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   Reformed Churches Located in: [ Idaho ]

  • All Saints Presbyterian Church
    Denomination: Presbyterian   Indexed: Fri May 12 18:31:35 2000
    Address: 3600 N. Bogus Basin Rd,
    City: Boise, State: Id. Zip: 83702
    Phone: 208-658-0670
    Information: PCA - Pacific Northwest


  • Christ Church
    Denomination: CRE   Indexed: Thu Mar 13 19:07:44 2003
    Address: Anselm House - 205 E. Fifth St.
    Mail Address: P.O. Box 8741
    City: Moscow, State: Id. Zip: 83843
    Pastor: Douglas Wilson   E-mail: christkirk@moscow.com
    Phone: 208-882-2034   Phone 2: 208-892-8724 (Fax)
    Information: NSA College, Credenda Agenda, Canon Press, ACCS


  • Grace Fellowship
    Denomination: Independent   Indexed: Mon Feb 28 21:52:31 2005
    Address: 3730 Airbase Rd.
    City: Mountain Home, State: Id. Zip: 83647
    Pastor: Bret M. Lovitz   E-mail: PesterBrat@aol.com
    Phone: 208-832-4410
    Information: Premillennial eschatology - ExpositoryPreaching,ContempMusic,SovereignGrace,10:30amSunServ


  • Living Word Presbyterian Church
    Denomination: Presbyterian   Indexed: Fri May 12 18:31:35 2000
    Address: 28131 North Clagstone Road
    Mail Address: PO Box 927
    City: Athol, State: Id. Zip: 83801
    Pastor: John Michael Kohl   E-mail: mail@livingword-pca.org
    Phone: 208-683-1638
    Information: PCA - Pacific Northwest


  • Port Cities Reformed Baptist Church
    Denomination: Baptist   Indexed: Fri May 12 18:31:35 2000
    Address: 1424 Main Street
    Mail Address: P.O. Box 1634
    City: Lewiston, State: Id. Zip: 83501
    Pastor: Michael Kelly   E-mail: mskelly@cableone.net
    Phone: 208-743-7208
    Information: Reformed Amillennial eschatology


  • Sovereign Grace Bible Presbyterian Church
    Denomination: Bible Presbyterian Church   Indexed: Thu Oct 5 10:27:20 2006
    Address: 171 W. Hayden Ave
    City: Hayden, State: Id. Zip: 83835
    Pastor: Kenneth Orr and Charlie Bingham
    Phone: (208) 772-0201
    Information: Hymns, Psalms, and Christ-centered preaching


  • Sovereign Redeemer Fellowship
    Denomination: N/A   Indexed: Fri May 12 18:31:35 2000
    Address: 1050 W. State St.
    Mail Address: Mail: P.O. Box 45336
    City: Boise, State: Id. Zip: 83711
    Pastor: Carl A. P. Durham   E-mail: durham.1@opc.org
    Phone: 208-376-0858

  • United Reformed Church of Nampa, Idaho
    Denomination: United Reformed Churches   Indexed: Mon Apr 14 10:05:45 2003
    Address: 55 S. Midland Blvd.
    City: Nampa, State: Id. Zip: 83651
    Pastor: Rev. Paul R. Ipema   E-mail: URCNampa@aol.com
    Phone: 208-466-2719
    Information: Amillennial eschatology - Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort


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