Is There A Clear Biblical Mandate Against Abortion

by Tony Warren

    As surprising as it may be to some self-professed theologians, the unequivocal answer is, "Absolutely!" For faithful Christians, human life is sacred and a divine gift from God that is to be guarded, honored, and respected. To shamelessly extinguish the sanctity of human life is an affront to the Christ whose name we bear. The Biblical mandate against abortion is as old as the law of God itself, and it is not subject to man's private interpretations, vain abrogations, or personal rationalizations. Many professing Christians today engage in a willful redefining of human life in order that they may justify their rebellion against Godly responsibility and moral fortitude. Nevertheless, Christians cannot by smooth words (Isaiah 30:9-10) implying technical nullification can change what is clearly a transgression of God's law, into God's compassion and charity. The law of God states simply and quite unequivocally,

Exodus 20:13

Murder is defined as the crime of "unlawful premeditated taking of human life by another person." So the point of contention between pro and con in this abortion argument is settled in the question of when life begins. We contend that human life begins when sperm and eggs fuse to give rise to a single-cell human zygote. By then it already has the genetic individuality and uniqueness that will guide it throughout its life. If indeed life begins in the womb, then it would be antithetical to logically argue against a fetus being life. And if human life, it would be subject to all the laws (God's) and rights that are applicable to any other human being. I do understand that there are some (even professing Christians) who make the claim that since not all believe that human life begins at conception, the fertilized egg is not actually life. Others argue, even if it is, taking that life does not constitutes murder. Therefore they surmise that this law in Scripture against murder is "unclear" as it relates to the act of abortion. However, using self-serving logic, we would also have to conclude that since not all believe that homosexuality is the sin described in scripture, that makes the law against men lying with men is an unclear statement as it relates to Homosexuality. This is just another way to justify man's rebellion, apathy and lawlessness. Does it make the Biblical statements against something unclear because scripture doesn't use the exact euphamistic wording that man has devised to cloak his sins? Does the word fraud or embezzler mean that a man is not a thief? Does the word viper or serpent mean that this is not a snake? Of course not--and neither does the word abortion mean that taking a human life against God's precept is not murder. It merely means that man is exactly as God has said he was. Deceitfully wicked (Psalms 53:2-3), disobeying God's word, ignoring God's will, and rationalizing away God's laws in order to do his own will. This is exactly why we all need a savior. Again, not all who call themselves Christians think that God's command not to be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever is really applicable today. So does that then mean that the unambiguous Biblical mandate against this practice is unclear "because" those who choose to ignore it do whatever they want? There is no question about these Biblical statements, and simply because many individuals choose not to receive them as "divinely authoritative" in no way makes them null and void, nor indicate that they are unclear. What it means is that man in his obstinate heart can have his mind justify anything that he wants in order to do whatever is right in his own eyes (Proverbs 12:15). And man has been doing this since the beginning in order that he may have sin without responsibility.

Galatians 6:7-8

    The cornerstone of Christian Theology is that Jesus is God, and this is stated clearly in many scriptures time and again. Yet there are a myriad of professing Christians who will insist that this is not true and that there is absolutely nothing in scripture that illustrates this. As a rule, no amount of scripture that you give them supporting this foundational truth will convince them otherwise. Does that then mean they have a good point and that the scriptures don't teach that Jesus is God? Of course not. The point I'm making is that anyone can say anything is not murder, but as Christians we have to examine the Scriptures carefully so as not to be deceived, nor to deceive ourselves by walking in darkness.

1st John 1:6

M/p> As faithful Christians, we can't just talk the talk, we also have to walk the walk. What we need to understand is this. When you have a mind-set not to believe something, you will inevitably believe what "seems" right in your own eyes despite the evidence of what God actually says. And that's what is happening with the sin of abortion and its justification. People, indoctrinated by society and influenced by its media, have gotten it into their mind that abortion is a necessary evil that should be allowed (largely due to the constant propaganda in the media), and so they begin to superimpose what has by indoctrination become their own thinking and their own will, upon the Holy scriptures. They take what they have grown to believe is right (Proverbs 12:15), and they look for ways to rationalize it from the scripture. They take the clear, and they subtlety attempt to use smooth words to make it unclear. They take what is right, and they rationalize that it as a bad thing (Isaiah 5:20). They take what is wrong, and they rationalize it as a good thing, and those who oppose it as the unkind and uncharitable. but this is nothing more than taking God's word and twisting it conform to their own thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). Taking what is hot and cold, they make want to make it lukewarm that they may eat and drink of the forbidden with clear conscience.

One theologian told me, "YOU define abortion as sin. But where does the Bible make such an accusation against abortion?"

Of course, his premise was that the word "abortion" is not in the scriptures and therefore we can't say it's murder. That was one of the most ridiculous claims I've ever heard, especially for a professed man of theology. If that was what is required for sin, ninety percent of sins wouldn't be sins. Neither the words Arson, Rape, kidnapping, shoplifting, or blackmail is in scripture, but what they reference is. The actual word is not required to be in scripture because it's merely a smoke screen to say that, and simply part modern man's humanistic philosophy of playing "word games" in order to obfuscate. Years ago, no one even heard of the word abortion, much less have it written in scripture, but that doesn't preclude it from being sin? Just as there is no word "embezzlement" in scripture because its merely a 10 cent word meaning theft. Calling a thief an embezzler does that mean that the Bible doesn't clearly speak to the issue? That word is not required to be written in scripture in order for it to be sin. In this same way, Abortion is just a ten-cent word meaning murder (unlawful premeditated taking of a human life by another person). Taking a human life before it can naturally proceed from a mother's womb is no less murder today than it would be tomorrow when the woman had brought forth the child. All the attempts by mankind at obfuscation or hiding the dastardly deed behind words like "fetus" does not change the act of taking that human life. It is self-evidential truth (Romans 1:18-20) that it is a human life, no matter what unrighteousness they hold the stage of development that it is in. These words may temporarily soothe the conscience of the murderer, but they will never wash away the sin, as repentance does.

Mark 2:17

Truth inspires change. Where there is no truth, there is no recognition of sin and thus no repentance. Where there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin. These word games of the self-righteous are nothing new. Annulment is a ten-cent word meaning divorce, Perjury is a ten-cent word meaning lying, an affair is a ten-cent word meaning fornication, even as escargot is a ten-cent word meaning snails. Christians better than anyone should understand that these words are designed to lesson the impact of the words that they replace. e.g., it's sounds much better to man to say, "we had an affair,," than to say, "we went out and fornicated together or we committed adultery." Especially when the whole object of the new word is to distance ourselves from the old word. It's true, we're not going to find the word "abortion" in scripture, because what it delineates is murder. And murder is sin just as adultery is sin, divorce is sin, and stealing is sin. murder, adultery, divorce, and stealing are the words (meanings) that God inspired to be used, not the ten-cent watered down variety, but words that clearly illustrate the severity of sin. Calling murder abortion, doesn't free anyone from the judgment of God anymore the crime anymore than calling stealing, embezzlement, frees one from the law against stealing. Every word man dreams up to cloak sin doesn't have to be written letter for letter in scripture because the action itself is the sin. There is no place deep enough to hide sin from an omniscient God. For the light will reveal it. But if we confess our sins to God, He is merciful to forgive them. If we cloak them with ten-cent words in order to pretend that they are not sin, then we shall be judged!

Ephesians 5:10-14

If the Spirit of God doesn't tell man these things, how can we presume to? God says the works of the flesh are made manifest or self-evident by the light. That's the unadulterated truth that there is accountability. It's just that man likes to deceive himself about these things so he can live with himself without his conscience reproving or berating him. But there is no way that hiding behind placating words will shield anyone from God. The Lord looks upon the heart and knows every nook and cranny filled with our human rationalizations. God knows the real intent of the heart, no matter what comes out of our mouths.

Hebrews 4:12-13

Unfortunately, in some theological circles, there is the opinion that there is "room for disagreement" concerning abortion being murder. In other words, we shouldn't dogmatically claim abortion is murder because we should allow for other professing Christians to disagree without saying they're wrong. Frankly, that is like Christians saying we believe it's murder, but you others go ahead in good conscience because you don't believe it is. That makes no sense. I have never understood this (so called) logic of going along to get along. It's not acceptable to kill a baby while it's lying within the mother's womb, and it is not acceptable to kill a baby once it has been set free of that environment. And, No, there is no room for disagreement among Christians, for in Christianity it is never acceptable to agree to give other Christians the option to not believe what You know are God's laws. Would you say that you believe that Christ is God but other Christians don't have to believe that if they don't want? Is it ever acceptable to murder a pre-born Child so long as it's in the womb in its pre-born state? If we believe it's truly murder, then there is obviously no room for compromise. That whole philosophy is a warped view of Christian faith.

Those who believe that taking a human life within the womb is not murder, do not (by their humanistic reasoning) free anyone from the penalty of the law of God against the act. Therefore, we cannot in any way give assent to it. It's still murder of a human life whether we call it abortion, killing a fetus, or a box of responsibility being cut out. You can call it what you want, but wiseManSay, "A sewer by any other name, would smell as bad." Mankind inherently knows what is right and wrong, and whether people want to admit this knowledge to themselves honestly or not is insignificant to the truth of it.

Galatians 5:19-21

God says these things are not ambiguous or unclear, they are made manifest or made known to us that they are works of the flesh. In other words, they are self evident. And murder is included there in that list. We can deceive ourselves and claim abortion isn't self-evident as murder till the cows come home, but God who trieth the hearts, knows better. This is why without Christ "" is held accountable and why there is no excuse. It's why under God's rule, ignorance of the law is no excuse. No one has an excuse for their sins. Consider the example we saw before that God uses to illustrate just this principle about the things of God being "clearly" seen, and "if" there can be any excuse to make the claim that it wasn't clearly seen, or evil wasn't clearly known to us, and thus some might escape judgment.

Romans 1:18

Because mankind was originally created in the image of God, they all instinctively know the truth when they hear it. They knows that taking the life in a womb is murder, because God has showed it to them inherently. Will people be able to stand before God at the judgment throne and say, "Gee, it wasn't clearly shown me that there was a God that I should serve, or that we shouldn't lie, or that divorce was wrong, or that I shouldn't abort my baby, or practice fornicate?" No! God says these things are clearly seen. It doesn't matter if, in our rationalizations, we claim abortion isn't clearly seen as evil. Those who hold the truth in unrighteousness will be judged (except they repent), and God says they have no excuse. For God who knows the heart, and can discern the difference between soul and spirit, can surely discern our rationalizations. Rationalizations may deceive us, but they do not deceive God. Selah.

The works of the flesh are made manifest to us all, and particularly to Christians, because we have the Spirit of Truth dwelling within us, and we know what is sinful because of our relationship with God.

Unfortunately, there is nothing any of us can say that will convince someone who has already made their mind up. But anyone who can look upon an aborted baby, and "honestly" claim that this was not Life, can likewise look upon a tree and claim that it isn't wood. That's how foolish it really is. And if it is Life, then abortion is the murder of that life. Which of course is the very reason why they claim it's not a life (or rationalize that even if it is, it's not murder). Though in this article I have used my own clumsy words, God's Word is replete with the pertinent scriptures about life in the womb. Take note that in Genesis 25:22 Esau and Jacob are called children even when they were in the womb. They were not called a fetus or a non-living appendages, but children in the womb.

Genesis 25:22-24

God makes it clear that there were twin individual human babies in the womb before they were even born, not two fetuses or two undeveloped pieces of meat. If we are Christian to understand the divine and infallible nature of the word, then we know there were two not yet fully developed living beings there. And when it came time for them to be born, only then was it known that they were twins. The same recognition of human life in the womb is seen in the book of Luke:

Luke 1:15

For any theologian to say that he was not yet a human being blessed of God before He was born would be ludicrous considering God's word. And if he was, then it cries out murderer to those who would give license to abort that child before it cam to full development. And in verse 44 the child in Elizabeth's womb jumps for joy at at the mere salutation of Mary, as God's promise is shown as fulfilled.

Luke 1:41-44

Scripture reads that the child leaped within her womb, not the fetus that was not yet a living soul and that could be righteously cut out if the woman so chose. It was a human being even before it came forth from the Womb.

Nevertheless, many theologians try and rationalize abortion by saying, "after 3 months or 4 months or more it's unacceptable to abort, but before that time it is." This is hypocrisy of the highest order, and nothing more than playing God in deciding when life begins. For example, is it a baby on Tuesday at 4:00PM but it wasn't yet a baby on Monday 4:00 PM? Who's to determine when it's to be aborted and when it becomes a baby? The answer is, God! And indeed, He has...

Job 31:15

Our Lord and creator takes full responsibility for creating a baby in the womb. Who made John in Elizabeth's womb? was it Zechariah or God? It was God who made him in the womb, and that is the miracle of creation of life by a "Sovereign" God.

Isaiah 44:24

Ecclesiastes 11:5

How well God has said it. It's not a woman with lifeless flesh in the womb, or with a fetus that she can destroy at will. Rather, it's a mother with Child, which the creator God has formed in her womb. ..that is to say, "according to the infallible word of God it is." Sad that in our day men and women think that they are in charge, that they sit in the Holy temple to rule, and that they as mankind decides who is to be born and when. They understand not that ultimately sovereign God is in charge. He is on the throne, and it is He who hath created the child in the womb, and if the election, is under His protection wherein they very hairs on its head are numbered (Luke 12:6-7). A woman may thing she is in control, but either God is moving her or the Devil is. The spirit of truth wherein we we quickened or made alive, or the spirit of disobedience wherein we walk according to the way of the world.

Ephesians 2:1-2

Thus it is wanton rebellion against creator God to be led to murder that which God has miraculously brought to bear. And make no mistake, regardless of the circumstances, that life was formed there by God. Man has always wanted to play God and rule in His place, but though he uses every rationalization known to him, God is not mocked concerning what is sin. For He knows man from the inside out. He knows his heart is full of murders, thefts and adultery. And He knows man wants to serve and worship a god in his own image (an idol) rather than the God of the Holy Bible. Man is kidding himself! God is in sovereign control, even while man is unaware of it.

Psalms 139:13

Psalms 22:10

Many other verses to consider are: Ruth 1:11; Judges 13:5,7; Job 1:21, 3:11, 10:11, 24:20, 31:18, Psalms 22:9, 58:3, 71:6, Isaiah 13:18, 43:7, 44:2, 46:3, 48:8, 49:1, 5, 15, as well as 66:9. And one of my favorites:

Jeremiah 1:5

God takes full responsibility for both forming the baby in the womb and in sanctifying it in the womb. These professing Christians would dare to murder what God has both formed and sanctified in a mother's belly is an insult to their stated profession. God's laws are that man must not shed man's blood in murder, and if it's wrong for us to shed men's blood, then it's also wrong to shed a baby's blood in killing them. And If it is wrong to kill a child anytime after they break forth from the womb, then it is also wrong to kill him or her anytime before they break forth. It's the only Biblical, logical and rational view for Christians. We understand that birth only changes the baby's living conditions and its manner of eating and collecting oxygen. To shed his blood before birth is just as much a sin against God as shedding it after birth.

Leviticus 17:14

A baby in its mothers womb has the blood of Life and the breath of life through the oxygen in that blood. It is a undeveloped living human being. When an abortion is performed, that life blood is shed, and that living soul dies. What a vain and self absorbed mind-set one must have to do such a horrific thing. The rationalization of abortion by those calling themselves Christians is absolutely astounding to me given all the facts. Where is their Spirit of truth that is supposed to be dwelling within every Christian believer? This is a very good question that may be a reason they should all fear.

We have grown to expect this sort of behaviour from Atheists and agnostics, but Christians should know better of the Spirit that is supposed to dwell within them. But again, these are the times in which we live. A time where anything and everything is rationalized by much of the church. Murder, Reprisals, Divorce, Remarriage, Homosexuality, Fornication, Women Pastors, Wresting or ignoring the scriptures, Reviling the faithful, Changing Times and Laws, etc. The Love for God and His Holy word has grown cold. These are the signs of the times. In this day and age we shouldn't expect to be complimented on our stand against abortion--on the contrary, we should expect to be vilified, even by some liberal thinkers in the church. Expect to be reviled, frowned upon, called a dinosaur, unloving, uncaring, ignorant and uneducated. But we must stand fast in the faith. For God is not mocked by unrighteousness "masquerading" as compassion. The bible is clear on the subject of abortion. ..It is the murder of a baby in the womb. It is the taking the life of a living thing that God hath created in the womb.

Here's a question to ask anyone who is rationalizing abortion. Because it tends to throw their rationalization all out of kilter and brings it right home where we live! The question is,

"if there could be the abortion of John the baptist, elijah, the 12 apostles, any of the prophets of old, would their mothers be in terrible sin for aborting these Children in their womb, or did they have the right in freedom of choice, to do this thing without sin?"

If it is acceptable for Christians today, it was an acceptable action for them to do over two thousand years ago. This warped pro-choice idea that it is up to the woman to decide whether it is right for her to have an abortion or not because it is her body is as twisted a sense of morality that has ever been devised. As Bible-believing Christians we believe that God is sovereign and He alone gives life and takes life. Not one man, woman, or child will be born, live, or die, without God's permissive will. He decided long ago when we would be born, how long we would live, and when we would die. He is in total control of this world and everything within it. He decides when we will live when we are robbed, and when we will die in the course of that robbery. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omnipotent. He doesn't stop or force man not to sin unless they are under His protection as His elect. Those who murder do so because of the deceit in their own hearts, not because God in any way made them do it. So they are not held guiltless because of their lawlessness. Without Christ, they will suffer the wages of their sins. Read again Ecclesiastes 11:5. Would these mothers be guiltless if they aborted (murdered) these unborn children before they were delivered from the womb? Will these people be consistent and tell you it was these mothers "right" to choose and decide to abort John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, even Jesus Himself? Inconsistency is the hallmark of error. Frankly, It's another self evident abominable idea! They had no right to choose to abort these babies. Man need to consider wisely exactly the implications of his thoughts. And if it is not their "right to choose," to abort any of those babies, then likewise no one can righteously do this today. And if they do, the Judgment will be the same as if Elizabeth had murdered John the baptist in the womb! For there is no difference.

"Abortion is the heathen sacrifice of
a Child, to the god of convenience


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