to the accomplished work to satisfy the debt of sin. The people wanted Christ dead, and (unknown to them) He had to die! His humiliation to take away sin was far greater than they could have imagined. He paid a eternal debt that only the eternal God could do. It was finished, and the Lord would not leave His soul in Hell. And who shall declare His generation? ..that is another rhetorical question. The answer of course is, "whosoever is sent of God to declare it." In fact, this is the scripture that was quoted when Philip brought the gospel message to the Ethiopian Eunuch.

    Acts 8:32-33

We (His Seed) will declare His generation, for this reason we are sent.

    Psalms 78:6

    Psalms 145:4

Because we have been loosed from transgression, we shall declare to His generation. He was cut off from the land of the Living. Taken, Bruised, smitten, judged, and the debt satisfied, and who shall declare his generation? It was because of the Transgressions (sins) of My people. I.e., the People of God, the Sheep that were Lost, not the goats, not the wolves, not the serpents. He was cut off for the Children of God (Jews & Gentiles), and it was for "THEIR" sins that He was cut off. "ALL" the People of God. God's people! From the very beginning, the Messiah was Prophesied to come to Save "His People!"

    Matthew 1:21

All who become the Children of God are His People. Those who never become Children of God are not the people who He came to seek and to Save! As Isaiah 53 says, It was for the transgression of "MY PEOPLE" (His People) that He was stricken. Not all People of the world, all of the people of the world that are "HIS PEOPLE."

-he was taken from closure and from judgment, and who shall declare his generation? that he hath been cut off from the land of the living, for the transgression of my people was he stricken.


Again, Christ was guilty, this is why He made His grave with the wicked and the rich. He stood Judged with Our sins, and so he stood with the wicked and rich who were guilty. That's why the two thieves were crucified with Him. It was to illustrate that He was guilty as they were because He was laden with our sins. It's the same reason that when Pilate sought to release Jesus, He could not because the people cried to release Barabbas (who was a robber and a murderer) to them instead. And so Barabbas (the wicked man who justly should die) was released and Jesus (The just man that should be released) was Crucified. This is a "PARABLE" of how the Just should die for the unjust. In fact, the very name Barabbas means "Son of the Father." [bar] Son, and [abba] father. Any faithful Bible scholar knows these things are no coincidence, they are seen continually in the scriptures. You see, because Christ was Crucified, the "Son of the father" who was guilty, was set free. This Son of the Father represents all of us who believe. We (believers) are all the Sons of God who were Guilty, but who Christ was the substitute for us. Barabbas was released in stead of Christ to illustrate this! Christ made His grave with the rich and the wicked because He was Guilty with our sins. But in the worldly sense, He was guilty of nothing. Yet they were putting Him to death in their ignorance. Still He opened not his mouth in reviling, nor did He do any fighting back with violence, nor was there any deceit or falsehood in His mouth because of their wickedness. And that, God says, is to be a lesson for us....

    1st Peter 2:21-23-25

Christ went to the cross, having no sin, yet being accused and reviled of Sin, He reviled not again, nor opened His mouth in deceit or fought or sought to resist their evil. In the real sense, He knows that this is the hour of darkness and that God judgeth righteously. Though these reviled and persecuted Him, Christ knew that it must be so, that the nation might Live. He submitted, and Committed Himself to God. That in their unrighteous act, He might bring righteousness to the unrighteous.

-and he assigned his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death. because he had done no violence, nor was deceit found in his mouth.


Verse 9-10 says Christ had done no violence, nor was their any deceit found in His mouth, and yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him. ..Why? It was because with His bruising, the Lord's people are made whole. The Lord has pleasure in the Salvation of His people. He was being bruised because He had "OUR" sins upon Him, and thus was found guilty of those sins, and had to be bruised of the Lord for them, a substitute for us. A scape goat, a Sacrifice Lamb slain for the sins of the people. God put Him to Grief [chalah]. He hath wounded Him, and the reason is that His soul was made a offering for sin. This verse illustrates just "why" it pleased the Lord to bruise and to put Him to grief. It was to make Him a offering for sin. He became sin for us, who had no guile in His mouth, and no unrighteousness, that WE could be made righteous by him paying for our sins which He hath been made. We can get some insight into this in verses such as,

    1st Corinthians 5:21

This is the offering for sin God made Him. We (Believers) were all under the curse of the law by Sin. And so in order that we be delivered from that curse, Christ had to become sin for us. That's why I said before that He had to hang on the cross. The reason is, he was accursed and the curse he carried was ours. We were the ones under the curse but He is the one who took our infirmities and bore them on the cross.

    Galatians 3:13

This of course goes back to the law that if anyone committed sins worthy of death, He was to be hanged on a tree and was accursed of God (Deuteronomy 21:22-23). Christ had our sins upon Him, and it was for those sins that He died. That was the offering for sin, and by this, we are made Righteous forever because we have no more sins. We are made perfect in the eyes of God.

    Hebrews 10:14

Because of His offering are we made perfect, made righteous, made Holy and unblamable, not just for the moment, but forever! And that's what the phrase in Isaiah 53 of, "..He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days," means. The Prolonging of days illustrates that though He died, yet He lives, and we live in Him forever. For we (believers) were all raised up with Him, and likewise live with Him (our days are prolonged beyond death).

    Romans 6:8-9

This living with Him is our prolonging of days. We will live forever, because He lives forever. But the unsaved, though they live long on this earth, shall not have the prolonging of days that only those in Christ have. The wicked man's days are but as the wink of an eye comparably. We can see this principle spoken of by God in,

    Ecclesiastes 8:12

In other words, the "REAL" prolonging of days is in Salvation. Though a wicked man live a hundred years, and die, he is accursed, but a child of God can live 1 year and be blessed and have the "REAL" prolonging of days, "because" He liveth for ever. It is the SEED of Christ which have the prolonging of days, in Christ.

"..and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand." The pleasure of the Lord is that we (believers) become the "Children Of God" by adoption through Christ. This is the work that would prosper in Christ's hand, because He paid the price for our Salvation.

    Psalms 149:4

This is why It pleased the Lord to bruise Him. This is the pleasure of the Lord that would prosper in His hand. Because it was Christ who was prophesied of old to come and do according to the good PLEASURE of the Lord's will. Which is exactly what we read in verses such as,

    Ephesians 1:4

This is the pleasure of the Lord's will, and it prospered in Christ's hand. In other words, our adoption as children of God was accomplished through Christ. God sees us as the seed of Christ, whose days are prolonged according to His good pleasure, because of the work of Christ.

-yet Jehovah hath delighted to bruise him, he hath put to grief. when his soul is made a offering for sin, he shall see seed, he prolongeth days, and the pleasure of Jehovah in his hand doth prosper.


The Lord brought His judgment upon Christ (who had our sins in Him), and the Lord was Satisfied with the payment for those sins by Christ. This is one reason why it is so hard to comprehend how some misguided souls think that Christ paid for the sins of every single person in the world. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Because if everyone's sins were in Christ, and everyone's sins were satisfied in Christ, no one in the world would have any sin. Their sin was satisfied. God is not a LIAR! When He says He was satisfied with Christ's payment for sins, that's what He means. Those sins cannot ever come back on anyone again. They're gone with the stripes of Christ! Those who stand for judgment before God on judgment day will not be any who (supposedly) had Christ pay for their sins, and yet didn't actually receive that payment because of themselves. That's ludicrous on two fronts. First of all, it makes it a works gospel. Second of all it makes God a LIAR saying He was "SATISFIED" for all the sins paid for in Christ "if" He then turns around and judges someone for sins that He said were satisfied. That's like me selling a mansion, and being satisfied with the price, and then turning around a year later and saying, you stole the mansion and it was never paid for. That would be unrighteous in the highest possible terms! Either the price was paid and I was satisfied, or I lied and either didn't get payment, or wasn't satisfied. God is not the author of confusion, man is.

  ...He that hath an ear, let him hear.

The only real answer is, as God explains it. That is, "they shall call His name Jesus for He will save His People from their sins." Not all people in the world, all people in the world who He chose. Anyone who becomes Saved is one of His people and had all their sins laid upon Christ at the cross. Anyone who never becomes Saved was not one of God's Children and never Had his sins laid upon Christ at the cross. There were no sins in Christ at the Cross except those sins that He paid for, and which God was satisfied with that payment. We have to come to understand, Christ made "NO" payment in vain. He Atoned for no ones sins that can stand before God with sins un-atoned for. He Redeemed no one at the Cross who will stand before God unredeemed. He made no one Holy and Unblamable who would stand before God to be blamed for their sins. The whole idea is foolish and contradictory even on the face of it. You simply cannot be redeemed by the blood of the lamb, being washed in it so that you are clean and perfect, and yet stand for judgment being unclean. And If Christ paid for all your sins at the cross, you have been Washed Clean in Christ's Blood. Accepting it has nothing to do with it. Either you were washed Clean in Christ's blood, or you were not and have to stand yourself for judgment. You can't have it both ways where it's "fuzzy" and "God maybe, might, coulda paid for them, possibly, IF we accept him." No way! The price was not paid today, tomorrow, yesterday, the price was paid nearly 2000 years ago, so how could it be dependent on today. Either it was a "REAL" payment, paid for "LITERALLY" 2000 years ago, or it wasn't! Either God is telling the truth, or man has the truth. But it cannot be both. The truth is, God has it right. He saw Christ hang on the tree with our sins (everyone who would ever believe), and it pleased Him to bruise Him in payment for them, and he saw the travail of His soul, and was "SATISFIED!" Not maybe if i'm good satisfied (a works gospel), He was satisfied with Christ's payment for all sins he had, and not one sin was paid for in vain!

"..by His knowledge shall My Righteous Servant justify many;" It is by Christ's knowledge that we come to know God. He, by being the propitiation for our sins has brought us near to God.

    John 17:3

We have knowledge of God through Christ who went to the cross, paying for sins in order to give us that knowledge of true Salvation. Because Knowledge of God's Salvation is by the remission of sins, through Christ.

    Luke 1:77

Not everyone's sins, their sins, His People! That knowledge of Salvation is truly given us of God, through Christ.

    2nd Peter 1:3

    2nd Peter 1:8

It's by God's divine Power we are given all the things that we have that pertain to LIFE and Godliness. We may think we got them of ourselves, or the virtue is ours, or the faith is ours, or the acting in a Godly fashion is our own doing, but in truth, all these things were given to us of God's Divine power. By His arm. And these things worketh within us to will and to do, because of Christ. We will work, not in order to obtain or keep Salvation, but because we Love God, our works will be the "evidence" of Salvation and knowledge of Him. As 1st John says,

    1st John 2:3

This is the knowledge of the Lord! Hereby we know that we have knowledge of the Lord. Hereby means, "This is How" we know we have knowledge of Him. ..if we keep God's Word! If we don't, God says we're Lying to ourselves! We have no knowledge of Christ! There are many in the Churches today who are lying to themselves. They have no knowledge of the Lord, because they refuse to keep God's Word, and it is to their Shame. There needs to be repentance, and getting Right with God.

    1st Corinthians 15:34

And the reason that they have not the knowledge of God is because they have not Died with Christ, and been buried with Him, and been raised up to new life with Him. In other words, they are still unsaved. They are lying to themselves, because they have not examined themselves (2nd Cor. 13:5) to see if they have the evidence of Salvation.

    Colossians 3:9-10

If we have died with Him on that cross, we have knowledge of Him, and were raised up with Him a New man. A man who desires to do the will of God and whose desire is to keep God's Word, not to wrest it or "ignore" it. It is our meditation always. And as 1st John says, those who claim to know the Lord, but don't keep His word, are all Liars, because the evidence of Knowledge of God is that we will keep His Word. We are justified by this knowledge that only Christ can give. Made righteous by Christ, and through this knowledge is Salvation. That is what Isaiah 53 is telling us. By His knowledge God's righteous Servant justified and made righteous, many. Because He bears their iniquities.

-he shall see the travail of his soul and is satisfied. by his knowledge shall my righteous servant make righteous many, for their iniquities he doth bear.


The word "divide" [nephaq], means "to issue." This verse is saying God will issue or apportion Him with the Great or abundant (as those who have much). This I believe means that God will exalt Him because He hath gone to the Cross and accomplished or finished the Work He set out to do. That's what the word "Therefore" illustrates. God exalts Him because He hath justified and made righteous many by His obedience to the Cross. He is worthy! For example, we read in,

    Philippians 2:8

God hath Divided (apportioned) Him with the Great, and He (Christ) has apportioned the spoil to the Strong. The spoil is the bounty received by conquest, and we (believers) are the strong who are recipients of the benefits of Christ's conquest of Satan at the Cross (Hebrews 2:14). We are strong because we are made more than conquerors through Christ.

    Ephesians 6:10-11

    1st John 2:14

We are the Strong because we Overcome in Christ. We are in Spiritual warfare, and none can overcome us because we have on the whole armour of God that we are the strong. And we have this because Christ overcame at the Cross, and because He overcame, we overcome in Him.

    John 16:33

In other words, we'll have no peace in the world because the world is at enmity with God. But though we have tribulations we need not fear, but be of good cheer because Christ has overcome the World, and we in Him. There is nothing to worry about. We are the strong with whom the spoil has been apportioned to. All the benefits of Christ's conquest of Satan, is issued or apportioned to us. Because "IN HIM" we are the strong. Christ has poured out His soul unto death, and was numbered among the transgressors. ..Why? Because with our sins in His Flesh, He was guilty and like any transgression of God's law, it had to be judged of God. And the wages of sin (transgression of the law) is death! This scripture was fulfilled as Jesus hung on the cross with the Transgressors on each side. This symbolized or illustrated that Jesus had our transgressions on Him and was numbered with the guilty.

    Mark 15:27-28

That's the scripture of Isaiah 53 that is fulfilled. In the Historical sense He was numbered as one of three transgressors. In the Spiritual sense, He was made sin who had no sin, and made accursed and worthy of the judgment of God. He bare the sins of many, and He made intercession for the transgressors. we (believers) are those transgressors who He made intercession for.

-therefore i will apportion him among the great, and he shall apportioneth the spoil among the strong, because he hath emptied his soul unto death, and he was numbered with the transgressors, and he hath borne the sin of many, and for transgressors he intercedeth.


Isaiah chapter 53 is a very interesting chapter to study and to compare scriptures with scriptures, because it wonderfully illustrates the prophesy of Christ's passion and intercessory power. It clearly declares the coming suffering Messiah, and the life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. It prophesies Gloriously rejection, of His humble work, and of His accomplishments. It tells us the how, the fr who, and the why. No other person has ever lived can claim to be this Messiah who would suffer for mankind, but Jesus. He is the only one who qualifies.

In the verses of this chapter is the assessment of the Christ and how He would not be received or bel;ieved on by his own people. It acurately and faithfully predicts the life of Chrsit, and How He will be looked upon by His people. there are many who have worked overtime trying to make these scriptures appear not to say what they clearly say about the Messiah, and they have all failed miserably. For the truth of Scripture is self evident, and Spiritually revealed.

This is a chapter which is often cited by both Jewish people and Gentiles alike as one that must be fulfilled by the Messiah. And though there are many who seek to wrest these scriptures and rationalize away these prophesies, the context itself reject such a tactic of nullification. This is the Work of Christ, the Messiah. This is what He would come to do, and how he would have no favor among men. It was not only written, it was faithfully fulfilled "as it was written".

This by no means is a comprehensive study of the chapter, but a basic overview of what the chapter says, signifies, and how those prophesies came to pass exactly as it was written. May God give us all the wisdom and understanding in the study of His Holy Word.


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