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Title: Notice About Posting
Post by: Tony Warren on September 27, 2011, 11:04:36 PM

The Eschatology and Theology forums are dialogue forums for discussing issues from the Bible, for debating, or to present Christian views and topics from a biblical perspective, and with an appeal to scripture. It is not a forum for advertising, airing complaints about other members, complaining about the forum, or whining about the Moderator. If you have a complaint about any post, use the..

Report to moderator (;topic=2687.0;msg=28150)

..function that appears at the end of each post, which is for that purpose. Any other issue including issues "with the moderator," send private mail to moderator or administrator. These rules are not negotiable.

Personal messages attacking anyone for their views will be deleted without notice. Those who insist on continuing the practice, will be warned and if that doesn't work, banned from participating in the forum. As is clearly stated in the rules, we may attack doctrines "by biblical refutation," not those who bring them. Please read the guidelines before posting in these forums.

Rules and Forums Guidelines (

Abide by the Rules or do not Post here.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation.
Tony Warren