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   Reformed Churches Located in: [ Vermont ]

  • Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
    Denomination: Presbyterian   Indexed: Sun Jan 21 06:53:13 2001
    Address: Westerville Rd.
    Mail Address: (Mail: 18 Spring St., 05641-4429)
    City: Lower Westerville, Barre, State: Vt.
    Pastor: Stephen D. Doe   E-mail: doe.1@opc.org
    Phone: 802-479-2010
    Information: OPC

  • Reformed Bible Church
    Denomination: Baptist   Indexed: Thu Jun 1 09:47:13 2000
    Mail Address: P.O. Box 6919
    City: Rutland, State: Vt. Zip: 05702
    Pastor: Hugh Diggins   E-mail: HDigginssr@aol.com
    Phone: 802-483-6975
    Information: Southern Baptist Convention, 1st London Baptist Confession (1644)

  • Restoration Baptist Church
    Denomination: Baptist   Indexed: Thu Jun 1 09:47:13 2000
    Address: 109 South Winooski ave. Rm. 203
    City: Burlington, State: Vt. Zip: 05401
    Pastor: David Russell   E-mail: Pastor@bsmvt.org
    Phone: 802-862-2398
    Information: Southern Baptist Convention, New Hampshire Confession


  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
    Denomination: Presbyterian   Indexed: Thu Jun 1 09:47:13 2000
    Mail Address: PO Box 422
    City: St. Albans, State: Vt.
    Pastor: Robert A. Bjerkaas
    Phone: 802-527-7221
    Information: PCA - Northeast

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church in the Northeast Kingdom
    Denomination: WPCUS   Indexed: Wed Oct 4 15:31:49 2006
    Address: Meeting at: Enterprise Grange Hall, York Street
    City: Lyndon, State: Vt. Zip: 05851
    Pastor: Contact: Elder Wayne Sweeney   E-mail: WMSweeney@wpcus.org
    Phone: 802-695-1135   Phone 2: phone
    Information: Full Subscription to 1647 Westminster Standards; Exclusive Psalmody


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