The Manuscript Evidence


Manuscript Evidence

Lessons given by Dr. Thomas Holland

For over twenty years, Dr. Thomas Holland has been a pastor and scholar, teaching courses on the subject of Bible manuscript evidence, biblical textual criticism and preservation, theology, and Christian apologetics at various Bible Institutes. Dr. Holland is an ordained minister with the American Baptist Churches (ABC-USA).


Advanced MSS Class

Dr. Hollands is also has an advanced manuscript evidence class for those with prior knowledge of manuscript evidence and the Bible issue in general. He plans on taking a couple books in the NT and comparing the Greek (TR/critical text) and other translations such as some of the earlier English Bibles and other languages. The student must have Windows with a processor that can load and use the symbol ("Greek") font. He will be using a lot of Greek and it would most likely not be worthwhile taking the course with out the proper equipment. (It is not necessary to know Greek.)

If you would like to participate in the class, you may contact Dr. Holland's at logos1611@aol.com,. Send Dr. Holland a note telling him that you would like to participate in the class. Classes are now being given on a six month cycle. So, depending on when you sign up it could be some time till the next cycle will roll around. Dr.Holland has plans to decrease the cycle time down to a short time so the wait in the future should not be long.

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