Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology

Evolution Vs God

by Ray Comfort

The fact is, well over 90 percent of Evolutionists don't know one thing about what fossils or DNA will prove, they only know what they've heard from their teachers or their own prophets like Richard Dawkins or Charles Darwin. This is a video is one of the best short documentary / interviews that I have ever watched that illustrates vividly against Darwinian evolution and the blind faith required to hold to it.

The following is an excerpt of a video that was published on Youtube on December 15, 2013 called Evolution vs God, and it shows how Atheists become speechless when confronted with the fact that what they hold to is actually a Religion itself, requiring as much or more faith than Christianity. These people who believe in evolution and thoink they have good scientific reasons are left dumfounded when they are confronted with the truth of the matter in a solid practical approach. When actually asked for just one observatory evidence of any change of kind, not only the students, but the scientists themselves are left totally speechless.

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