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Republican Senators Are Starting To Bail On Trump's GOP Convention

Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The 2020 Election
« Last post by Red on Yesterday at 02:56:56 PM »
I would not put very much stock in what she said that her father would think or do. She was active in the anti-nuclear movement before her father was elected president, and continued her activism through his term, stirring controversy and creating strife in the family. Davis is a critic of the Republican Party, which she has never been affiliated with even when her father was their leader.  What more needs to be said concerning her and her brother. She also added this lie: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/04/us/politics/reagan-daughter-says-hed-have-backed-gay-marriage.html

But any person who votes for the Democrats ALSO supports it, regardless of what they may say!

Also, posting views of a confess sodomite married to another man and who of course is far left namely Don Lemon, does nothing to add to your opinion but truly exposes it for what it is worth.

Jimmy Carter is a liberal person in any way you desire to look at him, maybe a sincere man, that I will not judge, but his presidency we can judge, for I well remember those days that he almost took us back into the great depression of 1928-1938, (plus or minus) as close as we have ever been since I have been living. It was Ronald Reagan's presidency that turned us around.

William Barr 'Decapitates' Third U.S. Attorney's Office Looking At Trump

Miscellaneous Topics / Two Types Of Americans
« Last post by Philly Dawg on Yesterday at 01:07:56 AM »
Two Americans

Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Lincoln Project: Republicans Against Trump
« Last post by Philly Dawg on Yesterday at 01:04:52 AM »

Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Trump's Covid-19 Debacle
« Last post by Philly Dawg on Yesterday at 01:03:59 AM »
One Thing Has Always Been True - Morons Never Learn!

Chris Hayes: GOP Is Becoming A Pro-Virus Party Before Our Eyes

Miscellaneous Topics / The Continuing Corruption Of AG Bill Barr
« Last post by Philly Dawg on Yesterday at 01:00:45 AM »
US Attorney Berman Testifies To Congress That

Bill Barr lied To The American People

What Prosecutors May Find In Trump's Taxes Amidst His Loss At The Supreme Court

President Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against Trump, Ronald

Reagan's Daughter Says Her father would Be appalled by Trump

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