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Can you be Christian and still Homosexual?

(Is Homosexuality A Sin)

by Tony Warren

    These questions may seem bizarre and even ridiculous to the conscientious Christian, but in today's modern society there are a growing number of professing Christians who steadfastly attempt to defend the idea that homosexuals can be Christian, and they claim to base this upon scripture. The objection is either that it was never a sin, that it was only Old Testament law, that it only applies to practicing Homosexuality or that it only applies to non Christian Homosexuals. There are lots of principles concerning this issue that we should address Biblically, rather than socially, culturally or emotionally. And that is what I will attempt to do in this paper. My purpose in writing this is not to judge anyone's sin, but to establish what is sound historical established Christian doctrine on whether homosexuality is a sin, and if a Christian may profess himself to be homosexual.

Is Homosexuality Really A Sin?

    As far as the laws of modern societies go, homosexuality may not be unlawful or even immoral. But as far as the law of God (which is the paramount law that true Christians are concerned with), it really shouldn't even be debatable. For the serious Bible believer (keyword being, serious) any attempted Biblical defense for this illicit sexual orientation would appear downright silly or even laughable if it weren't so very serious. God's word on the matter is crystal clear (despite the hollow objections), and His word is not subject to either private interpretation, personal beliefs, nor the changing social or political climate of the day.

   Leviticus 18:22-23

God plainly calls homosexual activity an abomination [towebah], which means an abhorrent and disgusting act that is detestable to God. And take note that it is listed right along with other unnatural acts such as bestiality because God wants us to know that these acts are not natural. To emphasize that, He commands very severe punishment upon anyone who would indulge in these abominations.

   Leviticus 20:13

These passages don't leave a lot of room for interpretation and most rational people will concede that these verses are speaking against homosexuality. But some choose to argue that it no longer applies to them as believers in Christ under the New Covenant. Their rationale being that because they are under grace and not law, the law against such practices does not apply. But that would be akin to arguing that we can murder in the New Testament because we are no longer under the Old Testament law against murder. Of course, both arguments are blatantly absurd. Just because we are under grace does not mean that we can violate God's moral law with impunity (Romans 6:1-2). Grace does not give us a free hand to sin. It doesn't change God's call for morality nor give us a license to transgress God's laws. So it would seem that the question, "Can homosexuals be Christian" has been answered. This precept of God in Leviticus chapter 20 is very unambiguous, concise, and is plainly stated in the clearest of language. So it bridges on the nonsensical to hear some people attempt to defeat the Creator's condemnation of homosexuality by rationalizing that grace negates God's will. According to the law of God, the activity of a man lying sexually with another man is [towebah], meaning destestible. Abomination means it is something that is blatantly unclean and disgusting to our Holy God. This Hebrew word towebah literally means loathsome or detestable. So if we are to be led by the Spirit and divine authority of the Holy scriptures, we must accept that homosexuality is something that is both unnatural and abhorrent to God. It is against the harmony and natural order of His divine creation. By precept of scripture it is an unnatural act that God deems unlawful. Anyone attempting to make a defense of Homosexual activity by claiming that it is not really immoral or against God's law is kidding themselves. Likewise, anyone claiming that this merely addresses ritualistic abomination, has no real concept of the supreme authority of the word of God. They are lacking in understanding of the biblical principle that "God's word is not subject to our private or personal interpretation (Genesis 40:8)."

   Psalms 119:105

God's word is something that He has set before us to light the path that we are to follow. It is not something that we can attempt to lead in self serving justifications. Yet in our day the plague of homosexuality is sweeping over the world like a malignant disease, and sadly, it infects against every moral, lawful, and chaste fiber of faithfulness and obedience by Christians. But instead of taking warning against this unlawfulness, most Christians sit silently in complacent stupor as it gains respectability, and even acceptability in some Churches. Instead of creating outrage and the need to bear witness to God's rejection of this, Christian Pastors are speaking about toning it down, about (so-called) love and compassion and our need for tolerance. These are nothing more than euphemistic words for capitulation and compromise of morality. In order to remain faithful to God, Christians cannot be deceived by the media or rebellious ministers into tacit approval. They must continue to preach and fight the good fight against the growing apostasies in the Church--such as homosexuality, divorce, fornication, abortion, lusts and all other forms of immorality. For these are perilous and deceptive times in which we live. They are a trial or testing of our faith in Christ. And how we stand reveals whether we have the true Spirit of Godliness within us, or simply have an outward appearance of it.

    2nd Timothy 3:1-5

In greater and greater numbers, professing Christians today have become lovers of themselves (humanistic), covetous or materialistic, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, hating parents, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, and lovers of pleasures (hedonism) more than lovers of God. It is in today's arena of degradation that we see not only the growth and tacit acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, but also the spurious denials by many that this is even a transgression. Even though the Bible plainly declares that, "if a man lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination," there are those who would remove the ancient landmarks from the Bible with lips dripping with bitter wormwood of rebellion and nullification. Nevertheless, God is not mocked, and all the transparent rationalizations will not hide man's sin in the day of judgment.

Does This Verse Only Condemn "Practicing" Homosexuality?

There is a growing school of thought in some Church circles, which hypothesizes that Leviticus chapter twenty at best describes "practicing homosexuality" only, and not homosexual ontology. This back door defense comes without any scriptural validation, and is actually nothing more than groundless debate for the sake of worldly wisdom. Moreover, saying that there are non-practicing homosexuals is akin to saying that there are non-practicing Harlots, or there are non-practicing Murderers. It's absurd. Why would a Christian Woman want to call herself a Harlot if she is no longer selling herself? Of course, the only honest answer is that, she wouldn't! It is really a ridiculous concept, and yet it has found favor in some Churches that some want to be called Christian, but who also insist on retaining the title of Homosexual (Isaiah 4:1) or Gay Christian. The reasons they give vary, but they all have that same attachment to the concept, refusing to make Christ Lord of their lives. In other words, though they profess outwardly to be of Christ, they really don't want to completely let go or surrender lordship of their old life. And keeping the name allows them to partially hold on to the delusion that it's really not an unlawful thing to have a Homosexual mentality. But is a non-practicing homosexual still guilty of homosexuality? Of course he is. Because the sin is in the very "thought process" of this rebellion, not merely in the physical act itself. Would a Christian who has an adulterous thought pop into his head, then choose to call himself a Christian adulterer? God forbid! Likewise, there is no such thing as a Christian Homosexual. The mere fact that someone would have a desire to retain the title homosexual, while professing their new life in Christ, indicates that they have not yet truly repented of their sin. It is actually a dire confession that they desire to retain certain name rights to that former lifestyle. The fact is, in the true Christian who is born from above, there has to be a great spiritual change. We are no longer swine, but sheep. Would anyone want to retain the moniker, swine? No, as it makes no sense.

Of course, the modernist would protest, "What's in a name?" But I would retort that one who desires a name that signifies something that is an abomination to God, should instead question, "what is really in his heart." Because what we once were, in Christ Jesus we are no more.

    2nd Corinthians 13:5

For the very title "Homosexual" delineates sin against God and illustrates a continuing mind set that is adversarial to obedience. This is the deception of our day that goes unchallenged in most Churches. The wretched "political correctness" within our society wherein we look upon homosexuality as not so much a deliberate sin, but as an involuntary lifestyle. We have been so brainwashed by the constant indoctrination by the mainstream media that without knowing it, we have let man's word supersede God's word. But a non-practicing homosexual is just as much in sin against God as a practicing one would be. For it is self-evident that he has not truly repented of his sin nature wherein he would no longer "desire" to be called Homosexual. He doesn't yet understand that he cannot take upon himself the name of Christ, and also retain the name Homosexual. The terms are as mutually exclusive as the terms abominable and righteousness. It's like saying that you are a "Christian Abomination," or that you are a "Christian Whore." No one would say those things because they realize that this type terminology is contradictory to Christianity, not something that can go hand in hand with it. We cannot claim to be "Christian Homosexuals" because it is a contradiction in terms.

Will The Homosexual Be Saved?

A former Homosexual who has turned to Christ can be saved. But will someone who is a Homosexual be saved? According to some liberal philosophers in the Church, yes. But not according to the inerrant word of God. Scripture states quite plainly that those who lay with a man as they would with womankind, shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Don't look at me as judge, for those are God's words, not mine. Or shall we defer to the unrighteous words of Pastors or teachers instead? There will always be those who choose to ignore what is written, or who make up their own laws and rules concerning doctrines of the Church. But if we will "receive" God's word of truth, there can be no mistaking what He has said. That is to say, if we are honest with ourselves (1st John 2:4). With the Spirit of Christ within us, we will surrender to the authority of God's word and not be deceived by human nullification of it.

   1st Corinthians 6:9

Note that the caution by God is that we "be not deceived," and that alone should alert us that we must be aware that there will be those who will try and deceive us by claiming that these people "shall" inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Selah! In other words, Preachers telling us that adulterers, drunkards, and homosexuals can be Christian and will inherit the kingdom. God says no, "be not deceived" by these ideas, they shall not inherit it. So for people today to blatantly ignore that precept and claim that they will (as so many do), is both confusion and a denial that God's word is actually true.

Of course, this does not mean that a Christian who was formerly an adulterer, drunkard, or homosexual cannot ever in a period of weakness fall back into one of those sins. What it means is that they are a new creation whose desire will now be to do the will of God, rather than their own. Thus, while they may sin, they are no longer adulterers, homosexuals, or drunkards. So even if they should stumble and sin, they will no longer live in that sin. They will have repentance, and their sins will be forgiven because they have an advocate in heaven (Romans 8:26-27), and His Spirit dwell within them always. Likewise, they have no desire to be called adulterers, homosexuals, or drunkards, for they understand that the old things are passed away, and that Grace is not license to continue in sin.

    Galatians 5:13

How shall they that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? How can they who are called to grace and liberty use that liberty to continue in sin (Romans 6:1-2). They will no longer live comfortably in their sin, but will shun it, confess it, repent of it, and understand in their heart that it is evil. This will become something that they want to distance themselves from, not something they want to keep near. They will not have the mind-set that Homosexuality is something they want to retain "name rights" to.

Indeed, I have heard those who arrogantly proclaim:

"I don't practice, but I am a Homosexual and proud of it. And I am a Christian, no matter what anyone says."
With all due respect, this is merely another example of the insidious delusion of the spirit of antichrist. To be sure, it doesn't matter what I or any other man says. But what does matter is what God says. And without judging, I'm afraid that the sad truth is that this man was probably no more a Christian than Judas was in confessing to be one of the Apostles. No more a Christian than cult leaders who stand up routinely boldly calling on the name of the Lord as their Saviour. They all delude themselves because they lack the Spirit of truth. The Spirit that would discern that we can be former thieves, former pornographers, and former homosexuals, but we cannot confess to still be those things and be Christian. A Christian is a "new" creation sealed (secured) with the Holy Spirit. And so they would no longer want to be called that which is abominable to God. Rather than a source of pride, this title would be an abomination to them, the same as it is to God.

Moreover, those Pastors who teach such contradicting doctrines to gay men ands women, deceive a great many of them into thinking that they can have peace of mind, when in fact there is no peace with God (Jeremiah 8:11). Thus, these pastors have the greater sin. For to say that a homosexual can inherit the kingdom is not only "dangerous" (as it gives those looking for an excuse, a false sense of security), but it is also false prophecy of peace. According to God's very own words in 1st Corinthians 6:9, Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. But the faithful witness can give hope in God's word that they need not fret, because those who have cast that name aside for the name of Christ, can.

    Colossians 3:9-10

The casting off of former things and placing them behind us is an integral part of the Salvation process. And unfortunately, that is what many professing Christians and Pastors do not understand.

Some Say That Word Simply Describes Temple Prostitution

The word in 1st Corinthians 6:9 that is translated "Abusers of themselves with mankind" in the KJV, is actually the Greek word [arsenokoites], meaning "to lay with a male." In the literal, to "bed a male," the same sin which God called an abomination (Leviticus 20:13). This term is from the Greek words [arsen], meaning male, and [koite] meaning bed (from the root [keimai], meaning lay). And combined in this context, they illustrate the sense of lying with a man sexually. God unambiguously declares that these shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Now let's be clear that I didn't say that, God said that and I bore witness to what He said. And He said it as plain as it can be said. The half-baked theory that the objection may simply describe Temple Prostitution is a contrived cocktail of conjecture and supposition. It is not an interpretation that has its foundation in the pertinent scriptures at all, but a theory by those who analyse cultures, and is unsubstantiated by the Holy Canon itself. Clearly, the word there means to "lay a male". And for anyone to take that clearly understandable word, and inject it with an extra-biblical and self-serving interpretation that it really means men who sell themselves for money, is tortuous of the text. In biblical terms, it is called "wresting" or twisting the scriptures to make them conform to one's own ideas. The truth is, there is not even one iota, jot or tittle about the Temple, nor about selling, nor about prostitution. To presuppose and then inject this secular idea into scripture, is in the final analysis "adding to God's word." Not to mention the fact that we don't understand scripture in a vacuum, meaning that this is not the only passage that condemns males lying with males (what is today commonly called Homosexuality). Every verse that speaks about this practice would have to be twisted in order to support such a jaded conclusion.

But this is the kind of rationalization and self-justification that goes into the defense of breaking God's laws. It always starts (like the serpent in the garden) with the words, "..hath God Said?" From there, Satan will proceed to sow the seed of doubt about what God actually said, and if He actually means it. Men are quick to "read into" the scriptures and inject their own biased agenda about what scripture means (though it didn't say). Because then he can cast doubt on the word of God really meaning "men who lay with men." And then those who want to believe what is right in their own eyes will have an excuse to formulate their own rebellious views about homosexuality. In their minds they can then do so without having to blatantly call God's word a lie. In their own self-justification they can declare, "..it is not that we don't believe God, it is just that we think we can interpret this another way." i.e., the strict biblical view is only our opinion.

We Are All Sinners, Aren't Homosexuals Just Sinners Too?

Yes, this is true. But Christians are not Homosexuals. Neither are they Whores, Thieves, Murderers and Drunkards. The distinction is that these are not terms for Christians. There is a difference between being a homosexual and being a sinner, and it's not just semantics. We may fall into sin, but we will not any longer live that former lifestyle. In the Spirit that dwells with us, we have an earnest desire to repent or turn away from former things. Not a desire to retain the title in order to keep some "vicarious" pleasure in it, but to make it "dead" to us. This will be our sincere desire when we become true Christians. Those very verses we have read illustrate just this particular principle.

   1st Corinthians 6:9-11

And such WERE some of you, but not anymore. That is the mindset of a true Christian. Not one of, "I still want to be called Homosexual," but one of, "Such as I once was, but not anymore." They are washed now, so that they will not continue being a homosexual, even though they might fall into that sin. They will not live it, but instead repent of it and in sanctification grow in grace. That is the mind of Christ and the frame of mind of a true Christian.

   Romans 6:1-4

We walk in newness of life because the old man is passed away. How can we walk in newness of life while walking in the old man. How can we still be calling ourselves Harlots, Drunkards, or Homosexuals? Jesus, through His Spirit, can move the homosexual to stop living in this destructive lifestyle. He can remove the sensual desire for a person of the same sex. But Homosexuals will never understand this truth if professed Christians keep telling them that they can remain a Homosexual and still be Christian.

   Hebrews 11:6

We witness to them that becoming a Christian means that we have had a new birth (2nd Corinthians 5:17). God not only forgives us and cleanses us from all unrighteousness (1st John 1:9), but He give us of His Spirit that provides the strength to not sin this way anymore (Romans 8:26). Jesus wonderfully forgave the women caught in adultery, but He also told her, "..go and sin no more (John 8:11)." In a phrase, "Truth, inspires change."

But The Word Homosexual Is Not In Scripture

The fact is, the words "homosexual" or "gay" are merely modern translations for lifestyles and acts that are almost as old as dirt. It is simply a euphemism describing what God calls the vile affections of people who lay sexually with those of the same gender. The identical word that modern man uses doesn't have to be in scripture, because what the word represents is unquestionably in scripture. Just as the word embezzlement is a traditional euphemism that simply means someone is stealing. And annulment is a traditional euphemism meaning divorce. And abortion is a traditional euphemism that means killing a baby. These replacement words are generally devised to hide or cloak the harsh reality of their true meaning. They are used so that it makes whatever it defines somewhat easier for people to accept. That is why even the term "Homosexual" has a negative connotation and has generally been changed to "gay." Think about it. Who would accept these ideas if we were to say, "I'm going to kill my child before it is born." That's why this act of murder is replaced with the word "abortion," and now with even less harsh sounding euphemisms. But God has no such political agendas, and He calls these sins exactly what they are. He calls homosexuality, vile affections, men lying with men, women with women, doing that which is unseemly, unnatural and abominable. That's what God calls it. So simply claiming the English word "Homosexual" is not in the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts does not loose man from the law of God against the practice. We can eliminate the word Homosexual all together, but then we'd have to call it what the Bible does. A vile unnatural Abomination. But in our day, that would not be considered politically correct. It would not be a loving Christian (gasp) attitude to call anything by the same term that God gives it. Nevertheless, while it may not be politically correct, it is Biblically incorrect to say anything less than the scriptures say.

Some Churches Say The Homosexual Gene Is A God Given Inherited Nature

That is not only a ludicrous statement, it is a blasphemous statement. Heresy in the Church is also nothing new, but it is growing by leaps and bounds today. The conscientious Christian does not go by what some Churches, the psychologists or scientists says, they go by what God says as their authority. Homosexuality is not a nature that men are born with (except it is the nature of sin), on the contrary it embodies all that is "AGAINST" nature. These professing Christians who make this claim have been brainwashed by an arrogant and immoral society, and have totally forsaken God's word for the wisdom of the world.

1st Corinthians 3:18-20

In Christ, we find that real wisdom is in what God says. And He declares that this is not natural, it is just the opposite of natural. And the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18). We read in Romans Chapter one that there is a logical progression that leads to this wrath of God. They hold down the truth in unrighteousness, exchanging it for a lie worshipping and serving the creation rather than the Creator. Therefore God gave them up to these vile affections where even their women changed the "natural use" into that which is against nature, and they encouraged others to do the same. That is why the wrath of God justly falls on them where they are worthy of death and have no excuse.

    Romans 1:26-27

God illustrates homosexuality indicative of man's contemptible degradation and deep seated rebellion against Him. Thus we see once again that His word is 180 degrees opposite of what the world says is true, being wise in their own conceits. The homosexual lust within individuals is not born of their so-called "God given" birthright. It is not a Godly alternative lifestyle. And it is not anyone's natural affection. It is just as God says, a vile [atimia] or disgraceful affection and unseemly [aschemosune], indecent or shameful behavior. If we claim that it is a congenital natural desire that homosexuals are following, then to whom is God speaking? Is He speaking to the air? Indeed, who are we to believe? God is addressing this on a moral level, not a physiological level. Only if we are in total rebellion against the word can these passages be adulterated to deny what God clearly declares. Because according to the text, homosexual behavior is evidence of an active rebellion against the creator. So as the scripture declares, "let God be true and every man a liar" -Romans 3:4. For the wrath of God is revealed against the rebellious wherein God gives them up, allows them to go further into their degradation because they loved themselves, the creation, more than the creator. Both man and woman have a natural nature, and to pervert that nature (man with man and woman with women) is a grievous sin against this divinely created order.

    Deuteronomy 22:5

This specific scriptural text forbidding cross dressing addresses the "visible" perversion of the natural order that God has established. It shows us quite plainly that God looks upon these unnatural acts, not as frivolous or an acceptable alternative lifestyle, but as an abomination. Nor is it harmless or that deemed innocuous behavior. The fact is, God has always been crystal clear on the matter, it is man who tries to distort God's words for his own selfish purposes. It is society who tries to make up their own rules and laws governing what is natural and what is not. In God's word, what is natural is not determined by what society wants sexually, but how God created people to function sexually. And to rationalize this away claiming, "it's just how some people are born," is rebellion against what God said. He said, be not deceived! It's not natural affection, it's not a God given nature but sin against both God and nature. Thus it is both illogical and irrational for anyone professing to be a Christian (a follower of Christ) to claim that God gave this nature to some people (constitutional homosexuality).

1st Timothy 1:9-10

The doctrines and rationalizations going on in the Church today about homosexuality would have been unbelievable just fifty years ago, but now so much of the Church is spiritually depraved that often it is considered "Christian love" to claim that they are saved. It is considered an act of compassion to neglect to witness to them of the wages of such sin. And it is actually considered hurtful and judgmental to bear faithful testimony to what God actually says. But nothing could be further from the truth. Homosexuals are what they are because of the sin nature which takes different paths in each individual. If I am a habitual fornicator, can I claim I'm that way because I have a gene that makes me lust after many women? Most certainly not, because sin is in all of us and cannot be excused by simply saying it's in the genes. Do I have a gene that makes me a drunkard? Society would (and does) say so. Do I have a gene that makes me a criminal? Sure, all things are possible when you throw the word of God out the window in favor of man's own vain imaginations and the man's vaunted declarations. The truth is, we all have the gene. It's called, "the stain of sin," and it has been passed down from generation to generation since the fall. Anything more than that, is self-serving rationalization.

Are Heterosexuals, Heterosexuals, Because Of Their Sin Nature Too?

Some people have attempted to equate Homosexual activity with Heterosexual activity. This of course is the obligatory "Straw Man," and it seems there is one in almost every argument. But equating heterosexuality to homosexuality is like equating sexual activity, with fornication. It cannot be done righteously. Because one is always a sin, and the other may not be a sin under certain circumstances. For example, a heterosexual relationship is not a sin so long as it is done lawfully within the bounds of marriage. While a homosexual relationship is sin at "anytime." Even non-practicing homosexual relationships are sin because (like adultery) the sin has its genesis in the mind. And so to equate the two is like comparing apples and oranges. One is always unnatural and vile affection in God's eyes, and the other is a natural union between a man and woman when they are married. Our Lord actually clarified this natural, normal relationship.

Matthew 19:4-5

This is what God has from the beginning defined as the natural sexual relationship. A man with a woman joined inextricably as one flesh. So we cannot equate Homosexuality to Heterosexuality. If these defenders were to equate homosexuality with fornication (both unlawful sexual activity) then they would have a case. But they can't do this because that would defeat their purpose in trying to justify the act as lawful. But to equate it with heterosexual activity is flat out ridiculous.

    2nd Timothy 3:1-4

In other words, those who claim the name of Christ, and yet will deny the Lord's word, are to be expected in this life. And expected even more so as we reach the latter days and come into great tribulation. And from such unfaithful people, faithful Christians are commanded of God to turn away. We are to shun unity with these people, lest we be deemed to be in agreement with their apostasy. Clearly, these perilous times of the Church falling away from the faith, were not unforeseen by God.

Why Then Are Some Churches Teaching This?

Two things that we should remember. One is that all those who call themselves Christ (Christian), are not truly of Christ. Two is that all false prophets and gospels have the distinct ability to totally ignore God's written word about anything, anytime they choose. They do so in order that they may follow whatever teachings that they desire to follow. Whether doctrines of homosexuality, tacitly condoning abortion, Divorce, women pastors, remarriage, charismatic theories, miraculous speaking in tongues, signs and wonders, or any other false gospel. There will always be those who support some un-biblical doctrine. And it usually comes down to the same common denominator. They all "reject" the accumulative written word of God that says one thing, in order that they can take something out of context and believe what is right in their own eyes. Whether it is what their Church leaders say, or what society deems appropriate, or their own will in what they want, there are always methods for them to get around (Deuteronomy 5:32) scripture. And usually it is by saying that, "this verse doesn't really mean what it says." They have become willful in giving themselves over to carnality.

    Jude 1:7

The sin of unlawful unnatural sex, or men going after strange or unusual flesh, is clearly prohibited. The Greek word translated strange is [heteros] meaning other, or different. In other words, man not going "naturally" after women, but after that "other" or abnormal. Man with man and woman with woman. Indeed the city of Sodom is where we get the word Sodomy. How appropriate that God declares here that Sodom is set forth as an example of the wages of this unnatural fornication of going after strange flesh. From the Old Testament to the New testament, by divine inspiration of God this very same warning of this city as an example is repeated.

    2nd Peter 2:6

Clearly, the example of Sodom is for us who live today. It is written that we might read of it and learn, and remember why God judged them. Sadly, many Churches today have forgotten or either refuse to be taught by the lessons of scripture. They read, but they don't "spiritually" hear what they read. They look, but they don't "spiritually" see what they are looking at. They have no fear of God (Romans 3:17) that they would humbly receive His word of truth that homosexuality is abnormal and an abomination. Their conscience is seared so that they can effectively completely wrest or ignore scripture without any pangs of guilt. They lack the true love of God that 1st John 5:2-3 declares is illustrated in "keeping His word." The love wherein there is an earnest desire to not only seek truth, but the humility to look at ourselves honestly in repentance rather than rationalization. The rebellious lack the reverential fear of God that His word informs us is the genesis of wisdom.

    Psalms 111:10

The sum and substance of true wisdom is to fear God and to abide by His laws. Yet when quoting God's word (word for word), how many times have you heard the protest, "..well, that's just your interpretation." Clearly the word witnessed faithfully is not received, and this is the power of the spirit of the great deceiver. When man has no reverential fear, nor conscience that would bother him when contradicting what God says, he is lost in the wilderness of unbelief. And many are so brainwashed and indoctrinated that denying the word of God doesn't even register "as a denial" anymore. In other words, a spiritual blindness where they don't look upon the word testified to them as God's inerrant word, they look upon it as something that is coming from you personally. Thus it is something they can try and get around by any means necessary. They deem it as something abstract, something apart from the Bible that stands in the way of their beliefs. And this is because they don't really know God in the personal sense where He is ruler (Lord) of their lives. They may know God intellectually, where they profess faith, but they deny God and His faith by their action in refusing to keep His word. As 2nd Timothy 3 declared, "having a FORM of Godliness, but denying the POWER thereof." In other words, having only its external form or appearance, but inwardly they do not have the Spirit of God. For "that" is the power of Godliness that is more than its form or appearance. Like clouds with no water carried about of winds, they cannot retain or keep God's word, and this is why they can without conscience support homosexuality. The true Christian has the Spirit-led desire to preserve or keep the word of God faithfully, and that means they will not deny what it says for their own sakes.

    Psalms 119:11

Their desire is to conserve or preserve God's word within ourselves, to hide it or treat it as a precious treasure to be carefully kept. And being in this way Biblically conservative, was the norm for hundreds of years. But in our day this preserving of the word has fallen by the wayside.

   Luke 8:15

In fact the very word "keep" that is used here means to 'hold fast,' or to guard against loss. It means to preserve that it not suffer loss. True Christians are in fact conservative with regards to scripture, for every true believer keeps (preserves) God's word faithfully, by confessing rather than denying it. They may sin, but they don't rationalize it away, or deny that it is sin. That is keeping or holding fast God's word.

    Psalms 32:5

The conscientious Christian preserves God's word of truth. King David is a good example of this. He sinned greatly, yet he didn't rationalize it away as not being sin. He repented of it as sin. But many people today call themselves by the name of Christ, and they have the belief that they are true believers, but God tells us that unless they are preservers of the word of God, they are simply kidding themselves. For they don't really know Him as Lord at all. And indeed, this is the Lord's declaration, not my personal judgment.

    1st John 2:3-5

I may say he is kidding himself, but God says he is lying to himself that he is a Christian that knows the Lord. Those are strong words. And this "lying" is why some can make statements like, "Homosexuals can be Christians and still remain Homosexuals," or that, "Jesus is not really God," or that they personally "spoke to God in a unknown tongue last Sunday." Because they have forsaken the word and are blinded and deceived by their own lusts, feelings, teachers, or what seems right in their own eyes. Can Homosexuals be Christians? No! God says Homosexuals cannot inherit the Kingdom. Homosexuals can become Christians, but Homosexuals cannot be Christians. Is Homosexuality a Sin? Of course it is sin. It is only the sinful, willful, prideful nature of fallen man that insists on denying such an obvious truth. It is better to humbly let God lead, rather than arrogantly attempt to be our own god and lead ourselves.

    Proverbs 15:10

All false Christians have the inherent pridefulness where they will not receive reproof of God. They will forsake His ways that they may walk their in their own path. Just as the Scribes and Pharisees did, who also all knew the scriptures so very well. But they didn't know God, and so all their learning was useless as far as coming to the real truth "of" the scriptures.

   2nd Timothy 3:7

The acceptance of homosexuality is in the spirit of disobedience, not the Spirit of truth. It is a rebellious, haughty and lifted up spirit, not the broken and contrite spirit that receives God's truth. And most of all, it shows no spirit to do as 2nd Corinthians 13:5 exhorts. To examine ourselves with God's word, and prove ourselves that we are truly in the faith, and not just blindly following what we want to follow. These exhortations of God roll off many professed Christians like water rolling off the back of a duck. They simply cannot seem to comprehend the truth that when they are reading scripture, it is actually God talking. It's not the writer's opinion, it's not my personal opinion, it's not a private interpretation, it's divinely inspired truth that God "fully expects" us to be obedient to.

2nd Peter 1:20-21

Thus when God's word says homosexuals (1st Corinthians 6:9) shall not inherit the kingdom, it's not subject to private interpretation. It says what it was divinely inspired to say. So let us open our hearts to receive God's truth concerning Homosexuality. Society cannot define God's laws nor change His immutable principles. The only way we will arrive at a Biblical consensus concerning this question is by "receiving" everything God has declared about it throughout His Holy word. Christians need to make the effort and find the time to study the Bible with the mind of Christ, that they are open to receive what He says. As Bible believers we must all examine ourselves that we express and reaffirm the clear sense of scripture on this issue. God will enlighten anyone on the subject who is honestly seeking truth. "Seek and ye shall find" is a faithful promise, not an empty platitude. Let us then preach the unadulterated truth of scripture, and not the compromises and blasphemies that often pass for the gospel.

And may the Lord who is rich in mercy and longsuffering, give us the wisdom to discern His truth, and the strength to make correct judgments and endure in time of trial.


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