Oh The Knowledge of God The Redeemer, In Christ,

As First Manifested To The Fathers Under The Law,

And Thereafter To Us Under The Gospel

Seventeen Chapters

1. Through the Fall and revolt of Adam the whole Human race made accursed and degenerate. Of Original Sin.

2. Man now deprived of Freedom of Will, and miserably enslaved.

3. Every thing proceeding from the corrupt Nature of Man damnable.

4. How God works in the hearts of men.

5. The Arguments usually alleged in support of Free Will refuted.

6. Redemption for lost man to be sought in Christ.

7. The Law given, not to retain a people for itself, but to keep alive the Hope of Salvation in Christ until his Advent.

8. Exposition of the Moral Law.

9. Christ, though known to the Jews under the Law, yet only manifested under the Gospel.

10. The resemblance between the Old Testament and the New.

11. The difference between the two Testaments.

12. Christ, to perform the Office of Mediator, behoved to become man.

13. Christ clothed with the true substance of Human Nature.

14. How two natures constitute the Person of the Mediator.

15. Three things chiefly to be regarded in Christ--viz. his Offices of Prophet, King, and Priest.

16. How Christ performed the Office of Redeemer in procuring our salvation. The Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ.

17. Christ rightly and properly said to have merited Grace and Salvation for us.


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