Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology

The Great Evolution Myth

Part I   (The Biblical Perspective)

by Tony Warren

"If builders constructed buildings the same way that evolutionists construct the theory of evolution, then civilization would have been destroyed by the first woodpecker that came along."

      That is not just a cute saying, it's a very accurate axiom. Any true Christian who believes in the theory of evolution, hasn't really examined the theory of evolution and either doesn't understand what a Christian is, what evolution is, or both. Because Evolution is a religion that takes more blind faith (in the humanistic sense of faith) to believe than it takes to believe that God created the world in six very literal days. In this two part series, we will take a look at the religion of Evolution from two perspectives. In this part one, we will look at it from the Bible's perspective. And in part two, from the scientific perspective. What we will find is that on both counts, this theory is without any firm foundation, and is lacking in proven science and substance. The truth is, it is based as much or more, upon man's faith, as any other religion in the world.

    Genesis 1:1-4

From the beginning the Biblical record has been very clear that God creating the world, and He set the time keepers in motion in the heavens to implement its days. But lately, the real nature of the origin of the universe has been the subject of much discussion and debate by professing Christians. The sad fact is, there are many professing Christians who have swallowed the theory of evolution hook, line and sinker. And more than a few doubting Theologians have consequently attempted to incorporate man's humanistic reasoning and rationalizations into Christianity. With their modern day theories of Theistic Evolution, they preach subjections like, "God created the world through evolution." But when considered carefully, Theistic Evolution is a contradiction in terms. Because it effectively makes all of God's word untrustworthy and suspect. For if one part of it is subject to manipulation and private opinion, then all of it is subject to this form of interpretation. Unfortunately, what we have in this instance is an attempt by those who have their faith in the words of men, to try and have the best of both worlds. In other words, they want to profess some belief in God, and yet they want to also hold to what man has declared was the creation process. Mixing hot with cold, they have come up with a lukewarm solution that may be palatable for them, but is decidedly unpalatable to God. The fact is, you cannot serve two masters. The number one rule of sound hermeneutics is that when man's word blatantly contradicts God's word, then God's word must be the final arbiter of truth. And that rule stands no matter how cleverly the contradictions are cloaked or disguised. Indeed, how could there be the evolution of species when scripture tells us very clearly that the world, and all that was therein, was "created" in six days? And yes, I'm well aware of the half baked theories by compromising Theologians that the six days of creation weren't literal days, but these theories (like the men who cook them up), are in direct contradiction to all that the word of God plainly declares. And not contradicting something that God said implicitly, but contradicting what God has said explicitly, and in very plain rational grammatical context. This attempt by some to justify the days of scripture to be understood outside of what is the common use of language in the Bible, completely ignores the additional facts and qualifications that God has given. For the Bible not only says that the heavens and earth, and everything therein were created in six days, He says that the seventh day makes up the Sabbath week. Indeed, this is where man's seven day week has come from. Moreover, God makes sure that He also further defines these days as the length between night and daylight, that there can be no rational misunderstanding. From what God has inspired written, we would have to be deliberately trying "not" to receive the very plain language, in order to understand it as anything but six literal days.

    Genesis 1:5

So these six creation days recorded in the book of Genesis are all very literal. Those people who purport that these days should really be understood as billions, millions or thousands of years in length, choose to totally ignore what was stated here unambiguously. For it is God that defines these days as being the period of "an Evening and a Morning." Which means that these creation days that are recorded here are very clearly the exact same days that we have in the present day. It is one revolution of the earth around the sun. Our days consist of a period of light (which we call day), followed by a period of darkness (which we call night), and that is the same as God inspired written here.

Romans 3:4

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is man's creation foundation. But like any building, the easiest way to destroy it is to hack away at its foundations. But try as the humanists may, we can see very clearly from Genesis that there has been no change in the sequence of a period of light divided from a period of darkness, which together totals one day. The divine formula of an 'evening and morning,' or a period of darkness and light equaling one day is the exact same cycle that we have today. Now what would possess man to attempt to "read into" this very plain text, something that totally opposite except a predesposition?

    Psalms 104:19-24

Genesis is a literal account of how God made the heavens and the earth. The point is, in scripture there has never been seen any ambiguity concerning the creation of the days until modern times when man has exalted himself to the lofty position of evolutionist, to redefine creation. On the first day the Lord created light on the earth, and He cycled it with darkness, and when completed He called that the first day. And days have been that way ever since. Moreover, in order to keep that cycle, on the third day He established (for man's benefit) the Sun in the heavens and established the universe that this cycle of "evening and morning" that He started would continue unabated throughout time. The earth rotating on its axis one complete turn, in reference to this Sun, now keeps the cycle that God created from day one. i.e., it is all God's clock, the time-keeper for man. And this is not speculation, God very clearly explains that He created the Sun as a time frame reference--not for Himself, because He transcends time, but for us.

   Genesis 1:14

They were created so that man could keep track of time (days, years, etc.). So Biblically, logically, and rationally speaking, these days that God created have to be literal days, or else the companion words "seasons" and "years" in that very same context, would be meaningless. It is only by these normal divinely inspired periods of darkness and light as we still have today, that we know these seasons, days, and years, representing time. And Genesis 1:14 tells us that this is exactly what God put them there for. Days are governed by these lights God placed in the Heavens specifically for that purpose. It's like a type of accounting system for man, whom He has also created on a very specific day.

Mark 10:6-7

According to the words of Christ, man was created in the beginning, not evolved. If we indeed evolved from an primordial amino acid soup, then we were not created male and female from the beginning. Female wasn't created at all by God, she evolved over millions of years. This is the web we weave when we tred the path of the unfaithfulness of the evolutionist religion. Yet the list of theologians who fall to the convoluted theories of evolution grows faster than weeds in your garden. With names like, Theistic Evolution, A Framework Hypothesis, the Gap Theory, Progressive Creation, the Day-Age Theory or whatever other new term they will come up with to justify anomalous days, they make a mockery out of God's Holy word. For if anyone knows how long the days were, it is the Creator Himself. And He spoke very unambiguously (despite objections to the contrary) that it was the period of light and darkness. Are we to think that God means that He had a thousand years of evening, and then a thousand years of morning, and that equaled this day-age that evolutionary creationism charges? Was there a half million years of light, and another half million of darkness, and this is what equaled a day? I find such supposition totally ridiculous, since God has defined the word day [yom] in the very verse itself, and He defined it as an Evening and Morning. Yet the parade of new age learned theologians, scholars and Christians have gone to extraordinary lengths to explain away the obvious. Yes, they are quick to note that the Hebrew word [yom], which is translated day here, can refer to a time period that is longer than 24 hours in certain instances. However the Biblical evidence is conclusive that this cannot apply here. The context speaks volumes against it, and the content speaks volumes against it. And the fact that God both "defined" the days as an evening and morning, and that [yom] is used here as the noun to a numerical adjective, clearly supports it meaning the normal cycle of a day. In other words, God is speaking of the second evening morning, the third evening morning, etc., etc. It is a actual number of days that make up this seven day week. If we do not accept this clear Biblical, and soundly reasoned historical Church teaching, how do we account for the seven day period, called the week, since the beginning? Do we just toss all that out the window? As we've already seen, God instituted the movements of the moon and the earth in reference to the sun, that "man" could mark the days, the months, and the years, the seasons of our calendars. But in the record God divinely inspired, we see a most curious thing. Weeks are "not natural seasons," which means they can be accounted for in only one way. God's record of six literal days, ending in a Sabbath day of rest. An amazing Biblical and historical record, is that there is no explanation for the existence of the normal seven day week, except the existence of the Sabbath. Evolutionists can explain the day by the earth revolving around the sun, the month by the moon's periods, and the year by the cycle of the seasons. But what of the seven day Sabbath week? It is explained "only" in God's seven literal days, the last being the Sabbath Day. This is the only part of God's calendar humanist religionists reject, because it proves that God is the author of all these things.

Unfortunately, because of the proclivity of man to blindly accept whatever scientists say as if they are facts, and the widespread publishing of their theory listed as facts, many Christians are really not aware of how strong the Biblical arguments in support of Creation days really is. But if we follow normal grammatical understanding and processes, then it's really ridiculous (in light of scripture) to think that these creation days were anything but a normal evening and morning. Just as the days are now! In fact, it's tortuous of scripture to claim that this means anything but a normal day of the rotation of the earth around the sun. Reading the passages, you would have to be predisposed to believe this theory by modern indoctrination in the religion of evolution. As a practical example, this very same phrase (Evening Morning) also appears in Dan. 8:26. Here again it is very clearly referring to literal days. Yet no one debates how this should be understood as great lengths of time, because it would be ridiculous. Likewise, letting scripture interpret scripture, we can see that this very same phrase in Genesis also must refer to literal days. We have absolutely no Biblical warrant or justification to think it means anything but the normal day. The justification is ours, not theirs, whether they choose to believe the very plain language or not.

    Romans 3:3-4

man's Non-belief, in what is very plainly written, is not something that is new. But when the non-believers are those of the Church, then it becomes critical. Because the Bible doesn't exist in a vacuum. In other passages, God reiterated this was six normal days of creation when He declares He worked for six days in creating the universe. He does this by telling us that we are to "likewise" work six days and rest on the Sabbath, just as He worked six days and rested on the Sabbath. So the question is, is God's record really accurate and we are to work six literal days because He did, or did God really work six million or thousand year days? It is written, "Let God be true and every man a Liar!"

    Exodus 20:9-11

The exact same word [yom] which man rationalizes to mean longer periods of time in Genesis, is also the very word used here. Unless God has blessed a million year-day as a Holy Sabbath day, or unless God worked six million year-days, which we are told to do also, "because" He did, then the days God worked and the day he rested on, are the exact same length of days. The same cycle of evening and morning as we have today. The Children of Israel were commanded to work the same number of days that God did, and rest on the seventh day just as He did. It is nothing short of 'ludicrous' to attempt to force His declaration in Genesis to mean God really worked billions, millions or thousands of year-days through evolutionary creationism. But that is exactly what intelligent and seemingly clear thinking professed Christians do. Arbitrarily re-defining the word day [yom] in this context in order to allow for man's evolutionary schemes is nothing short of self serving humanism, and ultimately unchristian. It is a very transparent attempt to make God's word conform to the words of educated men of science about the origins of the Universe. The real tragedy is that professing Christians have gotten themselves snared in believing these fables that are taught by the scientific community as fact.

    Colossians 2:8

We have been warned that there are those who will seek to spoil or deceive us through the means of 5the worldly and vain philosophies of men, and we are not to follow after them. And I must declare (with no small consternation) that those who have attempted to privately interpret the days of creation as days that do not consist of the length of time of a single revolution of the earth, no matter how intellectually or sincerely they advocate, are introducing a method of treating the plain text of Scripture that is unbalanced, unjust, unbiblical, tortuous to Holy Canon. Such Eisegesis cannot help but destroy the confidence in the inspiration of scripture. It is truly amazing how much 'blind faith' Christians place in the words of the scientific community. And let's not kid ourselves, they have placed these men's words as ultimate truth first, and then they set about to 'force' God's words to conform to what their theories are. In fact, we have been so long indoctrinated with this in school and Television that the majority of people don't even consider it a theory anymore. So as rational thinking Christians, we must ask ourselves, "What is wrong with this picture?" Rather than having faith in God's word, do we now put our faith in these men, abandoning what is written whenever it contradicts their philosophies and theories? There is absolutely nothing in the text that would lead anyone to understand six days as anything but literal days. The truth is, it is extrabiblical outside influences that have led men in this direction, not anything actually written within God's word.

Many professing Christians, in following the (so called) science, see themselves as "the progressive and intelligent, who learn from man," and look upon those who reverence the word of God as mere conservative or fundamentalist Bible Thumpers who foolishly wallow in blind faith, and self ignorance. But what is more foolish? To place the word of men as our authority, thus serving man in the Temple, or to place the word of God as our ultimate authority, thus serving God? Each Christian has to decide that for himself. It's by the Holy Spirit of God that Christians know when their allegiance is backward. We can serve either man or God, but we cannot serve two masters. It is true that we have faith, but it isn't blind faith at all. It is the faith of Christ, in which God's word has opened our eyes wide and made us see the real state of things. The faith of being sealed by the Holy Spirit of truth, wherein we, being conformed to the image of Christ, 'know' that things are not always as they seem.

    Hebrews 11:3

Many professing Christians today look upon the outward appearance of things, they live by sight, and then make their decisions based on what seems to be right "in their own eyes."

    Proverbs 12:15

    Proverbs 21:2 To defer to believing what man says is true, rather than what the word of God says, is to do what is right in our own eyes and is the way of the world. It has never been, nor should it ever be the way of true Christianity. We must hearken unto God's counsel on creation and of what is right, for He ponders the heart and knows our real intent. He knows whose word we are placing above His, and He is not mocked by justifications nor rationalizations. Despite the great evolution myths being perpetrated upon man, Evolution is not a proven science, and never will be. By the introduction of sin into the world, the human race has been steadily declining, not getting better. And in observing creation, man has no justification for not believing in God. Because what we read in the bible mirrors what we see in the world. Not a world that is evolving to get better, but that God created a perfect world, which is in now in steady decay physically and morally because of man's sins. And in this time of moral degradation, the Church must stand fast and continue to have faith in what God says the creation days were. For though it may appear that the worlds are billions of years old, and framed of themselves through eons of evolution, this is not the true creation process. Though it may appear that man evolved from monkeys or Apes, this is not the true creation process. It is only by the willfulness of man that he reasons this out in his own eyes, and in his own mind this seems logical. But this is not the true creation process. It is simply the haughty spirit, the pride and vanity of man in unbelief, who surmises that he knows more than God about creation.

Job 38:3-12

Such arrogance of man to think that he can explain the underpinnings of creation, without God. That he can date and measure the foundations of the earth without ever being there to know. And make no mistake, this is a war of religions. And we are being beaten down by repetition of this indoctrination of the Evolution religion. When we watch programs like National Geographic, Paleo world, Archaeology Today, and other one-sided presentations, eventually through repetition man is literally brainwashed concerning evolution. Because it "appears" from the information which man 'continually' hears, that the world must be billions of years old, based on all the (so-called) scientific evidence. But that verse I read before, Hebrews 11:3, tells the true story. The story of which man seldom has the ear to listen. And the reason is because he has become so deceived of these teachers, that he often (sometimes unconsciously) places more faith in their words, than in what is actually written in scripture itself. And that is nothing but unbelief. Especially with the new breed of post modern Theologians who have effectively been raised up under this constant indoctrination. Many have lost their faith in God's word, and gained a new faith in man's Religion of self. So while many professing Christians continue to claim that they have every bit as much faith in God's word as we do, in practice they prove otherwise by being led away in this error, and seeking to rationalize it away "because" of the new ideas that the evolutionists have put forth.

2nd Peter 3:16-18

We are exhorted to watch for the errors and false ideas of men in Christ's name, that we are not led astray by them. But Theologians today seem to think that there can be no errors of teaching, and we can question everything in scripture, each one of us interpreting personally or privately to suit whatever the scientists declare is true. But in doing so, we fall from our own stedfastness in the faith of the gospel. We must be diligent, careful not to become corrupted and unbelieving wherein we have our mind and conscience defiled. For then we will be professing we know God, while in works denying him. Remember, Christ said, "A tree is known by its fruits." Can men have faith in God's word, and yet every time man says it cannot be literally true, they start looking around to find what else it could possibly mean besides what it said? Isn't that the very essence of putting faith in man's word over God? We can call it Theistic Evolution, Progressive Evolution, Evolutionary Creation, Christian Intellectualism, or any other name, but changing the title doesn't make it a new phenomenon. It's the same old worldly non-belief that has plagued the Church since the beginning.

    2 Corinthians 4:13

We believe because we have the spirit of faith, which is the faith of Christ. I've actually had professed Christians ask me, "how can you believe that it was done in 6 literal days, do you doubt that the stars are so far out in space the light would take hundreds of thousands of years to reach here?" My answer surprises them. "No, I don't doubt that!" But what they are failing to understand is the power of the God who could created this universe. He didn't throw a speck of light out there and kick back waiting a billion years for that light to reach earth before continuing. That's nonsense. If He is powerful enough to create and put that light millions of light years out into space, why is He not deemed powerful enough to have it reach here just as quickly? What kind of God are we talking about? An impotent God, or thee almighty Omnipotent God? The fact is, God simply said, "Let there be light..." and there was! And when He created light from the stars to the earth, it was upon the earth instantly! It didn't take a million years, it was created 'in transit' instantly. The power to say and have it be, this is the power of a REAL GOD, not the pseudo paper god that man invents. I find it absolutely astounding that someone calling themselves Christian (Supposedly knowing the power of God) would think that this type of creation power was unlikely, or hard to believe. Is God a man, or is He the Almighty? It's the very same way God created a mature human instantly (Adam), who was instantly capable of making mature decisions the very "day" he was created. God didn't create a tiny baby and wait years and years until Adam grew to be a man, He created a grown man, already mature, from the very dust of the earth. It didn't take Him 18 to 21 years to have Adam become a man. He did it in one day. And again, note carefully for those nay-sayers asking why would God create the appearance of a mature earth, Adam may have also "appeared" (Hebrews 11:3) to be many years old, but that appearance had absolutely no basis in fact about his actual age, did it? An Omnipotent God doesn't follow the laws of the universe, He creates them! They follow the patterns and courses that He has set, not vise versa. And that is what these man does not seem to fully comprehend.

    Genesis 2:7-8

So are we believers, or are we suffering from the unbelief of the world. Did man form by evolution from an ape, or on the sixth day, did God form man out of the dust of the earth, and then breathe the breath of life into him? I guess the answer we give all depends on what religion we subscribe to, and whom we put our faith in. If we practice the religion of man, who serves himself as the authority and ruler, then we will put our trust in the words of our god. And we will serve in his temple in lawlessness. On the other hand, if we practice the religion of true Christianity, then we will follow the laws of God, and put our trust in the words of our God, and will serve Him in His temple. So every Christian, in the Spirit of Christ, must finally decide whom he will serve. Not by what appears to be in our own eyes, but by what God says.

    Proverbs 16:2

Man is in love with himself, and has been from the beginning. And self-flattery is the universal sin of the humanist in this vanity. For he is unable to comprehend the miracle of God, and the infallible nature of His word. Like the earth, Adam was created mature. Indeed, if it were possible that the scientists today could go back in time with all their sophisticated toys and examine Adam on the very day of his creation, they would most assuredly proclaim in scientific bliss that Adam was definitely and scientifically irrefutably well over the age of one day. Yet they would be wrong, wouldn't they? Because God created Adam from the dust with the appearance and workings of age, while in "truth" he was actually only one day old. Not by what would appear to be in the eyes of man, but by what was accurate and written as God's undefiled declarations. In order that man is not confused, God told us that He created man on one day, which was one period of evening and morning. The question is, do we believe Him? As it is written, "..yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings.."

Because of this indoctrination, everyone isn't aware that scientific fact and evolutionary theories are not synonymous. These scientists make untenable claims and invalidated assumptions, and man simply accepts them as their gospel. Like the theory that everything evolved from single cell organisms. These things in themselves are as faith based as any belief that true Christians have. Especially given the very scientific laws, which they claim to be following. How this single cell just started duplicating itself, becoming both male and female over the years, mutating each version of itself, yet holding and surviving in a hostile environment, is the stuff of science fiction, not science. We would expect the world to be deceived by these theories, but what is truly disturbing is the lengths that the Church has been snared by this delusion. So much so that it is slowly but surely falling from the faith. From the Biblical perspective, it is totally contrary to scripture. So how can they believe this mutation theory, when God says He created Woman from a rib of Adam. Did she evolve from Adam or was she created from a rib? Again, it depends on if we are going to believe God, or believe man. Do we believe the scriptures, or do we instead believe the scientific journals. Do we believe the word of God that Adam was created a man, or man in saying he started out a single cell organism? Do we privately interpret the scriptures according to each new theory the scientists propagate, or do we let God be the interpreter of His own word? These are the questions that Christians of old answered unequivocally, unwaveringly, and confidently, but that today has them curiously scratching their collective heads, and wondering where is truth.

    Genesis 2:21-23

If Adam was a blob of cell matter, why did he need to sleep so God could open him up and take his rib? Did God actually cause a deep sleep to fall upon a single cell organism to create a female version? Is the Bible all just a fable, or some fairy tale that God made up to as a bedtime story for Christians? God forbid, this is the absolute truth of God's word. The Agnostics, Atheists and Humanists call it a fable, but God declares that this is what He actually did. God's people trusted God's word concerning this for thousands and thousands of years. Only now, in our day of the rise of the Religion of evolution, are many of the Church looking at God's word as just a tall tale or an allegory that we never got around to interpreting. Our Lord tells all his faithful Prophets for thousands of years that He made the universe in six days, and since creation they accepted and believed it as literally six days. But now, in this time of growing wanton wickedness, we are supposed to believe that righteous God is revealing this secret to evolutionary scientists, who for the most part aren't even Christian? What is wrong with this picture? The truth is, man has become so smart (in his own eyes) in his own worldly knowledge, that he figures he can rule himself and exalt himself up to God-like status to know the secrets of creation. And the Church, departing from the faith, falls right in line by privately interpreting God's word in a way which is tortuous and self serving, in order to conform with these modern ideas.

2nd Peter 1:20-21

Thus no part of the holy Scriptures were written by any personal impulse or man's own inclination, as every word of God was what the Holy Spirit gave men to pen. And likewise, no part of the holy Scriptures can be interpreted by man's own personal impulse, private interpretation or man's own inclination. And yet the rallying cry of all unbelief is:

"..the bible is open to interpretation!"

That just is not true at all. The Bible is not subject to private or personal interpretation, it is its own interpreter. I.e., interpretations belong to God (Genesis 40:8), and not man. And God declared the days as consisting of an evening and a morning. Moreover, Christ Himself reiterated this truth in His understanding of the creation days to be literal.

    Mark 10:6

Two elements are essential in any evolutionary scheme, whether it be theistic or atheistic. The first is long periods of time, and the second is the single cell molecules evolving into man, theory. But there was no single cell created, God created human beings fully developed, man and female, from the beginning. That rules out the famed theistic day-age theory. It is not really a mystery that God can create a grown man instantly, nor that He doesn't require time to do so. Or that He can create stars instantly, and He doesn't require time for the light to reach earth. Or that He can create the earth instantly, and He doesn't require time to do so. I mean really, what are people thinking? "We're talking about God here, not some abstract super man!" Suffice to say, it is man who does not understand the creation, while God understands all things. He is not a man that He wearies in this work or requires time for this creation.

    Isaiah 40:28

The Creator has no bounds to what He can do concerning time and creation. Let me give you the perfect example, because it's the first miracle Christ performed and it parallels God's first miracle recorded in Genesis chapter one. When Christ, the Creator of heaven and earth, was made flesh and dwelt among us, He did His "first miracle," which was (not coincidentally) one of creation (John 2:1-11). He turned the six STONE water pots of purifying water, into the finest wine, instantly! We are all aware that normally the finest wine takes years to age, but the Lord Jesus did it "instantly" simply by the power of His word. Do you suppose that if the scientists of today could travel back and examine that wine, they would have concluded that it was made that very day? No, they would have confidently declared that this wine was the finest wine, having been fermented years beforehand from the finest grapes. And they would undoubtedly call anyone who dared say that it was created instantly miraculously that very day, "gullible and superstitious." But the elect would know the real truth by faith, wouldn't they? For we don't judge by what appears to be and we don't walk by humanistic sight. The elect follow the record of the word of God faithfully. They could bring all the (supposed) scientific evidence they wanted about that wine, but we, as faithful Christians, would believe the record of the Lord over it. We would know that wine didn't take need grapes, for all it took was the word of God declaring it to be so. And this faith (unfortunately) is what is lacking in many of the Churches today. That faith in the word of God that so characterized the historical Church. Today the love of God has grown cold, demonstrated in men refusing to put their trust in His word as they once did. Christians are men predestinated to be conformed to the image of God, but the Church today seems Hell bent on conforming God to the image of man. Somewhere along the way, they have left their first love and have fallen backwards. They are making crooked what was once straight and true, and are attempting to make right what has always been unquestionably wrong. God created a very mature environment, complete with trees that were able to bear fruit of its own kind. And He did it in one literal day. All we need to do is read the Biblical record, and as Christians, humbly receive what it very plainly declares.

    Genesis 1:12

Would evolutionists claim that those trees that God created in one day, were twenty years old? I'm sure that they would. And yet God created them in a day, which was an evening and morning. Whether they believe this or not is insignificant to the fact that it was done between the times of an evening and morning, according to the Biblical record. Everything was already able to bring forth 'seed' fruit when they were created. He saw His creations each day of His creative work, and each "creative act" was viewed having all those mature qualities in "that day." Not years later after they grew or matured.

Another point I'd like to make is that the very term, "After their kind" illustrates positively that nothing evolved from a single cell form, but each was "created" individually, after its own kind. Which brings us back to the question, is God a liar, or are all these things true and trustworthy and it is man who lies? To the true Christian, the answer should be obvious. Theistic Evolution is, in my view, an abominable idea in the Churches that really is not taken serious enough.

    Genesis 1:21

What are these professed Christians thinking when they support Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creation? Are they even thinking at all? Each individual creature was created individually, "after its kind." They did not evolve from one cell into all the other creatures.

Genesis 1:27-28

God created man in His own image, which very clearly illustrates that it wasn't that He simply let man evolve into whatever image that the natural selection in the Religion of evolution would permit. The truth is, Theistic Evolution is the worst form of religion, because in word, it claims authority of God, while implicitly denying that what God says is true. God created all living things after their own kind, not all "from one kind." And God, by the power of His word alone, created both the heavens and the earth.

    Genesis 2:4-5

    Genesis 1:16 In the beginning these stars were 'visible' right from the very day of their creation, even though they were light years away. For God "created the light" from them "in route." It was an already working heaven and universe created instantly, an already mature man, a mature woman, mature trees, and a mature earth, all in the very literal day they were created. Why would an omnipotent God need millions or billions of years as if He has no miraculous power? According to the Biblical record, He created the heaven and earth in a day. And that record has always been what the true people of God held dear as their authority.

Real science can be proven. And the scriptures have always declared to man what 'real' science has only recently started proving. In other words, Scientists have just relatively recently began to discover things, which with a little faith in God's word, they could have already known. They tell us that our body is made up of mostly water, and the rest is but a handful of the dust of the elements of the earth. But where is the surprise? A few years ago that may have been considered a great scientific revelation for unsaved man, but God told us these things thousands of years ago. Because He is the one who formed us from that very dust of the earth. How could men (apart from God's actually telling him) thousands of years ago know what scientists have only relatively recently discovered. How could man know that to have recorded it in the Bible? Is it some cosmic coincidence? No, it is a fact that God formed man from the dust, and that is why He inspired it recorded in scripture. Indeed from dust we came, and to dust we shall return. If only man possessed the humility to listen to God's word instead of the wisdom of the world, he would have known these truths. It should be self evident that the Biblical perspective is the only knowledge based upon the solid foundation of God's word. We are a handful of the dust of the chemicals of the earth, not because scientist analyzed what we are made of and concluded it to be fact, but Because God made us from dust and told us this in His Holy Word. It is the fear of an omnipotent, omniscient God that is the beginning of wisdom.

    Psalms 103:13-14

God knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust because it was He who FORMED us 'from' that dust to begin with. How special it is for us to have a loving and personal relationship with the God who cares for, and loves the work of His hands. And this religion in stark contrast to the work of Evolution.

I once received a letter asking, "..what about the physical evidence?" And my response was, "..What physical evidence?" The alleged physical proofs and evidences are like castles built out of sand. They are a fleeting facade of a kingdom religion just waiting for the next wave to come on shore and knock it off its foundation. For if it is built upon sand, it will fall as sand. The entire premise of evolution (while sprinkled with some facts and truths), is actually held together by the wood of opinion, the nails of theory, the bricks of supposition, and the untempered mortar of assumption. It stands only by the driving desire of those self serving scientists who perpetuate it, in order to justify themselves and give their life meaning. For if they do not, then their occupation is an exercise in futility, and their years of work digging in the dirt, is found to be worthless. It is written, "Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity. -Ec 12:8" They live for the new discovery, whereby they can further build their sand castles with their new and improved versions of truth. E.g., not long ago there was this headline:

                      N E W S   R E L E A S E
       CBS Evening News - September 6 - Dan Rather reporting:

          "Scientists are having to rethink their "Big Bang"
       theory. Astronomers, looking through the Hubble telescope
       and making new calculations, have arrived at a startling
       discovery. They  report that the  universe is several
       billion years younger than some of its stars."

This was just another of their continual recalculations of their theories, and retooling of the assumptions upon which people base much of what is called evolution. Usually, these type of recalculations are not made so public, they just change their numbers and assumptions around and quietly publish it in the next scientific journal. In fact, how many of you have heard of this report? It's just a passing byline. And yet when Christians bring up their continual miscalculations, they become defensive (or is that offensive), arguing that this is normal, and deflecting criticisms by claiming we're only bringing it up (their errors) because we believe in Creation. Well, yes! But what that has to do with the FACT of their continual errors concerning evolution, we haven't quite figured out yet. Our reasons for bringing these errors up has no bearing on the fact that, quite obviously, there are major flaws in what many people purport to be scientific facts. And a great many people of this world do consider evolution fact, even though when pressed vigorously, even the scientists themselves will "reluctantly" confess that it is actually based upon theory. When is the last time you heard evolution spoken of as a theory? It's nearly always presented as fact. Because in their vanity, they deem worldly knowledge equivalent to divine knowledge and wisdom, and that is where they go astray.

Psalms 94:9-11

Evolution is a religion of vanity. Isn't it amusing how evolutionists and atheists snicker and smirk at the idea of an eternal Creator God because it's too hard to believe, and yet against all logic and reason they have no problem with the concept of a universe which they say may be either eternal itself, incomprehensible, or else just one day resulted from nothingness without intelligent design. Think about that for a minute. Ahhh yes, now there's a thinking man's answer The fact is, the human brain is infinitely more complex than the most sophisticated computer system ever built. If man's much more sophisticated and intelligent brain has designed the computer, then isn't it logical to think that the human brain was also the product of intelligent design? Because from the very creation of the world God's invisible attributes that illustrate His divine nature has been intuitively manifested within man, being understood through seeing that intelligently designed creation.

Romans 1:20-22

  • "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
  • Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
  • Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" The whole world's creations, the wise and purposeful frame of the world, the intelligent design and providence cannot reasonably be ascribed to anything other than God. Everything from the creatures from depths of the capacious oceans, to all living things growing, creeping or crawling upon the earth are evident testimonies of the miraculous excellency of their original design and cause. God says that they are without excuse because from observing creation it is "obvious" that it was intelligently designed. And that is what Romans chapter 1 is declaring. That God's intelligent design is a clear and rational demonstration to all mankind, that there is an author, a designer, a creator of this wonderfully in sync universe. The invisible things of God are clearly illustrated to man in the works and harmony of creation and providence. Man need but look around himself, and he inherently knows that there is intelligent design in everything from a single cell, to the rotation of the moon and earth around the sun. And intelligent design results from a designer, so that there is no excuse for man deeming himself wise in his own conceits, when he is truly the fool.

    Romans 1:25-26

    • "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    • For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:"
    The Religion of Evolution is the great myth wherein man worships the created (nature), rather than the God that he inherently sees must be the designer and creator of all. And in man's degradation, God gives him up to further moral degradation that they might be damned. The truth is, the greatest confidence Evolutionists have in their religion is their faith in the sound of their own voices. For they have no real evidence of their theories, else they wouldn't be "theories" that change whenever they find out something new. Think on that for a minute. In fact most humanists rely on his/her faith more than anyone. Ask them if aliens could have come here and introduced life on the earth billions of years ago, and they have to reluctantly say, "it's scientifically possible." But ask them if God could have created life on the earth, and they frown and immediately deem you as a superstitious zealot who is against science, and is leaning on religion as a crutch. This is the thinking of true science? No, this is man's timeless enmity against God, and his sin nature of rebellion masked in the vanities of the trust in himself and self justification. These are the things that give his life purpose.

        Psalms 118:8

    • "It is better to trust in the LORD, than to put confidence in man.
    • It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes."
    If we put our confidence in ourselves or in men, renowned for their scientific prowess, then we set ourselves up for a fall. As Christians, if our trust is not in God, then the question should be, why not? We can certainly understand why unsaved men won't believe the Biblical record of a six day creation. And it's not because it's an irrational belief, they don't believe because they can't (or don't want to) believe because of their willfulness. Their imaginations are all built around their own will, purpose, desires, and what seems right in their own eyes. Of course creation needs to be impossible to them, because their minds are so poisoned by the spirit of rebellion and enmity against God, that they strike out at any belief that contradicts their rationalizations. But if they would only look deeper inside themselves, they would find that small still voice telling them that "nothing" is impossible. And they would realize that all creation testifies to the possibility of the "seemingly impossible," all the time.

    Let's digress for a moment and look at a very practical example. The outer heavens (or Outer Space as it is known) testifies of the possibility of the impossible by its very existence. Just take a minute and "seriously think" about this for a minute. There is the reality of outer space, which goes on and on, seemingly continually, so that (to our finite minds) it never ends. Wow! Is that an impossible thought or what? You talk about incomprehensible, you can't even comprehend what an end of outer space could be like. An area that seemingly goes on continually and that has no verifiable or comprehensible ending? Yet scientists can believe in "this reality" of the outer heavens without any problem thinking of it as being either illogical, irrational, incomprehensible, or unscientific. Now on the other hand, one may say that there "is" eventually an end to outer space. fair enough. But can you picture going out into space so many trillions of light years, and then all of a sudden it ends? Again, WOW! Is that impossible, or what? They talk about incomprehensible. Is there a brick-like wall there, or just an invisible barrier or force that would keep space from going any further? And if we really want to get cerebrally transcendental, "think" if there is a ending to space, and it is some cosmic force or wall of some sort, then what is behind that wall? If nothing, then comprehend nothing as an entity holding space. If there is something, then where does it start or end, and what is behind it? I mean, the impossibilities of what is reality is endless. i.e., try and comprehend either a possible end to space, or that there is no end of space, or that there is nothingness outside of space, and if you are a normal human being, you will be humbled by your inability to comprehend in your ignorance of what is possible. You'll find that when you 'actually think' about space, you realize not only the possibility of the impossible, but the absolute certainty of it! Selah!

    With the theory of evolution, the typical scientists will simply scoff at this. He will generally chalk it up to creationists simply being silly. Because they also have no answers to the paradox that is outer space, nor to the questions that arise from anyone trying to comprehend that very observable reality. But one thing is sure, what seems impossible, is actually the reality of this divinely governed universe. Space is a Reality, and it is incomprehensible in terms of our minds "if" we would take the time to actually think about it. But if we do, then we should be prepared to discover that what scientists scoff at as superstition and impossible, is not only very possible, but certain. For if they believe the heavens exist, then they actually have faith to believe the unbelievable. And so God decrees that they are without excuse. They believe in the very things that they will arbitrarily call superstition and unbelievable when it comes to Christianity. Not only do they believe it, but they pay homage to it in worshipping the image of themselves, explaining it without intelligent design. And ironically, they continue to label those who believe God's word about the designer of the universe, as the superstitious and gullible. Imagine, having faith in things that are, Humanistically speaking, unbelievable.

    Hebrews 11:1

    • "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
    Faith in the Christian religion is the substance or essence and assurance of things that we cannot see. The New Covenant, love, substitution, the crucifixion, and the unbelievable design and reality of the extended universe. The scientists have religious faith also. Faith in their suppositions, carbon half-lives, knowledge, intelligence, gravity, themselves and the alleged scientific explanations of the nature of the extended universe. It's very clear that it's not that man cannot believe in God, because He's too unbelievable (Obviously, they believe the unbelievable), it is that they don't want to believe in God because that would mean they are not in charge of their own destiny. They are merchants selling, and their biggest customer is themselves. Man loves himself so much that he will deny the power of God, that he may deceive others with his worldly knowledge without wisdom. Unfortunately, more and more of these people have subtly come up into the Churches. Many reside in the pews, the choir and the Pastor's pulpit. They call themselves Christian, but they despise those who take Christ's word very seriously, or who faithfully follow what the scriptures plainly declare. Sound Biblical Christianity is actually as a torment to them, because it teaches the unadulterated truth, and sorry to say, many are at enmity with it. Their minds have been corrupted by the world and the schools that are filled with the doctrines of men. It is no small matter that much of the Church today is reprobate concerning the faith, because they distort the creator's word, while being called by His name (Christian). In their own eyes they believe that they are progressive, but it is in the natural wisdom of the world that they excel and move forward in. Well has the scriptures spoken of these, saying:

        2nd Timothy 3:1-8

    • "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come
    • For men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    • without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, high minded, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    • traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    • having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.
    • for of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
    • ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of truth."
    • Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth; Men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
    These are those who are always learning, with willing ears listening to every new thing that comes along in the world, so that they are always gaining worldly knowledge. But they are never able to gain the knowledge of real truth, or to learn anything spiritual truths. The reason for this is man's self-absorbed pride and ego. Scripture says the Lord resists the proud, but gives Grace to the humble. He is teaching us that for a reason. But many have fallen so far that they can no longer comprehend the truth. They have a form of Godliness on the outside, but what gives these people away is that they are inclined to deny the word of God, and thus the Spirit which reveals it. In other words, it's not that they verbally deny God, but that by their actions, their works are a denial of God.

        Titus 1:16

    • "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate."
    Profession of faith, having a form of Godliness, but Denying God by being abominable (detestable) in their everyday living, their conduct or works. Because merely calling oneself a Christian, and having a outward form of Godliness doesn't make one truly Saved. To be saved you must be born again of the Spirit of truth, wherein is the faith of Christ that moves us to receive God's word. Those who refuse to Keep (in the Greek, "-to guard from loss") God's word, and lean rather upon their own understanding, are in fact denying God. This pride of man, this love of self, this high mindedness, is the spirit of those who turn away from God's word and put their faith in the words of the renowned men of science. The unpalatable (and I do mean unpalatable) truth is, they lack the Spirit of truth to receive what God teaches, for they do not truly have that reverential fear of God which characterized all the Prophets of old.

        Psalms 36:1-3

    • "The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.
    • For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful.
    • The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit: he hath left off to be wise, and to do good."
    Flattering himself as he is ever learning worldly knowledge, but never possessing true God fearing wisdom with all his knowledge. Everything is not cut and dried and scientifically explainable and comprehensible, despite what the talking-heads would have us to believe. Their lack of answers prove this conclusively. It's not a Creator God that is improbable, it's not life after death that is impossible, it's not a third heaven that is incomprehensible, it's their own deity. Looking honestly at creation, we see that what is impossible is that there is not a God. Again, think seriously about outer space and its seemingly endless boundaries and implications, then tell yourself again what is impossible. You will find that the unthinkable, is very much thinkable. And what is impossible is that all the expanse of the universe just happened by mere chance. Can we rationally believe that it all came from nothing, and evolved into living, thinking, intricate flesh bound spirits like ourselves, able to reason and have conscious existence? One single cell in our body has genes with more information than you could place in 5000 books of 100 pages. And there are trillions of cells in our body. And we are led to believe that this complexity and design just evolved from a acidic soup made from nothing. But if we evolved from something, where did that something we came from, come from? And where did, where it came from, come from? It's the never ending questions that have never been rationally or logically answered by evolutionists. If matter always existed, eternally, then that in itself is incomprehensible. So in their religion, by faith, they believe the incomprehensible all the time.

    One Christian fellow told me, "..Mr. Warren, now that they have found life on another planet (a recent news story about the Meteorite from mars), Could that prove that evolution and the big bang theory is true?"

    ...Found life on another planet?

    What this man did was to simply take a tiny piece of information, accept men's word about what this subsequently meant (sight unseen), and in his mind that was enough to prove the Bible wrong. Not even knowing the actual facts, nor understanding anything about this meteorite. Yet automatically, because he heard it on the news, it became a scientific 'fact' that might prove evolution to him.

    "whatever man is looking for, he will find,
    whether it's actually there or not."

    Can it be that the Church today has fallen so far that all it took was a 30 second TV news report about a meteorite, and professed Christians are believing life existed or exists on mars.

    Romans 1:21-22

    • "Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    • Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,"
    Even though Christians profess to know God, they do not glorify or honor Him as God. Rather than giving Him thanks, in the foolish vanity of their own imaginations or thinking, their heart is not enlightened by this inherent knowledge of God, but darkened. In this vein, this man I spoke with automatically assumed that all was scientifically validated and exactly as the scientists portrayed it to be. But "assumption is the mother of errors". He assumed the TV reports are the source of truth, which is the main problem with society in general. First of all, he has to assume that the scientists all know what they are talking about when they tell him that the Meteorite is billions of years old. He must assume that they have accurately dated it. He must make this assumption of the very same scientists who have dated a tree of a couple hundred years old (proven by its growth rings) as millions of years old by their carbon dating system. WHOOPS! ..There goes another Anomaly (Scientific lingo meaning, 'who knows what happened!') Second, he'd have to 'assume' that this so called life, came from the meteorite, and not from earth after the meteorite hit (assuming it hit) the earth, assuming it's actually billions of years old. Third, he'd have to 'assume' these brilliant men (who can't even figure out the common cold) are correct in their theory that it originated from mars, billions of years ago, "assuming" of course that you can get that type of information one hundred percent accurately from a meteorite that's been sitting on earth for (supposedly) billions of years before you get a chance to touch it (I can't even tell my lawn chairs that have set outside for one winter, or the writing on a spoon that been buried two years). Fourth, we have to assume that these scientists really know what a billion years is, since I have problems comprehending this planet being here even a million years. (..Wait, who am I kidding, a half million years!) Fifth, we have to take into consideration their stake in all this, and assume that all the incentives for them in making such claims doesn't cloud their objectivity, assuming that any man with a stake in something can 'really' have such objectivity. Sixth, you have to have an astounding faith in the integrity of the men in this field, and assume that they are better and more honest than most men. You must also assume a posture of blind faith that the theories you hear them make are all true. Because (assuming that you don't have a Ph.D. in the field) you haven't spent the last five years checking and testing 'ALL' their findings, assuming of course, they'd actually let you.

    The bottom line, people don't really 'know' anything. Almost everything that they have constructed in based upon assumptions, whether they consciously realize it or not. On the other hand, the Bible is not assumption, supposition or theory and it is very clear about the creation of the heaven, and the earth, and of man. And the Bible is "supposed" to be the authority of Christians, which unfortunately seems to be up for debate these days. What evidence in scripture would lead anyone to think that it should be privately interpreted any other way except the way it is written? The way its been understood for thousands of years. The Church's position of accommodation with evolution truly undermines the Bible. The written word of God is the only unadulterated gospel truth, it is professed Christian's compromise with evolution that is the private interpretation thereof.

        Genesis 2:17

    • "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the DAY that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."
    Knowledge without wisdom is a killer. God told Adam 'the day' you eat of the tree, you shall die. Was that day a thousand, million or billion year-day? Was Adam eating for a thousand year day? Is that the interpretation of the word [yowm] here in Genesis? Or do we arbitrarily pick and choose which [yowm] is to be understood literally as an actual day? That is the confusion of man, and God is not the author of confusion. This is the private interpretations of man, and God's word is not subject to private interpretations. The Biblical facts are, it was a day, which is further defined as "an evening, and a morning," the same as it is defined to this very DAY. What could be plainer. Even as it was plain to all mankind, until the day that the religion of evolution reared its ugly head in the world, and is now come into the Church. Are we hearers of the world, or are our ears tuned to a different frequency. If we are faithful Christians, then the words of God in us, are greater than the words of man in the world.

    1st John 4:4-6

    • "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
    • They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.
    • We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error."
    Two diverse spirits and two diverse people that hears them. As I said at the beginning of this article, "how anyone could be a Christian and believe in the religion of evolution is just mind boggling!" Because you have to reject so many scriptures out of hand and believe the word of man, sight unseen, in order to do it. This kind of thinking goes against all that Historical Christianity stands for, which is the faithful reliance on the word of God. I pray that we would keep God's word, and not forsake sound doctrine for the seduction of the new age fables of men. This is our strength. The ears to hear what Jesus spoke about in Genesis are spiritual ears. Ears whereby we will not only listen, but will Spiritually hear the word of God. We do not have our ears intently tuned to the words of men whereby they qualify God's word, making it subject to every new invention. It's the other way around where God's word qualifies everything that we hear from man. Unfortunately today much of the Church has their ears scratched or tickled by the deception of those of the world who have brought these doctrines of unrighteousness into the Church.

        2nd Timothy 4:3

    • "For the time will come when they will not endure Sound Doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves Teachers, having itching ears;
    • And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned to fables."
    The Church today (in general) is just not listening to the words of God, therefore, they do not hear them. They go after what is right in their own eyes, after their own lusts, or what they want to believe. And therefore they follow the fables of those of the world, and regard it as the truth. Teachers who tickle or scratch their ears they listen to (Isaiah 30:8-10), but the sound doctrine handed down from the ages, they fall away from. This is an apostasy or separating from God which unfortunately is destroying the Church.

    I've spent time (wasted time) arguing with evolutionists and over the years, and have come to the conclusion that our time is best spent helping those who "will receive help." But I make no judgments about anyone's paths but my own. The bottom line always came back to faith and religion. They have faith in themselves, and I have faith in My God. They are part of the Religion of Evolution serving the creation, I am part of the Religion of Christianity, serving the Creator. They say they are, I say God is the great "I AM!" They say, we can (by intelligent thought) figure out what caused an ice age millions of years ago. I say not doubtful, because we can't even figure out the cause of the common cold that we have today. They say they can know for sure what happened billions of years ago, I say they don't even know "for sure" what happened 5 years ago (demonstrated time and time again in history). They say it's a fact that the world was created over billions of years. I say, It's a fact the world was created in six days, and God is "My Eye Witness." There will never be a meeting of the minds, and that is what some Christians can't receive. Two religions cannot be one, they are opposed to each other.

    Romans 8:7-9

    • "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
    • So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.
    • But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his."
    We're never going to mix the religion of evolution into the Religion of Christianity. And we're never going to change the mind of evolutionists, neither is that out task. We are given the task to spread the gospel, not argue religions. Many disagree with me on this, and I can respect that. But I've come to the conclusion that we're never going to prove anyone into the Kingdom of God. We can give a reason, make a defense, expound on our justification, but we can prove nothing to an Evolutionist, nor Atheist nor Agnostic. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. And as righteous Abraham said in the parable of Lazarus as the rich man in Hell wanted to send proof that there was a Hell (Luke 16:27). Abraham said, They have Moses and the prophets (a synonym for the scriptures) let them Hear it. In other words, they don't need the physical proofs or the proof by sight, they have the writings of God, the scriptures. Even when Lazarus was adamant about it, saying, "No, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent." Abraham held fast and set the record straight (for all of us). He said If they won't hear Moses and the Prophets (the law and prophesy, the scriptures), neither will they hear even if one were to rise from the dead and tell them. In other words, there is no proof that will get anyone to finally listen to the word of God "Except" the Spirit of God working through the law of God. God is the one who causes people to hear, not us. And if they don't hear that word of God, they won't hear no matter what great debating skills or tangible proofs we bring to them. It's just as God says. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. We should always be ready to give a defense of what we believe, but in the realization that we are not the one who enlightens or teaches, the Spirit of God is. And if they don't hear that, what makes us think they will believe your fancy explanation of it? Especially when God says, they won't, seeing how they won't hear the word of the law and prophets? As with Lazarus, not even if one rose from the dead to bring it, would they hear.

          ...after all, one did!

    Our commission is to take the gospel to the world, and try to bring the Church back to truth. Because we see it all around us how it has fallen from the historic truths of scripture. Where once virtually all churches believed in the six literal days of creation. Now, you'd be hard pressed to find a Church that isn't wavering a little because of what they call the 'Strong' evidence of extended time and evolution. Just as God prophesied, "They shall seek to change times and laws," it is all coming to fruition. The time is no longer God's time of six days of creation, it is now man's time of Billions of year-days! And the Law of God must be changed to accommodate man-made law, will and science, whose precepts are prescribed by men. Each person understanding the law by what seems right in their Own eyes. Remember, there was never even any question about Genesis until modern times man in the wisdom of the world (worldly knowledge), told the Church the world was billions of years old. And the unfaithful Church responded saying, AMEN. They ate it up, accepting man's ruling over God's word. So that all of a sudden, the laws of God are not good enough anymore, or they're not really as prophets of old all really thought they were. All of a sudden there is a question of if these were real evening, morning days or not (toss out the window the fact that scripture clearly says they were), because the wresting, twisting and private interpretation of scripture has begun.

    Numbers 24:13

    • "If Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot go beyond the commandment of the LORD, to do either good or bad of mine own mind; but what the LORD saith, that will I speak?"
    Our minds are tainted being in the body of flesh, and that is why we have the untainted word of God that stands forever as sure and as the power of God that inspired them written. Of course, we are all are entitled to believe whatever we want to believe. But scripture is clear that we should 'not remove the ancient landmarks,' which are the boundaries of the word of God.

    2nd Timothy 1:13

    • "Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus."
    We need to stand upon the word of God against the word of men, even as our forefathers in the Reformation did. The theory of evolution is not fact and the world is not as it may appear. It is as God says (Hebrews 11:3). In the Church of old, we all took that truth by faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. But in many unfaithful Churches today, the thoughts are formed by the precepts of men. We don't fully realize that the Television is more of a teacher of the Church today than the faithful Pastor. The light of the body is the eye. See enough temptation and it will break you, the object is to turn away from it. The Church is being taught through the eyes of man, and worse, they are not turning away, they are listening. And if one tells a lie enough times, and people will start to believe it. Evolution is the Big Lie, spread throughout the world by the father of lies, and now it is come into our Churches. its movement is like a plague that devastates everyone it comes in contact with. People are leaning to what the Evolutionists say, what the Scientists say, and what the Archaeologists say, rather than what God says. And likewise, that is where the Church is putting its trust. In man! Even as man ruling in the temple as if He is God, is an abomination that will cause its destruction. After hundreds upon hundreds of years of the Church holding the faith of Christ, where has it gone in today's Pulpits?

        Luke 18:8

    • "I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?..."
    It's a rhetorical question. God knows where the faith has gone. God knows of the lawlessness of the Church that man will rule there at His return. God knew that the time was coming that the Church would not endure sound doctrine and depart from the faith. God knows that they "think" to change times and laws. In fact, that is man's ultimate problem. He thinks much too highly of himself. The Science (so called) that Christians have erred in, is according to their lack of faith in God, and their abundant faith in the words of men. Neglecting one rule of faith for another. God they will not Believe, Archaeology they will. God they will not believe, Scientists, they will. God they will not believe, Historians they will. God they will not believe, National Geographic, they will. Man against God in his religion of nature and creation. The world against the Church. Two nations that have been constantly struggling together, now making agreements together? When God returns, will He find faith? Not in the apostate churches, but ONLY in the remnant, in whom He has both authored and finished it. Those who will not remove the ancient landmarks (prov. 22:10,28) but who keep the word of God faithfully. Those who guard it from loss. When God says six days, six evenings and mornings, six days of work and one of rest, even as man should copy, that's exactly what He means. No far fetched rationalizing detours necessary.

    I can only assume, based on some theologians writings, that it is really a shame that Peter, John and Paul didn't have all these smart expert Evolutionary Christians tell them in intellectual "riddle-speak" how the six days were really billions of years, because the word "day" or [yom] actually meant something else. And how the worldwide flood never really happened, because Jonah couldn't really have been in a fish. I guess they'd be a lot smarter had they lived in our modern world amongst all these expert seminary grads and scientists in the field. But alas, they only had the Grace of God, and FAITH, and funny thing, it was enough. Those crazy faithful Christians of old who didn't know enough to be wise in their own conceits.

    "It's amazing how much you've got to know, before you
    know how little you know!"

    This is so very true, particularly when it comes to the Bible. You could spend two lifetimes and never glean all the wisdom and knowledge that has been incorporated into its pages. But you will find that you know very little of what there is to know, and you'll learn something new every time the pages are opened. You learn that God is not mocked, and that we cannot serve both God and man as authority. So let us never believe that we have the blueprint for creation or man in his worldly ideas of truth. Wisdom is not in thinking we know, real wisdom is in receiving that "God Knows," and that what He says in His law doesn't change with every new generation.

    May the lord who is Gracious give us wisdom in the Study of His most Holy Word, and guide the Church into 'His' truth.


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