John Bunyan's
A Treatise of the Fear of God
John Bunyan
What it is, and how distinguished
from that which it is not so.
Whence it comes; who has it; what are the
effects; and what the privileges of those that
have it in their hearts.

"And whosoever will, let him take the
water of life freely."óRevelation 22:17

L O N D O N,
Printed for N. Ponder, at the Peacock in the
Poultry, over against the Stocks market: 1679.


    1. Advertisement by the Editor
    2. The Epistle To The Reader
    3. This Word Fear as taken for God Himself
    4. Of this word Fear, as it is taken for the Word of God
    5. Of Several sorts of Fear of God in the Heart of the Children of Men
    6. Of the Grace of Fear More Immediately Intended in the Text
    7. Of the Privileges of them that thus do Fear the Lord
    8. The Use of this Doctrine

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