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  1. Trump Idolatry Has Undermined Religious Faith   Open in New Window
    While the White evangelical political movement has done immeasurable damage to our democracy, its descent into MAGA politics, conspiratorial thinking and cult worship has had catastrophic results for the religious values evangelicals once held dear. If these trends continue uninterrupted, we will wind up with a country rooted in neither democratic principles nor religious values. -by Jennifer Rubin


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  2. The Cult Of Christian Trumpism   Open in New Window
    Doesn't Christian evangelicals reject any worship of anyone other than the Triune God, and even the intercession of Mary and the saints? Maybe common love for Donald Trump overtakes these theological convictions and Christian principles? Our response should be, What theological convictions? Has Idolatry taken precedence over Christian doctrine and theology? by Michael Horton


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  3. Biblical Christmas Spirit Imitates Christ - He Emptied Himself   Open in New Window
    In the Christmas season everybody talks about goodwill and love to fellow men. It happens every year, but does not last. But in the church it does. By the grace of God love grows. But it needs to abound, and so the Lord would have us cultivate that Christmas spirit in ourselves and each other. To live is Christ, and therefore the children of God follow His examplet in self-emptying, not insisting on our rights. by Rev C Bouwman


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  4. That Which Offends   Open in New Window
    I was reminded of this when James Dobson spoke to reporters after a meeting with Donald Trump who supposedly made a commitment to Christ. Dobson assured us Trump is just a "baby Christian" and part of the evidence was the fact that in his own remarks after the meeting, Trump used the word "hell" four or so times. Dobson said that the fact that Trump still "doesn’t speak our language" was evidence of the infancy of his Christianity but that it would no doubt get cleaned up eventually. by Scott Hoezee

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  5. How Can I Get A Clear Conscience   Open in New Window
    Conscience can be defined as "an inner feeling that acts as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior." For those with a biblical worldview, the conscience is the part of the human soul that is most like God (Genesis 3:22). Those who disbelieve God have a difficult time explaining the existence of the human conscience. Evolution cannot account for this facet of the human spirit, which cannot be explained by a "survival of the fittest" mentality.

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  6. Why Church-State Separation Is Good For Churches   Open in New Window
    The church-state relationship in America is perpetually unsettled, vulnerable to lawsuits and changing norms. In just the last few months, court rulings and executive actions have again challenged old ideas about the proper distance between religion and government, sparking both outcry and celebration. It wasn't supposed to be this complicated. by Kelsey Dallas


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  7. Thanksgiving unto God's Glory   Open in New Window
    Thanksgiving Day will be held in the United States this week. Few in our country even realize the idea behind the celebration of this day. It is a day set aside to give thanks to God for providing a plentiful harvest again in the season past. It is a day in which we give thanks to God for providing our homes and families with food. For that reason, I want to consider a passage today that speaks of thanksgiving. by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma


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  8. Who Is the True Israel of God?   Open in New Window
    I recently read an article in which a noted Christian theologian encouraging Christian churches to celebrate the Passover Seder. His line of argumentation was not we're required to keep Old Testament feasts and festivals but that by observing Passover, Christians can better remember the Jewish foundation as well as help foster improved Jewish-Christian relations. Strikingly absent from this article were any biblical references to Christ’s fulfillment of the old covenant feasts and festivals. by Nick Batzig


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  9. Who are the 144,000 in Revelation 7   Open in New Window
    Who are the 144,000 in Revelation 7 and 14? Do they refer to Jewish evangelists who live during the seven years of Tribulation as popular commentaries suggests? No. In short, whatever else may be said about the 144,000, we can be sure that it speaks of the redeemed from "all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues" (v. 9) as being united in one covenant body or one church,—namely the universal invisible church of Christ.

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  10. Modern Religion   Open in New Window
    They tell us that God wants to do many things for us and with us that we will not let him do. We are told that Christ died for all the people of the world in an attempt to redeem and save all men; but that all are not saved. Modern religion tells us that the Holy Spirit of God calls all men alike to Christ; but some men resist the power of his grace, while others allow him to have his way. by Don Fortner


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  11. What is Christless Christianity   Open in New Window
    Christless Christianity is a term coined by author Michael Horton in his book by the same name. In Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church, Horton argues that the American church is heading for a version of Christianity that eagerly accepts Christ’s offer of salvation but considers it to be just another benefit in a life spent pursuing the American Dream. by GotQuestions.org

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  12. Reflections on Race and Racism   Open in New Window
    If race is a fabrication of the sinful imagination, there seems to be one fundamental and necessary response. Deal with it as the lie it is. Stop acting as though race is real. Stop treating and judging people according to what is false. When it comes to race and racism, Reformed churches must reflect on their history soberly and work toward a better future seriously. May the Lord grant us much humility, charity, and wisdom. by David VanDrunen

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  13. A Christian Approach to the News Media   Open in New Window
    Considering Biblical cautions, how should we approach the news? Critical analysis is useful and necessary, but inadequate if it only develops scepticism in viewers, listeners and readers. Even sceptics need to recognise that enjoyment, enlightenment, insight and delight may come to us through the media. Though objectivity may be elusive, news reports reveal scandals and problems that need to be corrected and punished. There is nothi9ng wrong with taking part in that striving for a better world. by Klaas-Jan Gunnink


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  14. Biblical Antidotes to Racism – Part 2   Open in New Window
    If Christ is all in our unity, being like Christ must be our priority if we must maintain the unity of the Spirit. And how are we to maintain this unity? Paul lays down the method here in Colossians 3 from verse 12 through to verse 17. We are to put on the fruit of the Spirit, and we are to let the word of Christ dwell in us richly. We are to fight racist tendencies with mercy, and kindness, humility and meekness and longsuffering. by Ronald Kalifungwa


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  15. Biblical Antidotes to Racism – Part 1   Open in New Window
    If biblical principles are clear on the dignity of the human race, how has the human race found herself in a position where she is indulging in and encouraging racism? The answer is not hard to imagine. Behind all racist thinking and action is Satan. The devil is intent upon destroying the beauty that God created in humanity. The other reason why racism rears its ugly head is the presence of sin in our hearts. by Ronald Kalifungwa


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  16. All One in Christ   Open in New Window
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28). Recorded in the above verse of scripture is a statement, made by the Apostle Paul, about certain people. To gain a clear understanding of this statement it is necessary to identify the people to whom the Apostle was referring. They are described as being 'in Christ Jesus.' by Llewelyn Jones


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  17. Responding to Divine Absence   Open in New Window
    Having discussed the phenomenon of divine absence, and given some account of that phenomenon, we are now in a place to respond to divine absence in its contemporary form. If the argument of my previous essay has purchase, then many people within the late modern West will inevitably tend to have some doubts about God’s obviousness. Unsurprisingly, this does not seem an ideal state of affairs to most souls. Doubt is sometimes romanticized, especially by those whom it has led into unbelief or by skeptics who find refuge from making responsible judgments through conveniently deployed


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  18. The Phenomenon of Divine Absence   Open in New Window
    Most Christians who enjoy a healthy life of the mind have some acquaintance with doubt. It is not always very pronounced, and perhaps some get over it entirely. Much of our problem has to do with the very manner in which we define "God" and the question of His "existence." Nevertheless, the problem is not just an intellectual but a habitual one. Correcting our definition of the divine nature is not the same thing as correcting our imaginative habits when we think of God or His deeds. by Joseph Minich (Ph.D)


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  19. Effectual Calling   Open in New Window
    The little deals we like to think we’ve made when we’re in trouble, the time spent on Christian Disciplines that are seen later as a waste when we don’t get that shiny new thing we desired. Effectual Calling is ground zero for detonating that understanding of life and relationship. Put simply, rather than gaining all we can while investing as little as possible, we gain everything we could have ever hoped for while contributing absolutely zero to the relationship. by Pastor Joel Wood

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  20. The Three Faces of Love: A Pattern for Christian Marriage   Open in New Window
    Agape is the love that causes God to seek and redeem lost, deformed and rebellious sinners who can give Him nothing. In some ways it is the opposite of eros. While eros is love for that one special person, agape is love that goes to everyone. Agape flows not from need but from fulness or sufficiency. It is the love of the Good Samaritan in stopping to save a man who might have spit on him if awake. It is Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet. Agape empties itself for the sake of another. by Dan Doriani


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