Of The Knowledge Of God The Creator

Eighteen Chapters

1. Connection between the Knowledge of God and the Knowledge of Ourselves. Nature of the connection.

2. What it is to Know God. Tendency of this Knowledge.

3. The Human Mind naturally imbued with the Knowledge of God.

4. This Knowledge stifled or corrupted, ignorantly or maliciously.

5. The Knowledge of God displayed in the fabric and constant Government of the Universe.

6. The need of Scripture as a Guide and Teacher in coming to God as a Creator.

7. The Testimony of the Spirit necessary to give full authority to Scripture. The impiety of pretending that the Credibility of Scripture depends on the Judgment of the Church.

8. The Credibility of Scripture sufficiently proved, in so far as Natural Reason admits.

9. All the principles of piety subverted by fanatics who substitute revelations for Scripture.

10. In Scripture, the true God opposed, exclusively, to all the gods of the Heathen.

11. Impiety of attributing a visible form to God. The setting up of Idols a revolt against the True God.

12. God distinguished from Idols, that He may be the exclusive object of Worship.

13. The Unity of the Divine Essence in Three Persons taught in Scripture, from the foundation of the World.

14. In the Creation of the World, and all things in it, the True God distinguished by certain marks from fictitious gods.

15. State in which man was created. The Faculties of the Soul--The Image of God--Free Will--Original Righteousness.

16. The World, created by God, still cherished and protected by Him. Each and all of its parts governed by His Providence.

17. Use to be made of this Doctrine.

18. The instrumentality of the wicked employed by God, while He continues free from every taint.


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