A Debate between Bradley Finkbeiner and Jay Rogers

The System of Theonomy

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Opening Statements -

Round 1 -

Round 2 -

Round 3 - Round 4 -

Closing Statements -

About the debaters:

Jay Rogers (Pro Theonomy)

B.A. in Psychology and English from UMASS/Amherst. Audited a Biblical Interpretation class offered by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary through Center for Urban Ministries in Boston Mass. Author of numerous articles in The Forerunner, Chalcedon Report and The Christian Statesman. Editor, writer, video producer. Produced several videos in the past few years on theonomy and Christian Reconstruction.

Bradley Finkbeiner (Contra Theonomy)

Member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals. Formal training in Bible, theology, and philosophy. Teacher (European History, Logic, Debate) at Rockbridge Classical & Christian Academy.

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